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To use:

{{Reporting Indicators
| description = (one sentence description of indicator) 
| indicator_name = Reporting Indicators
| created_raw = (Created / Raw) 
| program = (Critical Care / Medicine) 
| indicator_start_date = (date from which data is available to generate)
| indicator_end_date = (date until which data is available to generate)

===QI domain===</nowiki>
(one or more of: 
*[[QualityDomain::Patient and Family Centered]]
*[[QualityDomain::Understanding of patient population]] 

( describe how this is significant) 

==Sampling Plan / Procedure==
===Inclusion Criteria===
===Exclusion Criteria===
==Definition and Derivation==

==Data Sources==

==SAS Program==

==Report Users==

== Related articles == 
{{Related Articles}}

no description given

Indicator: not stated
Created/Raw: not stated
Program: not stated
Start Date:
End Date