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Sometimes patients are admitted under a stolen identity (identity theft), and occasionally this is noticed and affects the patient's chart.

Collection Instructions

  • If you had already entered the "stolen" info, change to the new, correct info if known, or follow the instructions at John or Jane Doe patient if not known.
  • Put any information that might be required for us to make sense of this data in the future into Alias ID collection; if everything is resolved when you are done with the record you may not need to fill anything in here. If it is changed to an Unknown, Unknown or Jane/John Doe chart, add the name and MRN that were falsely used under Alias ID collection
  • Also let Pagasa know if the wrong name was initially used in the profile in case she runs into any problems with consistency checks
  • If medical records is unable to find out who the actual admitted person is, they will assign an Unknown, Unknown identity and a unique MRN for that stay. Change the record name, MRN, and birthdate to match those assigned details from medical records.

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