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File Shares

Everyone - personal H:\ drive

All collectors and main office staff should have an H:\ drive. This is your personal space, no one else can see what you put here. You could use it for things like your pay stubs, or you don't need to use it at all.

If your H:\ drive is not automatically mapped properly when you boot your computer you may get an error when you start MS Access / CCMDB.accdb saying that you don't have an H:\ drive. You can OK past this error and all should work fine, but you should let Technical Support know.

There are many ways to get to your H:\ drive. One is to

  • open your regional server shortcut on your desktop
  • under "my computer" find the entry that starts with your user id, and double-click it.

Main office

Our general purpose file share that can be accessed by all data collectors is the Regional Server

The main office and Tina also share data via

  • X:\ drive (\\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED)
  • M:\ drive (\\\wrha\HSC\shared\WRHA\WRHA_CCMED)
  • Scanning to network - see that page


Locations of CCMDB.accdb

  • Master version of CCMDB.accdb: //Regional Server/Programs/Master
    • this location also contains updt_all.bat to be used to roll any changes out to all locations
    • another copy of this, or the most imminent update, is likely on p:Tina Tenbergen's laptop C:\ccmdb_program
  • production files on laptops:
    • c:\ccmdb_data for the persistent data storage version of the file, and the location specific Settings (CCMBD.mdb)
    • c:\ccmdb_program for the user interface version of the file which changes with each new version

Output Folder

Various output .mdbs and .csvs get stored here, e.g.:

Maintenance Files

Laptop Batches

The laptops use batchfiles to copy files to and from the network so they can be used off-line. Master File Location: \\Regional Server\Maintenance\Laptop Batches


file and directory structure to copy to a new laptop, see Laptop Setup

Backup Locations

See Backups

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