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Legacy process 2020-Dec-7  (a few forms still coming and scanned Feb 2021 in from Dec 2020 backlog)

The purpose of this article is to outline the process of scanning TISS28 paper forms, verifying the data in Teleform and committing the data to the TISS28 MS Access database.

These instructions are applicable to the following:

  • Teleform version 10.9 installed in a PC running Windows 7
  • Scanning to a network share from a multifunction printer/scanner

For additional information see this article: Teleform


Get files to PC

Teleform scan station prep

On scanner PC:

  • a. Double-click on the Teleform Reader shortcut on the desktop (eyeglasses icon)
  • b. double click to open Teleform Verifier

Ready to scan forms


There used to be preparation of forms, but there no longer is. I.e leave the page numbers alone, or use 001.

Scanning forms

For general scanning instructions including for TISS28, see Scanning_to_network#Instructions.

We have had repeated problems with the scanner, see Main office scanning problems.


Correcting forms

  • wait for the last line to say "ready for correction" (starts as "evaluating")
  • last line may be highlighted; double click on the last line
  • will show error , how to correct
  • can see error where highlited blue
  • check each line that is "xed" out. click on the data point in the form and enter the correct value below
  • click OK when asked "Saved corrections to results file?"
  • when you are done correcting all lines, the program returns you to the Teleform Verifier

Finishing off / Committing a batch

  • check if column Scan column and eval column have the same number in them
    • only if different, right-click line, discard, and start that batch over.
  • Right-click the batch and click "Commit"; say "Yes".

Info only:

  • When you click commit the batch sits in X:\TISS28\ExportData
  • See TISS28 form images for how these images are dealt with after processing

Importing batch into TISS28.accdb

  1. if you have not done so before you started toscan started, open the TISS28.accdb (Access icon), Enter password (a list of main office passwords are stored in an Excel file on "M")
  2. click "Re-connect.MDBs" button one time only at the beginning
  3. Click "Import TISS Data", click "OK" for success message (takes <1 minute)
    • when done, program says "Successfully imported data from <THE NUMBER> TISS forms." (this number is pretty much never wrong)
    • There might be an error titled "Form already exists" with content "a scanned form has a D_ID and first date that already exists in L_TISS Form. Click OK to see query. You might be able to edit the TISS_export table to resolve the issue(e.g. delete the offending line). Click OK to re-check or cancel and stop import."; if so see Deleting a duplicate record from the TISS pre-import file
  4. A table will show up - "qryConfirmImport"
  5. Verify that you have a line with correct D_ID for each form
  6. Close the TISS28.accdb when you have completed all the forms

Scan batch number recording & temporary form stacking

  • After you import a group of TISS forms, put the batch number only on the first form then stack it on top of the left-most pile, rotating it 90 degrees from the previous batch
    • make a new pile if the pile gets too high, >~2in

Disposing of the TISS forms

Error checking

The Data processor usually scans all forms that are currently waiting for scanning before processing the error checking queries because it is faster that way. However, this may require keeping track of progress between scanning sessions, so for anyone covering it might be better to process the queries before the end of each shift.

See TISS28 Data Integrity Checks for a list of the scans and how to deal with them...

When all forms/batches for "this round" have been scanned (possibly less often, we'll catch in the end), run each of the TISS_Error_* queries.

  • In the following, if there is data for an extra TISS day that is identical to previous, just delete it; if the "offending" TISS day is different from surrounding, then confirm with collector
  • If query is empty, run next; else:
 StatusModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Query TISS Errors BIPAP vs BIPAP2300retired8 September 2021 16:33:10
Query TISS Errors CVC vs CVC2300retired8 September 2021 16:33:12
Query TISS Errors D ID not in CFEretired8 September 2021 16:33:04
Query TISS Errors TISS date out of admissionretired19 April 2022 20:28:53
Query TISS Errors duplicate Itemsretired7 October 2021 20:14:46
Query TISS Errors missing daysretired19 April 2022 20:47:33

Why are these checks not done in CFE where the data would be easy to edit?

The reason the checks are done in TISS rather than CFE, even though a frozen version of CFE is used to look up and email, is to reduce push-pull cycles. Could not pull current version of CFE to make changes because TISS Scanning is always done while collectors are Sending Patients.

  • Cannot scan tiss if CFE is in pull. I do scanning when CFE is in push and do the checking at the same time.

background info

Start Date


  • TISS28 data for the entire LOS is scanned and stored in new repository TISS28_Data.mdb. This form has 7 days per page.

Stop Date


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