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Patients may show up in our database repeatedly. Our L_Log records are patient-ward-stay based. Once the data processor completes the centralized data Vetting Process (i.e. PHINs are checked and PseudoPHINs are generated) the PHIN field can be used for linking L_Log records for the same patient. This combining data is stored in L Person table by Encounter processing.

If a patient is never discharged in between L_Log entries it may be a Continuous Stay.

If a patient is discharged and then admitted again at a later time, but soon after the last hospital stay, they may qualify as Readmission.

Multiple encounter longitudinal consistency checks

For patients encountered repeatedly some data should be consistent between stays.

The data processor runs a set of checks during vetting that attempts to find and make consistent the records for patients encountered previously.

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Check VAP acquired only first encounterCentralized data front end.accdbdeclined

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