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When writing any instructions or documentation it is important to keep in mind for whom and for what purpose.

The intended audience for any articles on this wiki would be the kind of person likely to be hired to replace the current stakeholder. This person might know nothing about our database or even any of our hospitals, but we can expect that they bring a set of knowledge specific to their job. or example:

  • expect someone with basic statistics and SAS knowledge for reports and other articles related to the statistician's work
  • expect an ICU nurse background for a data collector
  • expect basic computing, MS Excel and MS Word knowledge for a data processor
  • expect an IT background with basic VBA and batch programming for articles related Category:IT Support and to initial analysis for articles in Category: IT Instructions

So, an article about how to code a diagnosis that refers to "cardiac output" can assume that the person reading it will know what that is and does not first need to mention that "cardiac" means of the heart. However, any acronyms, and anything that might be specific to our environment or a particular unit, should be explained. For example, the unit name CICU at St Boniface should be explained, and any procedures that are done only there, and that an average ICU nurse might not be familiar with should be explained enough to be able to code them from the patient chart.