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Temporary template to ensure consistent messaging on this topic.

"Can we remove the items that are no longer Service/Locations, Previous Locations, Pre-admit Inpatient Institutions or dispo locations from the dropdowns?"

We can and will remove them, but that can only happen once no more laptops use them. We will need to keep track of this and then remove them when ready. If I removed them now, then any box that currently has them enter would misbehave.

  • Julie contacted Pam re STB Transitional, and will contact Lisa about HSC transitional and Lennox Bell and other HSC locations.
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  • Since no one person knows when an s_dispo item is no longer used on any laptop. Made CFE query z_s_dispo_inactivatable to check. Should check that query occasionally to review if other things can be cleaned up.
  • added: 2020-10-20
  • action: 2022-01-05
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query of what is currently available

SELECT s_dispo.location_name, s_dispo.Site, s_dispo.active, s_dispo.inpatient, s_dispo.previous_location, s_dispo.s_location, s_dispo.dispo
FROM s_dispo
WHERE (((s_dispo.Site)>"") AND ((s_dispo.active)=True) AND ((s_dispo.inpatient)=True)) OR (((s_dispo.Site)>"") AND ((s_dispo.active)=True) AND ((s_dispo.previous_location)=True)) OR (((s_dispo.Site)>"") AND ((s_dispo.active)=True) AND ((s_dispo.s_location)=True)) OR (((s_dispo.Site)>"") AND ((s_dispo.active)=True) AND ((s_dispo.dispo)=True));

Query of what is currently used

query z_s_dispo_inactivatable