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The Outcomes Improvement Team is a regional team with goal of improving ICU outcomes.

We collaborate with them on some projects, see Category:Critical Care QI Team for more info


Co-chairs are Dr. Dave Easton and Dr. Kendiss Olafson. Tteam consists of representative from all ICU in the Region, HSC (MICU,SICU), STB (MICU), CON, GRA, OAK, VIC and includes HSC pharmacy rep, WRHA pharmacy rep, WRHA Critical Care nursing education (WCCNEP)rep, CC standard committee chairperson.

For a current list of all members contact p:Jodi Walker Tweed's admin assistant.

Is Jodi Walker Tweed (admin assistant) still the contact for this?  
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WRHA Critical Care Quality Improvement (CCQI) changed their name to "Outcomes Improvement Team" in 2012.

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