Critical Care Program Quality Indicator Report

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Report: Critical Care Program Quality Indicator Report
Contact Person : <names, organization if outside of Shared Health>
Recipients: Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports
Frequency: quarterly
MailingList: Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports
Data Dependencies : Avoidable Days (Critical Care) Bed occupancy CAM positive (TISS Item) CXR Charlson Comorbidity Index Creatinine (labs) Delirium days LOS per Service Organ Donor Primary Admit Diagnosis Readmission Transfer Delay (Critical Care) Unit Mortality
SASFiles: <path for SAS files>
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Also known as "Outcomes Improvement Team Quarterly ICU Report" or "Directors Quarterly Report (Critical Care)".


  • Tabular report
    • Report Label- Critical Care Activity Summary Report for the current quarter for each Unit
    • Start Date - 2003
    • End Date - July 2017 for all units (except HSC CCU, STB ACCU, STB ICCS which ended Dec 2018)
    • Part of the tabular report continues to be reported
      • label as Critical Care Comparative Report for the current quarter
      • one table containing 13 summary activity indicators of individual units for the current quarter
      • second table containing the VAP and CLBSI rates of all for the current quarter

If Tabular is no longer done, then can we put it to a legacy section in the very bottom? Or possibly even delete it, since an old report we no longer do likely has no bearing on our current documentation?

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  • Graphical Report
    • Report1 Label - Critical Care Program Quality Indicator Report ( also refer as the Regional Report)
      • contains cumulative of all units except HSC CCU, STB ACCU and STB ICCS
    • Report2 Label - Individual ICU Quality Indicator Report
    • Report3 Label - WRHA Critical Care Quality Indicator Report
      • contains comparison of indicators among all units
    • Start date - July 2017 for all units (except HSC CCU, STB ACCU, STB ICCS which started Jan 2019)
    • End Date -
    • Each type of report contains 30 indicators starting Oct 2020 (Nursing workload or TISS Score per patient day was dropped).

We don't have 30 listed at the top, which are missing?

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    • The indicators reported monthly are from 2 or 3 years period while those reported quarterly are from 3 years period.

Report versions

There are unit-limited versions of this, but there is also a program wide version that sumamrizes all except ACCU and ICCS (since those are cardiac).

There is also a "WRHA Critical Care QI Report" - compares across units.

  • Julie mentioned a second report: "from database request by STB which is being reported by month.--JMojica 15:55, 2021 September 7 (CDT)
    • The second report you mention, is that documented as one of the Reports yet? Or is it really a version of this report so we can just list it here?
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  • somewhere it mentioned "Quarterly report of Delirium cases, Delirium Rates, Delirium Days and Delirium Rate Days for all ICUs in the region"; we have Delirium days in Indicators, but not the others. Are they all defined around the same concept, so that we could rename that indicator "Delirium" and describe them all in there?
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Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports

File Locations

  • Hard Copy of Report kept at desk of Database Program Statistician, Julie Mojica
  • Electronic copy of report:
    • Tabular : X:\Reports\CriticalCareReport
    • Graphical: R:\Critical Care QIT\Director_Report\Report

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