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Created_TransferReady query provides all possible Transfer Ready dates from Transfer Ready DtTm field or Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry.

It is used by Sub populate_created_transferDelay() to generate transfer delays in Created transferDelay table.

The results are used for Transfer Delay (Critical Care) and Transfer Delay (Medicine).


  • 2022-10-05 - updated query to have no null/blank entries
  • 2022-09-21 - changed the query to use ALL available transfer ready dttms from old and new, in a union query. This was decided because Julie pointed out that the two methods were used inconsistently during the PatientFollow Project transition, and because the way we use this to calculate delays will work even if there are additional dates, it just might over-estimate the wasted days.
  • 2022-06-28 - updated to use query created_PatientFollow to pull old Transfer Ready DtTm field until change to Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry

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