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[[Category:Thrombolytic Infusions (old) (old)]]
[[Category:Thrombolytic Infusions (old)]]

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Legacy Content

This page is about the pre-ICD10 diagnosis coding schema. See the ICD10 Diagnosis List, or the following for similar diagnoses in ICD10:

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Category: Thrombolytic Infusions (old)


Category: Medical Procedure (old)

Main Diagnosis: Pulmonary Embolus
Sub Diagnosis:
Diagnosis Code: 76321 - Thrombolytic Infusion-Pulmonary Embolus
Comorbid Diagnosis: No
Charlson Comorbid coding (pre ICD10): 0
Program: CC & Med
Status: Currently Collected

E.G TNK & not Heparin (Mar. 00)


Also see the Thrombolytic Infusions Category

Don't code pulmonary TPA for MIs

Make sure you select the correct code for patient being treated with thrombolytics. We have 9 patients with MI however, the code selected was 763-21 TPA for Pulmonary Embolus rather than 763-20 TPA for Cardiac.