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  • Aexclaim.gif remap DX code to ICD10 for ICU and Medicine. 4 pages of ICD10 codes presented at Task meeting Sept 25.09. Not easy to follow info. Approved by Steering Committee: Date approved Oct 5.09? Julie provided a list of top 100, acute DX(admit 1), complication (problems) occuring after ICU admit , procedures occuring after ICU and comorbids. Kendiss Olafson and Garland to review.
    • list of codes sent to Clare Ramsey (manitoba central health policy group) by Julie on Dec 1.09 as approved by Dr. Roberts.
    • May 3.10 Steering Meeting - Al Garland to work on codes mapping over the summer and hopes to have it finished by end of August.10.TOstryzniuk 15:11, 4 May 2010 (CDT)
  • Aexclaim.gif Combine the following fields: Discharge to, and Sur/Exp into single ICU disposition field. Plan for New data repository.
  • Aexclaim.gif Eliminate for data collection: Registry: PATIENT TYPE - stop date? None. To be continued--TOstryzniuk 18:20, 10 December 2010 (CST)
    • is that where we left it? I thought the discussion was that it was to be replaced by a function of the admit diagnoses... Ttenbergen 10:36, 2012 September 5 (CDT)
      • Allan discussed plan to have Stat person code it and eliminate it from collector task. Not sure if that is still the plan or not?Trish Ostryzniuk 13:20, 2014 November 24 (CST)

Questions for Trish

  • current # of questions: 3
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Temporary page to list dxs documented as requiring treatment to be coded
  • Tina -- to deal with these, let's make a template and put it in all the ICD10 pages that link to the list right below here. That template to say: This is an entity which you SHOULD code even if it is not being treated.
    • I have made Template:ICD10 Guideline code even if not treated; should it be applied to the new codes or only those old pages?
      • We need to decide were to put that info; adding it to old pages is probably not the right place. ICD10 collection might be it - will people look there?
        • Emailed Trish about this. Ttenbergen 09:07, 2019 April 30 (CDT)
          • We never did anything about this at the time. Now it seems like old news, and implementing this might cause more confusion than leaving it alone. Should we just delete this page and the template I made back then?
4 March 2021 22:03:05
Hospitalization in Winnipeg, Canada due to Occupational Disease: A Pilot StudyI see Pat's name... did this actually use the DB or just a collector? how did we support this publication?14 November 2019 00:34:52
H1N1seems odd that we would have done a flu study only for 1 month in a summer...3 January 2019 05:14:23


  • Checkmark.gif Autopsy & follow up - update guide- Done.
    • Start date 2000 stop 2004.
    • Reminder to collectors Dec 2008 of stop date.
  • Checkmark.gifTransfer ready date and time - Perry Gray working on operational definition & is investigating and planning to set up a process for requesting a bed at HSC. Once this is sorted out, Garland can work with Gray for the other 6 sites to map out admit/transfer/discharge process at each site. STATUS Update: Jan 29.09 - As of March 1.09, HSC ICU must call admitting who will keep a paper record of all bed requests. Tina to connect with Perry and explore the option to set up and EXCEL spreadsheet so that information can be maintained electronically. ICU (BLR & BL) do not want to stop the collection of ICU transfer ready dates/times at this time. Plan is to accumulate and analyze (Julie) these admitting tranfer records for a period of X?months, if they prove to be more accurate, then data collectors will stop collecting from charts. Tina will have to discuss with database programmer (ED), a plan to electronically upload the electronic information into Master ICU database.
    • May 8.09. Reviewed by Julie. Alot of missing information. Reviewed at Task meeting.
      • Nov 9.09 forms still being sent to JJ387. No decision. No changes.
        • May 3.10 - Stop transf/dischg transfer log at HSC. Agreed by Database Steering Committee. Dr. Perry Gray notified and will stop the process. Betty Lou Rock has asked Linda Hathout to attend the Critical Care Coordinating team meeting and explore with this team further ideas that ICU would like to pursue to gather this information. The ICU data collectors will continue collecting transfer/disch ready information from the ICU charts until we hear further from Betty Lou Rock and the CC Coordinating team for an alternative plan.--TOstryzniuk 15:17, 4 May 2010 (CDT)
  • Checkmark.gif - definition of Emergency for APACHE - retain original Apache one include E1's. Turf the 30 min rule. WIKI updated--TOstryzniuk 19:00, 2 February 2009 (CST)
  • Checkmark.gifcollectors to access the ADT for patient admissions - start at HSC, then CON, then Oaks. Gra, Vic, Stb later. OAK started March 3.09. CON -Mar 3.09- having problems with MR. Will not let collector look at list only ICU patients. STOPPED. Date?
  • Apache II - Active Tx field-stop. Tina need to allow ACCESS to have a blank here or default all to YES.
    • Active Treatment was eliminated from collection, history on article says 29 feb 2012 but I think it was actually earlier... Ttenbergen 10:36, 2012 September 5 (CDT)
  • Checkmark.gifNeuro assessment pt's on in H4H (A,B,D,H) if on this unit for less than an hour, don't include on as per Roberts, Jan 21.09
  • Checkmark.gif Temp for APACHE score when patient is placed on cardiac arrest cooling protocol (BRR):
    1. use the most recent temp PRIOR TO start of cooling
    2. or if cooling starts right at admission then use first temp which is >=4 hrs after cooling has stopped. WIKI updated--TOstryzniuk 19:00, 2 February 2009 (CST)
  • Checkmark.gif - APACHE II - elective surgery YES or NO field - Tentative; ask ED to change label of current repository to EMERGENCY. Needs to be thought through more carefully.
  • suggestion to remap all as follows:
      1. All ELECTIVE surg if = No change to YES
      2. If ADMIT FROM = OR or RR and current ELECTIVE surg = NO, convert to YES.
      3. If ADMIT FROM = any other code and current ELECTIVE surg = YES, leave as NO.
    • Checkmark.gif#Investigate definition and documentation practices of care status E1-4 for each site.TOstryzniuk 16:31, 23 January 2009 (CST).
      • email sent to sites.TOstryzniuk 19:01, 2 February 2009 (CST)
  • Checkmark.gifAPACHE II admit type: only use surgical if directly from the OR or RR otherwise medical. WIKI updated--TOstryzniuk 19:00, 2 February 2009 (CST)
  • Checkmark.gifBrain dead Organ donor discharge from unit date and time : no change. Time patient leave ICU to go to OR is the discharge time not time patient declared braindead.
  • Checkmark.gif New data repository. Tina working with Dept of Computer Sciences (Dean Jin) will run in tandem with CCMS. No target start date. Start of migration of data approved by Dan Roberts as reported to ICU Task group on Oct 16.09.
    • project with CS is dead, but we may yet do this one day. When it happens, will be discussed in article "New data repository"". Ttenbergen 10:36, 2012 September 5 (CDT)
      • I just deleted that article because it's no longer used or relevant, just cleaning up links to it. Ttenbergen 14:51, 2014 April 30 (CDT)
  • Checkmark.gif drop/change pharmacy items: Top 100 drugs used. All Marenese, Kendiss Olafson, Nick Honcharik decide class of drugs to collect. Some type of list colored coded was show at task group. Oct 16.09
  • PLAN:
  • have same list for all ICU
  • move to pt days and elimnate dose amounts.
  • reduce number of drug by at least 1/3.
  • Checkmark.gif drop/change lab test items: Garland reviewed list. Some type of streamlined list given to Tina by Garland Sept 11.09. Meeting mins stated that this is ready for implementation? By whom?
    • list sent to trish late Nov.09. Mapped Nov 30th.09 to main database, Access. (HSC & other sites have 2 different list).
    • 136 test from main reduce to total of 24. (5 items not review yet).
    • 33 test on HSC on other sites list reduced to 24 items.
    • leaves 13 items for HSC because or 11 of the items can be downloaded. (needs final check).
    • 24 items for manual collection at other sites.
      • think this was all done, no? let me know if there is some action left for me... Ttenbergen 10:36, 2012 September 5 (CDT)
  • Checkmark.gif Dx Green sheet "accounting: on PDA stopped August.09. Reminder Oct.2009. (Medicine wards and STB ICU). Tina removed Tab from Access ccmdb version?
    • Tab removedTtenbergen 10:36, 2012 September 5 (CDT)
  • Checkmark.gif drop DX green sheet forms. Medicine stop Dec 7.09. ICU to continue.
  • Checkmark.gif Brain Dead discharge date: discussed. No change to original collection guide.
  • Checkmark.gif For new data repository: Eliminate index (not used), encounter (not used), calculated fields (LOS and Age).
  • Checkmark.gif Eliminate for new data repository and data collection: autopsy yes or no(done)
  • Checkmark.gif - examine and decide if to change to TISS-28--TOstryzniuk 13:47, 30 April 2010 (CDT)