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Legacy Content

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This was a paper log sheet that the Data Processor used to manually keep track of batch number sent from each site. It also included the name of who sent, and which batch appended number was automatically assigned when the data file was uploaded to master database.

TMSX & MedTMS keeps track of this in a text log, so keeping this manual log was duplication of work.--TOstryzniuk 15:52, 9 November 2010 (CST)

  • I just put my Batch append log on top shelves-Blue for ICU and red for MED. What is written on it is the batch number of each sites and our database batch number. Actually, this is duplication of PDA Import Log. We started doing this when we first started the PDA to make it easy for me to capture who sends every week and monitor the batch number of its sites.`PTorres

Stop Date

Stop using it in April 2010.