"cannot open any more tables" in Access

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Pagasa gets error "cannot open any more tables" in Access after doing a few things in CFE.

Short term fix is to exit and re-enter CFE.

No error, but cannot click any more

  • After 24 rows, open and closed assigning Pseudo Phin an error message pop up then I cannot assign Phin anymore. I closed CFE then open then I am good to go again. The second time the error message pop up not 24 rows it less than 24 like 15 rows then it will show again the error message. PTorres 16:09, 2022 June 14 (CDT)
    • Is it the "cannot open..." error or the "enter parameter..." error you get at this point? Emailed Pagasa... Ttenbergen 10:49, 2022 November 16 (CST)
      • Still shows "cannot open "so I clicked ok then it says run time error 3014 cannot open any more tables. Closed the CFE then log back in.
      • After I continue assigning Pseudo Phin after 25 rows "cannot open" showed up again I clicked ok then error message shows again. Closed CFE then log back in.PTorres 14:42, 2022 November 30 (CST)
        • Are you following the steps in Generating PseudoPHINs when this goes wrong? Which step in those instructions are you at when it stops responding and you need to restart the program? Ttenbergen 13:48, 2022 November 29 (CST)
      • Yes, I am. I am clicking and assigning the new Pseudo Phin and not moving. PTorres 14:47, 2022 November 30 (CST)
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Error "cannot open any more tables" in Access

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open CFE
  2. open PatientList
  3. run PL 2Phin Fake or Blank via dropdown
  4. do ~24 times:
    1. click handshake
    2. open record with binocs
    3. do usual corrections
    4. close handshake form

At some repetition, as the binocs on the handshake form are clicked, error "cannot open any more tables" appears. At that point, e.g. trying to assign another pseudophin will give that error again. Error happens all over until the program is re-started.

Work-around: Do a compact repair, this will allow you to work again and is quicker than going out and back in.


  • This is probably not specific to pseudocodes, that is just the only query to routinely result in that many re-openings
  • The internet mentions this can happen when "set" statements aren't released, but I see no "set" statements as I step through this. Maybe the set statements happen from the handshake"

  • added: 2022-12-07
  • action: 2022-12-07
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Error "Enter Parameter Value"

The parameter value error usually means a query is opened from somewhere I did not expect it to be opened from, e.g. opening a form expects that it will be opened for a specific record.

  • Assigning Pseudo Phin or working on the queries if I worked long enough opened closed it then the error message pop up "Enter Parameter Value". PTorres 17:01, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
    • What is the specific action or button press after which this happens? I.e. which step in Generating PseudoPHINs? Ttenbergen 10:49, 2022 November 16 (CST)
      • When I click the pseudo button to the left of the PHIN field label, nothing is moving.PTorres 15:23, 2022 November 30 (CST)
        • I don't understand what you mean by that. What is the last thing you do before the "Enter Parameter Value" error happens? As in, what is the last button you click or last field you enter? Ttenbergen 12:15, 2022 December 7 (CST)
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Possible cause

Other sites mention this can happen when recordsets are opened but not closed and set to nothing repeatedly. I would need to find out exactly what step this fails at for Pagasa to know where this needs to be addressed.

Dead ends

This is not related to a known bug in MS Access: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/access-is-unable-to-close-and-leaves-lockfile-active-b2dce32b-b8b0-41f1-ba40-7876e524d9da As of 2022-11-16 we are using "Version 1808 (Build 10392.20029 Click-to-Run)" which is a version before the buggy one.