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"Make B Loc" button
  • "item" needs to be filled in manually for now, but convince me that it should be automatic and I will try to think my way through it. Ttenbergen 17:19, 2020 May 21 (CDT)
2020-05-21 10:19:11 PM Ttenbergen
2020-03 GRA COVID unit transition Looking at the admissions today (May 19, 2020), there are no medicine patients currently residing on 2S- they have either been discharged or have been moved back to 5N. Starting May 15, 2020 and going forward (at least until the next COVID outbreak), anyone admitted to 5N will be entered with a Service Loc as 5N. I will no longer be using 2S with boarding on 5N for these admissions. Surbanski 14:59, 2020 May 19 (CDT)
  • Are there any 3S and 3N patients as covid suspects (still boarding) in 5N ? --JMojica 15:08, 2020 May 19 (CDT)
    • It seems they're putting COVID SUS patients where there's room - I currently have COVID SUS patients on both my units (3S and 5N).
    • Patients who were admitted to 5N pre-COVID that were transferred to 2S have either been discharged or moved back to their home unit (5N). Their time on 2S was entered as Boarding, and if they were transferred back they were entered as returning to their Home Medicine Ward.
    • Everyone who was admitted to 5N after April 15 were entered as Service Loc 2S with boarding on 5N will remain as is I assume? Should I also enter a Home Medicine Ward for them as of May 15th as well? Some of these patients are admitted for months, so I can't say when they'll be discharged to "clean them up". There are 9 of these profiles. Surbanski 08:15, 2020 May 20 (CDT)
2020-05-20 1:15:51 PM Sherry Urbanski
Boarding Loc
  • I think there are now additional circumstances where we use comment field for Borrow Loc, to do with COVID moves. Could someone link in where those are documented?
2020-05-21 4:47:14 PM Ttenbergen
Boarding Loc
  • ECIP - these are now happening, so how would we enter them?
  • EMIP - this structure could accommodate EMIPs, but the problem is
    • how do we identify then (right now people take turns at some sites...
    • which collector would collect them what service/location do we collect them as? Right now we have a special service location for these...
    • how about that "service x" at HSC?
2020-05-21 4:47:14 PM Ttenbergen
Boarding Loc Which if any of Project_Borrow_arrive#Data_Integrity_Checks_.28SMW.29 will need to be moved over to this instead? 2020-05-21 4:47:14 PM Ttenbergen


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