The "make loc" button will sometimes enter a different record than the line that it is clicked on.

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The "make loc" button (or the "Make Service" button) in Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT2 will sometimes enter a different record than the line that it is clicked on.

Somewhat unsatisfying solution: The problem does not seem to happen then when you don't scroll with the mouse wheel in the unit or service portion. Instead use the arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the slider. There is now an error message that comes up when you try to scroll in these two places to prevent anyone accidentally entering the wrong thing.

What happens, in detail

This is the final symptom that collectors have reported, but what actually goes on is weirder:


  1. an area on the form other than the unit resp. service area is clicked on
  2. there are more records in the Cognos Units resp. Service portion of the form
  3. one then tries to scroll through that form using the mousewheel to get to an item that is off the bottom of the screen


  1. one can mousewheel scroll down through the unit list once, but not necessarily back up (Unit screen only)
  2. once mousewheel scrolling no longer works, sliding the slider bar doesn't work any more either
  3. the arrow buttons on the top and bottom can still be clicked to scroll through the list
  4. the "make loc" button will create an entry for the first current record visible in the Cognos Unit listings (not the first record, not the one with the button, but the first visible)


  • If one uses the arrow buttons on the slider to scroll after the slider/wheel no longer work, then the button works right again. ?!?!