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Active?: active
Program: CC and Med
Requestor: Internal
Collection start: 2015-04-24
Collection end:


To identify patients for whom an alternate MRN was used for part of the stay.

We need to know this because external data such as the DSM Export or the Comparison with Manitoba Health data sometimes fails due to these ID changes.

Data Collection Instructions

When you notice that a patient has or has had an alternate identity or MRN, we want this ID to help us match hospital/lab/Manitoba Health data that was stored with it. For patients with such an alias, add a tmp entry:

  • Project: Alias ID
  • Item: choose one or more that applies
    • Alias Chart
    • Alias LastName
    • Alias FirstName
    • Alias Other
  • Tmp Notes / Q: enter the associated data for the Item chosen - maximum of 2 words/characters with one space in between
    • Medical Record Number/Chart Number
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • specify the Other and data value with one space in between (Example. PHIN 999999999)
  • Any other details/comments, put on Notes field.

what if we miss it?

If you miss it you miss it. We know you will only see this information some of the time. When you do see it it is useful for us to have, because it saves us time with our data validation and cleaning.

It's rare, where/how might we find it?

  • you may hear it through the grapevine on the ward (how technical is that... :-))
  • current addressograph different from admit addressograph
  • current name on chart different from name on an old chart
  • notes in the chart stating that Patient X has a name...
  • EPR search shows this as incidental finding
  • arrived as John or Jane Doe patient
  • not sure if collectors can see this in EPR but labs/tests may have been ordered under the old MRN; we see these in the DSM data
  • stolen identities

Data Processing Instructions

The Data Processor might populate this field as part of resolving Biographic changes over time.

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