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Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: discontinued data
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This article refers to legacy data.

  • APACHE II – a patient can be classified into two groups either Actively Treated or Monitored.
  • the database program has never utilized the information from this field since starting data collection.
  • this field is not part of the APACHE II Score nor is it use in the prediction of death formula.
  • current data collection defaults active TX to YES for all patients
  • To meet the criteria of “active treatment” a patient must have one or more of the active therapies from a list of 27 items (TX therapies -items are available from the TISS). If none of these therapies apply then a patient is considered to be admitted form “monitoring” only.

Legacy Data

  • Active treatment (Active Tx) slot in CCMDB.accdb was eliminate from data collection.
  • Last patient with AT negative was collected
    • CC 2004/Feb/15 study 4135
    • Med
      • early ones are all "y"
      • first "n" 3374 2004/Nov/23
      • occasional Y, N after that
      • all "N" after 26773 2007/Jan/01
      • except "Y" for 57116 2009/Aug/13
  • The field is not being imported into Centralized_data.mdb; if we need to refer back to it we need to look at final exports.