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The CCMDB.accdb is a Microsoft Access database, with the name being the acronym for Critical Care Medicine Database. CCMDB.accdb screens the data for internal consistency and ranges, and then exports it for further processing during sending.

Updating of CCMDB.accdb Program

Rolling out new versions of CCMDB.accdb is done by Tina or Lisa using a batch file called updt_all.bat. See the update Log for information about changes, and see Requested Changes for changes planned for the future.

Data in the CCMDB.accdb

Data in CCMDB.accdb is stored in

See also Laptop Setup

Form Sizes

The form sizes on the laptops are continuously being tweaked to accommodate, especially, any of the laptops we use. The form size was increased to accommodate the screens on the laptops which are small but have a high native resolution.


Located: \\AD.WRHA.MB.CA\WRHA\HSC\SHARED\WRHA\WRHA_CCMED\Passwords_mainoffice\Passwords_MainOffice_use.xlsx

The password for the CCMDB.accdb is known as "the tasty password". If you don't know it, and need to know it, talk to Trish or any data collector. All data collectors need to be thoughtful as to who they give this password out to.

The CCMDB.accdb is using the same password everywhere. This used to be required to make sure the PDAs work. It is now required because collectors cover at different locations and using different passwords would get people to write them down. Since laptops are encrypted, and accessed using the user's network password, this should not be a problem.

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