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p:Pagasa Torres is the data processor for the Critical Care and Medicine Database.

The data processor is the main user of the Data Processor PC.

Her tasks include

Questions for Pagasa


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Changing PHINs
  • does that ever happen, and how do we deal with it?

  • Pagasa, are there other things you do in this case? Probably change for other encounters if not just a typo. Anything else? Ttenbergen 11:55, 2017 September 18 (CDT)

  • How about if a person's insurance status changes or they move in or out of Province? Should we change those PHINs? If we wanted to keep the same person_ID for different PHINs we would need to remove the first step in Generate Person IDs that blows away Person_IDs for duplicate PHINs. but: if we remove that step we will no longer make sure that the scenario of multiple PHINs per Person_ID doesn't happen accidentally.
7 November 2018 21:07:06Ttenbergen
PL missing L Tables content
  • Pagasa, could you please log here when this query lists errors, and what was found to be the problem (ie whether there was data in CCMDB.mdb that didn't make it, or no data in first place.
7 January 2019 03:24:29Ttenbergen
Link suspect mismatch to ours incomplete query
  • There is a query Link suspect mismatch to ours incomplete2 (with a 2 at the end) in CFE. What is the story, and which one do you actually use?
31 October 2018 23:36:26Ttenbergen
PL Chart 9 Digit 7 January 2019 02:59:11Ttenbergen
Correcting suspect linksis this still being used? If so it will have to change as part of Deceased patients.7 January 2019 14:45:29Ttenbergen