Temporary page to list dxs documented as requiring treatment to be coded

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  • Tina -- to deal with these, let's make a template and put it in all the ICD10 pages that link to the list right below here. That template to say: This is an entity which you SHOULD code even if it is not being treated.
    • I have made Template:ICD10 Guideline code even if not treated; should it be applied to the new codes or only those old pages?
      • We need to decide were to put that info; adding it to old pages is probably not the right place. ICD10 collection might be it - will people look there?
        • Emailed Trish about this. Ttenbergen 09:07, 2019 April 30 (CDT)
          • We never did anything about this at the time. Now it seems like old news, and implementing this might cause more confusion than leaving it alone. Should we just delete this page and the template I made back then?
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Listing these because collectors may not realize that the treatment requirement is no more:



We realized that Ventricular fibrillation had been documented to only be coded if treated. Decision was that there should not be any requirement to be treated because many things are not. That brought up that we have other dxs with that requirement. Allan wanted a list, this is it.