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Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: MB Health stopped providing data.
  • Successor: No successor was entered

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Purpose of sending data to MHSC

  • for crosschecking our database patient identifiers (PHIN, FN, LN, DOB, Gender) against MHSC database
  • aligning and correcting our patient ID information with MHSC
  • maintaining consistency of key patient identifiers in our database when a patient is readmitted.
  • Nov.12: included: Medicine Only: "Date of admission" to PCH (Primary Care Home)
    • Dr. Garland has asked Julie to try and obtain this information to include ICU also.Trish Ostryzniuk 18:45, 2012 November 20 (EST)

When did MHSC crosschecking process start?

  • DATE: Between September 14 & December 6, 2000
  • DATE: January, 2003 study numbers 1-13034 resent to MHSC for a second match. This was are older DOS data that was converted from an old DOS database to and Windows base platform.
  • Trish started a system of sending data for cross checking with MHSC.
  • Dr. Carla Chrusch facilitate this opportunity with MHSC.
  • Julie took over the process and improved it in 2003.

PCH status

As of 2012-Nov-01 Julie Mojica is getting PCH arrival date from MHSC along with regular cross checks done with MHSC.

  • Need to know how this arrives to set up processing. Where will this data live? Ttenbergen 16:11, 2014 August 25 (CDT)
    • Actually, I think you have not been getting those for ages, right? We would just need to update that. We may or may not blow away this page, depending on whether we think we will ever get this again.
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