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p:Pagasa Torres is the data processor for the Critical Care and Medicine Database.

The data processor is the main user of the Data Processor PC.

Her tasks include

Questions for Pagasa


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Cleaning up a failed send

24 July 2020 18:36:29
TISS28 Form Scanning
  • If a frozen version is kept available during TISS scanning anyways then there is no reason to not do these checks in CFE, is there? Or rather, collectors sending would not be the reason. Pagasa, let's talk about this. Maybe we can make this more convenient for you. Or write down the actual reason why it can't be done. Ttenbergen 00:34, 2017 November 12 (CST)
    • Discussed this with Pagasa. It would mean doing scanning during send time, and likely doing all fixes during pull time, so all checks could actually be done form CFE. Discussed also w Pagasaa that we would delete the error checks from TISS so there is no duplicates getting out of sync.
      • Do we want to make this change then, Pagasa? You would be the only one who would be affected, so mostly up to you. Maybe confirm with Trish.
5 May 2020 22:07:40
Processing errors in patient data 5 May 2020 21:53:36
Query NDC CLI vs DX but no TISS17 CentralLine
  • It said here that this should be retired, but this is still relevant, no? We stopped tmp, but the dc and the TISS entry still exist... Do you still run this tests?
4 October 2019 19:26:00
PL missing L Tables contentHave there been more since?
  • Pagasa, could you please log here when this query lists errors, and what was found to be the problem (ie whether there was data in CCMDB.accdb that didn't make it, or no data in first place.
5 May 2020 21:53:39
Query check CCI must have entry
  • Patients without CCI entries are slipping through and found by PL missing L Tables content , must fix PTorres 09:42, 2019 February 7 (CST)
    • I seem to remember discussing this with Pagasa. There was a misconception that a "no CCIs" had to be present in both component and picklist, but that is not true: it only needs to be in the Picklist. Is this still a problem? If so, please tell me an example when one comes up.
    • Michelle sent email 2019-10-31 that she was able to click "D" with no CCIs entered. I tested on my copy and got an error when I tried. Will need more info about the scenarios where this can slip through.
18 November 2019 04:37:14
Link suspect transfer ready before arrive date
  • Someone could be transfer ready before theArrive_DtTm , if they become transfer ready after the Accept_DtTm. Is this really a good check to do? It sounds like it would have plenty of false positives. Should it be Accept_DtTm instead?
23 February 2020 22:49:36
Link suspect mismatch to ours incomplete query
  • There is a query Link suspect mismatch to ours incomplete2 (with a 2 at the end) in CFE. What is the story, and which one do you actually use?
31 October 2018 23:36:26
Changing D IDs
  • Which program do you do this in? This may actually need to be different instructions for different scenarios.

  • what queries would get you to change a D_ID? We would want to cross-link them so they point to these instructions, and so these instructions can list them as cause.

  • what queries would get you to change a D_ID for medicine? We would want to cross-link them so they point to these instructions, and so these instructions can list them as cause.

How about L TISS Form table, L TISS Item table and L Labs DSM table? Are there others I am not thinking about ? Ttenbergen 22:20, 2019 February 6 (CST)
7 February 2019 05:35:20
Crash TISS MDB 24 September 2019 20:33:20
Bed Census Data Processing Instructions
  • is this the current process, or is Bed_census.mdb? I think the process is better off here than in the .mdb article.

  • probably incomplete... Ttenbergen 18:17, 2016 April 14 (CDT) emailed Trish/PAgasa Ttenbergen 16:46, 2018 October 30 (CDT)

what is the purpose of having clerk processing this data?

  • quality control?
  • preparing for reports?
  • ?
  • copy the database back up to the server
    • which server?
2 October 2020 20:28:48
  • have we got rid of all these old files? IF so we can delete these articles, but if they are still around we might want to keep them... I think we should just get rid of the files, though. Ttenbergen 22:42, 2017 June 7 (CDT)
    • confirmed that X:\PAGASA\STATUS_REPORT still exists; can we clean that up?
7 November 2019 21:36:21
Encounter processing
  • says inactive, but do you actually do this? Is there anything else to it? Do we have, and do you run any multi-encounter checks yet? I guess a lot of the PLs kind of are those...
7 February 2019 05:38:55
Scheduled TasksDo we still schedule Backup Checker?10 March 2019 04:43:46
TISS28 backup and start.vbsDo you still use this? It is not linked, so as part of what process?24 September 2019 20:33:32
Fixing a D ID in TISS28.accdbPagasa will test the quicker way, and if satisfied, will clean out the two old methods.24 September 2019 20:33:25
Data Integrity Checks/review listPagasa, regarding the meeting with Trish, Julie and Allan to decide which checks to continue to do when, please
  • expand this list to 50
  • click the “edit w f” link at the start of the line to open any that need change right in a form to use dropdowns to update them
  • confirm that all queries correctly list
    • whether you check them always or only complete (timing field)
    • whether they use L_Problem
    • whether there is a backlog (I just added that field, it defaults to "yes" so change to no if caught up)
20 June 2019 22:37:55
Pre-linking checksThis automatic list includes an PL missing L Tables content - where does it fit in into the order in which you run these above? It is likely a very first thing, right?5 May 2020 21:53:24
Procedure when there are differences between L Log and L PHIWhy, what does that tell you? The only way I can imagine this would happen is if the record was deleted in centralized L_Log. In that case, if you are lucky and there is still a ccmdb_data with the completed/sent record, you can follow the Re-sending data process. If not, find it in a previous version of Centralized data.mdb, print or write down all data for the record, and manually re-enter it in a CCMDB.accdb and follow the Re-sending data process. Or what do you do? Ttenbergen 21:38, 2019 February 6 (CST)22 September 2019 16:45:24
Query NDC Bad Postal CodeYou mentioned that you occasionally got patients with letters rather than numbers; if that happens again, pls let me know.2 October 2020 20:39:27
TISS Form (TISS28)where does one get that requisition form?
what actually needs to be specified when ordering?
22 July 2020 22:04:02

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