Confidential waste disposal

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Confidential waste disposal process each collection office as follows:


Call 7-1894 for pick-up

Data Collection Office GF216

Main Database Office JJ387

Bin is located by data processors workstation.

  • Bags are in stationary cabinet.
  • When full, bag is is pulled out of bin, marked Confidential waste.
  • The bag is place inside entry way of this office.
  • Confidential waste dept is called to pick up.


ICU Collection Office Location

  • We have a small box in the office where we put the confidential waste. When it gets full we just walk to the end of the hall where there is a large confidential waste bin and we put the papers in there.--LKolesar 07:01, 2019 November 8 (CST)

Medicine Collection Office Location


There is a box for confidential waste in the office and when it is full it is emptied in to the larger confidential waste receptacle at the end of the hall

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