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The Encounter number (Enc in <which of tmsx's files?>) is the count of Multiple Encounters of the same patient to our database.

The Statistician can do it a number of ways depending on type of database request. readmits (encounters) to the ICU and/or medicine program or to a specific program in region or to any hospital in region.

  • In the past encounter number was generated by TMSX program utilty, but now only by the statistician uses SAS program.
  • Example of one patient:
  • 1. From Home to HSC transf to CON, transf back to HSC discharged home:
    • HSC enc 1
    • CON enc 1
    • HSC enc 2
    • this is the first encounter to hospital system in city.
  • 2. same patient
  • From home to HSC transf to VIC transf to CON transf back to HSC discharged home
    • HSC enc 1
    • VIC enc 1
    • CON enc 2
    • HSC enc 3
    • this is the second encounter to hospital system in city.

(Tina says: this doesn't help. When qualified as "hospital encounter" or "hospital system encounter" it is all clear. I am concerned because "encounter" by itself could mean either unless apparent from the context. For a query I need to know which is meant, especially if the query then goes on to specify earlier and later encounters...)