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This page contains pages that have to-do items, tagged using Template:Todo. It was set up to help us get those off the Questions list.

To do list

There are currently 70 pages with to do list items.

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Accept DtTm field
  • Field is legacy; once no longer used, remove it from sending and then from ccmdb_data. Query to check:
SELECT L_Log.D_ID, L_Log.RecordStatus, L_Log.Accept_DtTm, L_Log.Arrive_DtTm
WHERE (((L_Log.RecordStatus)="incomplete") AND ((L_Log.Accept_DtTm) Is Not Null) AND ((L_Log.Arrive_DtTm) Is Not Null));
Tina 2022-06-30 2022-10-30
Adding a CCI or ICD10 entry in CFE wiki housekeeping
  • this may have been automated; if so it's out of date. either way, it should be linked in better.
Tina 2022-06-16 2022-06-16
APACHE Acute Diagnoses just Tina's working notes:


  • one of a * of ICD10s
  • one of a * of ICD10s AND one of a * of ICD10s
  • one of a * of ICD10s AND an ICD10 with a word in it
  • one of a * of ICD10s AND one of a * of CCIs
  • one of a * of CCIs
  • two or more of a * of ICD10s

AND any admit procedure is EITHER: (a) of the form 1.AA.xx, 1.AB.xx, 1.AC.xx, 1.AE.xx, 1.AD.xx, 1.AG.xx, 1.AJ.xx, 1.AK.xx, 1.AN.xx, 1.AP.xx

where “xx” = any of 13, 51, 52, 53, 56, 57, 59, 72, 76, 80, 87, 89, 90, 91

or (b) 2.AA.71.yy, 2.AB.71.yy, 2.AC.71.yy, 2.AE.71.yy, 2.AD.71.yy, 2.AG.71.yy, 2.AJ.71.yy, 2.AK.71.yy, 2.AN.71.yy, 2.AP.71.yy

where “yy” = any of 70.^, 71.^
  • one of a * of ICD10s AND (one of * of CCI1 and a * of CCI2)
    • might be able to do a pattern recognition on that? Or a regular expression?
APACHE Acute Diagnoses same as above Tina
ApLab Complete _DEV_CCMDB_DATA
  • removed from sending, can be removed from ccmdb_data if there are no issues with sending. Ttenbergen 15:29, 2022 February 9 (CST)
Tina 2022-03-09
Arrive DtTm field
  • Field is legacy; once no longer used, remove it from sending and then from ccmdb_data. Query to check:
SELECT L_Log.D_ID, L_Log.RecordStatus, L_Log.Accept_DtTm, L_Log.Arrive_DtTm
WHERE (((L_Log.RecordStatus)="incomplete") AND ((L_Log.Accept_DtTm) Is Not Null) AND ((L_Log.Arrive_DtTm) Is Not Null));
Tina 2022-06-30 2022-10-30
Blood Product Data _after
  • Identified as something we should do to streamline data collection. I have made this page to document progress toward this import.
    • This will not happen until we have a PHIA approved repository. Ttenbergen 11:32, 2022 February 9 (CST)
      • Nothing will come of this until our data is stored elsewhere, so pulling it onto my list so we have some record that this is an outstanding want. Ttenbergen 13:04, 2022 June 22 (CDT)
Tina 2022-06-22 2022-06-22
BU Comparer.accdb wiki housekeeping ++
  • Discussed with Pagasa, this is no longer used and has not in a long time. Both the program and the wiki pages can be cleaned up. Ttenbergen 11:37, 2022 June 30 (CDT)
Tina 2022-06-30 2022-06-30
Centralized data front end.accdb Change Request _dev_CFE
  • CCI and ICD10 make button for Pagasa
Tina 2021-07-15
Centralized data front end.accdb Change Request _dev_CFE
  • Linked pairs, better storage
Tina 2021-07-15
CFE Inline Integrity Checks
  • What sort of checks do we actually want here?
  • What would trigger the checks? We don't have "complete" to trigger a check, so what would trigger it? on_change has problems when used on comparison of multiple fields.
Tina 2021-07-27
Chronic Health APACHE _dev_CFE Tina 2022-02-17 2022-02-17
ClientGUID field _dev_ccmdb_data, _dev_ccmdb
  • add this field to L_Log table in CCMDB_data and Centralized_Data
  • add code so it's entered on patient generation
  • add the field to sending
  • review linking and related processes to see what could change to make best use of this
  • remove the L_Person table - we don't use it and this further means we don't need/use it. as confirmed with Julie here.
Tina 2022-03-24 2022-03-24
ClientGUID field
  • Chastity confirmed there is a merge process for J Does who get identified. Confirming how this works, emailed Chastity 2022-06-16.
  • Asked Chastity if 3 month updates will be possible.
Tina 2022-04-13 2022-06-30
ClientGUID field
  • Discussing details with Chastity. Ttenbergen 11:41, 2022 June 16 (CDT)
Tina 2022-06-16 2022-06-16
ClientVisitGUID _dev_centralized_data
  • Implementation is a work in progress.
  • This will likely replace Hospitalization ID.
  • When we start sending this to CFE, update data_element_start_date to actual
  • add to cfe, then start sending it ie _dev_CCMDB_sending
Cognos2 Service Starter _after
  • The above info is really more related to the overarching way to use this process than to this form. This form should just instruct to enter things as is, and refer to Using Cognos2 to keep track of patients for the overall process, and to Service tmp entry for instructions to enter that as Cognos initially and as first boarding loc later. Having the info in the page for the form in the software removes it from both the process and from our ability to understand incomplete data. I will leave it here for now since there is a going conversation, but will break it out and move it once it's resolved, unless someone presents a compelling case why not to. Ttenbergen 09:51, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
    • When the JALT discussion is resolved I'd like to discuss with Lisa where this would best live. Ttenbergen 14:55, 2022 June 14 (CDT)
Tina 2022-05-19 2022-06-25
Collection location documentation
  • How should we now keep track of the ward/unit info on the wiki? More questions on page.Ttenbergen 16:07, 2021 July 14 (CDT)
    • Perhaps this can also be included in the Location metadata storage you will set up showing the start and end dates and the bed size. --JMojica 14:32, 2022 February 7 (CST)
      • Agreed! This is also why I think where possible we should shift the s_dispo contents to the same name so the Location metadata storage can supply both. I want to discuss how to best encode this with you, hopefully tomorrow at out wiki meeting. Ttenbergen 15:14, 2022 February 8 (CST)
        • I need the s_dispo because I am using the other columns as various categories of the detailed numeric locations name and I do not want to drop it for now. I have yet to see the Location metadata storage you are talking about to decide.
          • Sorry didn't say that clearly. Don't mean to eliminate s_dispo table at this time, just want to make sure we use same location name as in Boarding Loc where applicable, so we can store the metadata all in one table. Ttenbergen 13:36, 2022 February 9 (CST)
            • Decided at Task today that this likely needs to be done on wiki with dates. Taking off Julie's list until I figure out details Ttenbergen 16:01, 2022 June 22 (CDT)
Collection location documentation wiki housekeeping
  • How should we now keep track of the ward info on the wiki? Do we actually need to? Or is it sufficient to tell the number of beds at e.g. Grace Medicine? what links to site/locations page is likely an indicator of the audience for this info, but Julie may well link from reports as well. Depending how we want to use this going forward, a static page might be an option, but then we can no longer link to individual locations. If we keep separate locations, we need to make sure we keep them updated.
  • I have put this on Julie's question list as well, and emailed Julie and Lisa about it. Ttenbergen 16:07, 2021 July 14 (CDT)
Tina 2020-10-15 2021-09-01
Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes _after

Make sure that these examples that were mentioned over time are adressed:

Tina 2022-02-17
Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes
  • Built query "z_ComoAdmAcqu_Primary_List", exported to excel, sent to Barret; Allan said this is low priority, so putting a review data of 3 months from now.
Tina 2022-02-17 2022-05-17
DC Treatment _dev_CCMDB_data
  • removed from sending, remove from ccmdb_data as well Ttenbergen 16:41, 2022 June 30 (CDT)
Tina 2022-07-07
Direct Data Access for RIS/PACS _after
  • Identified as something we should do; the notes below are quite old but might still be a starting point.
    • This will not happen until we have a PHIA approved repository. Ttenbergen 11:32, 2022 February 9 (CST)
      • Nothing will come of this until our data is stored elsewhere, so pulling it onto my list so we have some record that this is an outstanding want. Ttenbergen 13:04, 2022 June 22 (CDT)
Tina 2022-06-22 2022-06-22
Drug-induced immunosuppression wiki_housekeeping Tina 2022-07-06 2022-07-13
ECIP wiki housekeeping Tina 2021-07-15 2021-08-10
Eliminating distinction between different ward types CTU vs NTU - we decided at task that we wanted to eliminate the distinction. A lot of things are part of their network of information, so we will need to work out the details above before we can move ahead.
  • I believe it was only related to Transfer Ready DtTm field between CTU and NTU not eliminate the concept. Medicine program would have to weigh in. Trish Ostryzniuk 16:11, 2018 July 30 (CDT)
    • I seem to remember the reason to stop doing this also involved that we have more and more locations that don't fall into a clean place. For now we pretend we can give medicine this data, but is it true and meaningful? Ttenbergen 15:51, 2018 July 31 (CDT)
      • Allan will contact the medicine stakeholders about eliminating this distinction. Will email Mary-Ann Lynch, VanAmeyde, Griffin. Ttenbergen 12:18, 2019 January 24 (CST)
        • pinged again for Allan to Follow-up. Ttenbergen 13:44, 2019 February 25 (CST)
  • AG REPLY: DONE. NOBODY is using or seeking this info. So let's stop collecting it.
EPR Admit DtTm field _dev_CCMDB_data, dev_centralized_data (was only ever operational, so we don't need it there either)
  • was already not in sending, need to remove from data as well. Ttenbergen 16:44, 2022 June 30 (CDT)
Tina 2022-04-19 2022-07-07
EPR Analytics z
  • decide if it is time to ask the powers-that-be about this again
Tina 2022-01-01
FinalCheck field _DEV_CCMDB_DATA
  • delete from data
  • removed field from sending
Tina 2021-07-15 2022-03-10
Instructions for importing a batch of DSM Data
  • There is a long-outstanding request to Allan to map the new labs that have come in in the last few months. I emailed a list this evening to get this done. This is currently on the agenda for the Task meeting as well. Ttenbergen 22:11, 2022 April 20 (CDT)
Tina 2022-04-21 2022-04-21
John or Jane Doe patient Tina is working on this, see ClientVisitGUID. Tina
L Como table _Dev_CCMDB_Data Tina 2021-07-21
L Dxs table _Dev_CCMDB_Data Tina 2021-07-21
L Hospitalization table still need to figure out if I need an s_table for this. Tina
Location metadata storage
  • Discussed at JALT; we need to store this on a per page on wiki level, with multiple start and end dates being possible. Tina needs to create the structure for this and pre-populate. Probably discuss with Julie at the planning stage. Ttenbergen 12:04, 2022 June 22 (CDT)
    • It needs to be possible to access this as data. Ttenbergen 09:58, 2022 June 28 (CDT)
Tina 2022-06-22 2022-06-22
Location metadata storage locationData
  • _Dev_CFE linking of s_LocationData table
  • _Dev_CCMDB - process to import data from wiki (similar to Converting ICD10 between wiki and ccmdb.accdb)
  • set up wiki template for locations
  • consider data import for locations so no manual pre-populating of pages
  • S_level_of_care needs to be integrated with whatever metadata we set up
  • discussed at Task whether we should wait for Shared Health info, will make our own; Shared Health's data is no better than ours, so won't do that.
  • STB-L2HA is another page we will need to include when we deal with this.
Tina 2022-02-09 2022-02-09
  • need to integrate this better and clean things out; also should make sure that queries that deal with LOS use Function LOS()
Tina 2022-02-10 2022-03-01
Off ward field _dev_CCMDB_data
  • removed from sending, remove from ccmdb_data.mdb
Tina 2022-04-26 2022-07-07
Pharm Flow Complete _DEV_CCMDB_DATA
  • confirmed this is really unused
  • removed field from sending
  • remove field from data
Tina 2021-07-15 2022-03-10
PHI copy automation wiki housekeeping
  • no longer done on a schedule, it's just done as part of push/pull. Tina needs to fix the documentation. PTorres 15:04, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
Tina 2022-03-17 2022-03-17
Problems related to event timing of data consistency checks _ccmdb_dev Tina 2022-04-13 2022-04-13
Processing errors in patient data _dev_CFE
Automate the populating of notes so button just does it. 
  • raise an input box for a summary, if gets content put data and content into Notes, else put nothing.
Query check CCI CXR vs LOS _dev_CCMDB
  • Not currently implemented; starting point for the query exists but doesn't yet include Julie's values. Also, isn't being called from anywhere.
Tina 2022-04-14 2022-04-21
Query check CCI TISS time means must be two _dev_CCMDB
  • Julie had said in email: If any CCI date has a matching date on boarding loc, CCI must have at least two records (one with time and without time) if the yesterday and tomorrow have this same item. Here we are identifying missing line. Example H7-3316. Boarding loc move Dec 10 20:57 . CVC has dates Dec 9, 10,11. Dec 10 must have two lines one with time and another with time 20:57.
    • Not necessarily... what if the CVC simply wasn’t there for the MICU portion of the switch day?
    • Discussed with Julie: We might be able to do this as a soft check but would need to know how many false positives there would be. Also, we would not want to do this for all TISS items: for example, for intubation and extubation this would not make sense,but are there others? Ttenbergen 16:37, 2021 September 2 (CDT)
      • Hard check on selected TISS items which are present in continuous days with a date in-between where patient is at two locations :
  • T9 CAM+
  • T10 IPM
  • T13 & 14 Vasoactive
  • T15 Swan Ganz
  • T16 Peripheral art line
  • T17 CVC
  • T18 Inv Mech Vent
  • T20 Supp O2
  • T21 Non-Inv CPAP
  • T22 ETT present
  • T23 Trach present
  • T36 IV hyperalimentation
  • T38 Isolation
        • That can still at best be a soft check. They might have discontinued the therapy in prep for discharging from ICU and then have had to re-start it as pt got worse. And coincidentally the pt was moved to other loc.
          • This is ready to implement; Make a soft check: if there is a day before, or a day after, then there should be on day of. Needs to be a complete-check
Query check ICD10 CLI vs CCI CentralLine _dev_CCMDB * needs to be added to CCMDB Tina 2021-10-07
Query check ICD10 trach dxs consistent _dev_CCMDB
  • first one can happen, should be soft check; second one can never happen.
Tina 2022-02-17 2022-02-17
Query check no consecutive same BL or Service _dev_CCMDB
  • Lisa, would there be a concern if I implemented this? Ttenbergen 13:27, 2022 March 23 (CDT)
    • Should be fine, we'll hear about it if there are issues Lisa Kaita 12:50, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
Allan, Julie, Pagasa, Tina 2022-04-21 2022-04-21
Query maintenance s tmp deletables
  • this should be done regularly, maybe every 6 months
Tina 2022-01-26 2022-07-26
Query Mgmt Collector Admission Count _Dev_CFE mgmt queries Tina 2022-04-27
Query NDC Bad Postal Code
  • emailed Chastity to see if we could get Postal Code data from them rather than maintaining our own.
    • Never got a response. Emailed Chastity again. Ttenbergen 14:41, 2022 June 30 (CDT)
Tina 2022-03-24 2022-07-15
Questioning data back to collectors z
  • Possible future scenario: The data processor puts the concern into the Notes field and sets the RecordStatus field to "questioned". Next time the collector sends, the record is returned to the laptop by a series of queries. The collector updates the record, sets it to "complete" and sends it in with the next round of sends, at which time it will be processed like any other record.

This process is more automated and would need to be validated before we could implement. It would be the least work for all involved, though, I think.

We keep discussing this, talked about it again today. Ttenbergen 17:44, 2016 December 1 (CST)
R Filter Field _CFE_Data_reconsolidate
  • move into dx and eliminate this field
R Filter Field _DEV_CCMDB_DATA
  • removed field from sending
  • remove field from data
Tina 2022-03-10
  • removed field from sending
  • remove field from data
Tina 2021-07-15 2022-03-10
S dispo Collector Location table _Dev_CFE mgmt queries Tina 2022-04-27
S dispo table _wiki housekeeping
  • break this out because it needs to apply to locations in general, wiki side, s_dispo, boarding loc etc.
Tina 2022-02-10 2022-02-10
S ICD10 Chapter block pattern table _wiki housekeeping
  • Just storing this here for now, it should really be integrated into the SMW like the Charlson and Apache ones. Generated by query CCMDB.accdb.s_ICD10_Chapter_block_pattern_wikimaker.
S LocationData table locationData
  • No longer applicable, we discussed today that we will need multiple start and end dates and that it maybe should be stored on wiki.


  • _dev_CCMDB - the process to import from wiki should run a consistency check on the start and end dates to ensure there is no overlap of same attribute
  • _dev_CFE - include this in the import of s_ tables at startup; there was a second s_ table to pull into CFE, emailed Julie for which one
Tina 2022-02-10 2022-02-10
Scheduled Tasks wiki housekeeping
  • Do we still schedule Backup Checker?
    • No, I remembered it was run through my desk top computer, not now anymore. PTorres 14:08, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
      • no longer doing either of these as scheduled tasks, Tina needs to clean up the documentation. PTorres 15:05, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
Tina 2022-03-17 2022-03-17
Searching the wiki wiki housekeeping
  • There are ongoing problems searching the wiki. Better search functionality would be nice.
Tina 2019-02-13
SL EPR Exclusions table _Dev_CCMDB_Data Tina 2021-07-08
STB-L2HA locationData
  • make sure this will be integrated
Tina 2022-06-28 2022-06-28
Template:Drugs included wiki housekeeping
  • need to confirm these are applied to all relevant articles
Tina 2021-11-25 2021-11-25
Template:ICD10 Guideline Signs Symptoms Test Results not needed when cause known wiki housekeeping
  • Apply template to symptoms, physical exam findings, and radiologic findings, but NOT to laboratory findings.
    • I don't know which those would be. If we go through with this definition we should just stick them into a :Category:Lab Result or similar. Category:Testing also contains non-lab findings. Where would this leave things like Fecal occult blood test, positive? The "What links here" link on the left would show all that currently links to this page.
    • R71-R89 inclusive
Tina 2022-02-09 2022-02-09
Template:Location dropdown cleanup
  • Since no one person knows when an s_dispo item is no longer used on any laptop. Made CFE query z_s_dispo_inactivatable to check. Should check that query occasionally to review if other things can be cleaned up.
Tina 2020-10-20 2022-03-05
TISS wiki housekeeping
  • need to make this a better Landing page about all things TISS. but not right now.
Tina 2021-07-15
Transfer Delay (Critical Care)
  • Discussed with Julie that we will actually update these in the data rather than do these updates at reporting time. The query below should do it. Pagasa, could you apply it when you get a chance and update here when done? Thanks! Ttenbergen 09:46, 2022 June 29 (CDT)
Transfer Ready DtTm field _dev_CCMDB_data
  • removed from sending, remove from ccmdb_data.mdb
Tina 2022-04-26 2022-07-07
User:Ttenbergen/Cross Check Engine _dev_CCMDB
  • implement better cross-check triggering
Tina 2022-04-27 2022-04-27
User:Ttenbergen/Relationship Diagram wiki housekeeping Tina