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SIGNIFICANCE: Length of stay (LOS) is influenced by many factors, but safe and effective care should result in shorter length of stay.
DEFINITIONS: Average LOS reported for each ward in the region.
Inclusion Criteria: All ward admissions in the Medicine Database (MedTMS). Admissions from Emergency Department are considered a "new" ward admission when patient is admitted to the medicine service. If transfers occur across wards or another service within the same hospital, this will be reported as 3 individual length of stays in the ward and not one cumulative LOS.
Exclusion Criteria: None
Required Variables (Definition of Terms) : Ward admit date/time – the date and time the patient is admitted to a ward. Go to: Definition of Admission date and time for Medicine patients.
Ward discharge date/time – the date and time the patient was discharge to a ward.
Calculation Procedure: LOS per admission per ward = Ward discharge date/time Ward admit date/time (expressed in days).
Average LOS Per Ward = average LOS from all admissions to a ward where discharge date is between the beginning and the ending of the Reporting time.
WHERE & WHEN REPORTED: Quarterly report and Annual report in Fiscal Year of Activity Summary.
PRESCRIBED BY: p:Dr. Dan Roberts
TARGET: None yet.

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