Generating PseudoPHINs

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This article describes how the Data Processor generates PseudoPHINs.


  • run query PL_2Phin Fake or Blank to find patients without a PHIN
  • check if any of the patients on the list has a PHIN < 100000000; if so, correct that PHIN before proceeding since this PHIN would interfere with generating new PseudoPHINs (new # would be that bad PHIN + 1)
  • for each patient on the list,
    • click the Cat button to bring up possible matches for that patient if he/she has been encountered before
    • if one of these matches the patient
      • copy (ctrl-c) the PHIN
      • open the patient's record
      • paste (ctrl-v) the PHIN into the PHIN field
    • if none matches the patient generate a new PseudoPHIN:
      • open the patient
      • click the pseudo button to the left of the PHIN field label
      • the program will look up the highest previous PseudoPHIN and enter that + 1 into the PHIN field

"cannot open any more tables" in Access

See "cannot open any more tables" in Access

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