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age test

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Testing to see if shows in recent changes

"need collector input"

changing mediawiki appearance

Questions for Tina

  • current # of questions: 19
edit page question
edit Service tmp entry
  • add a cross check to make sure this is not left as "no service entered"
edit Update of D ID exclude service/location
  • created Function make_D_ID
    • Problem: If I use a function for this, then the way the delete queries work breaks with a non-specific #Error if a record has been deleted; Possible solutions:
      • Save D_ID locally already rather than only generating it on sending
      • there might' be another way to re-write the query so it doesn't break
  • To do:
    • Make sure that PHI sending and importing will work
    • make sure that TISS scanning and importing will work
  • I plan to have this function just generate the old style D_ID for now, and integrate it into all the sending spots. Then we can decide the start dttm after which we want to use the new format, and I just set that as a parameter in the function.
edit Multiple LOS errors
  • Flagged as still a problem in 2020-10, possibly for Query ''check ER Delay not too big''; if so, it's now fixed since that check got disabled. Ttenbergen 22:08, 2020 October 18 (CDT)
edit Boarding Loc
  • inactivate legacy entry Home Medicine ward once last pt using it is discharged
edit EPR Analytics
  • looking for further information about this.
edit What is a service admission
  • There are sometimes two service entries at the same time in Cognos. Chastity says this is related to how the data is aggregated for our extract and will provide a different view that should fix this. The change has been outstanding for a little while due to Chastity's workload due to COVID reporting for province. Ttenbergen 12:01, 2020 December 10 (CST)
edit Patient record or move shows in Cognos but not in EPR
  • waiting to hear back if there is a way for us to verify that this is what happened if it happens again. Email subject "RE: Cognos shows WRS3 for patient where EPR only ever shows H4" . Ttenbergen 09:59, 2020 September 18 (CDT)
  • Sherry may have encountered this as well, email subject "Cognos Admitter Troubleshooting", forwarded to Chastity. Ttenbergen 10:58, 2020 September 18 (CDT)
  • There have been other instances since then, I think one from Michelle Oct1/2 Ttenbergen 14:51, 2020 October 7 (CDT)
edit Boarding Loc
edit Template:Collection Location
  • Template:Collection Location fields "Collection Service Type Legacy" and "Collection Workload Split" and "Collection Service Type" and "Collection Collector" are becoming meaningless, what is the best way to clean that up? This whole template needs to move to Cargo instead of SMW. Ttenbergen 17:39, 2020 October 15 (CDT)
edit "Delete Sent Patients" button dev_CCMDB
  • disallow individual record delete on the patient lister built-in.
  • add a delete button that does the logical delete correctly on a per-patient basis.
  • this seems to be relatively low priority since we are not basing anything absolute on the logical delete feature, but needs to get done eventually to clean this up.
edit Template:ICD10 Guideline Iatrogenic Pneumothorax find page for general rule of not coding iatrogenic events as traumas
edit Pneumothorax, tension, nontraumatic find page for general rule of not coding iatrogenic events as traumas
edit Pneumothorax, nontension, nontraumatic find page for general rule of not coding iatrogenic events as traumas
edit Pneumothorax, nontraumatic, NOS find page for general rule of not coding iatrogenic events as traumas
edit Iatrogenic, puncture or laceration, related to a procedure or surgery NOS find page for general rule of not coding iatrogenic events as traumas
edit Template:Newsflash needs troubleshooting
edit Attribution of infections When this is all settled, the details need to be integrated into Template: ICD10 Guideline Infection, Lab and culture reports, Infections in ICD10
edit 2020-10 EMIP changes Will need to reconcile the following:
edit Query NDC zCRRT TISS no tmp _dev_CFE - remove this and *old
edit Query NDC zCRRT tmp no TISS _dev_CFE - remove this and *old

SMW stuff

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Special:ReplaceText Can use regExps if you check use regular expressions such as [[Category: ?TISS76 ?]] to allow spaces or not.

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Magic words

e.g. {{CURRENTYEAR}} to get : 2021 see

transcluding subheadings...

Doesn't work, sucks in whole article

wiki testing, syntax and tricks

Parser Functions

lowercase works so hopefully so do the others...

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As from Cindy Cicalese: Graph This Page

Transclusion vs Substitution

Transclusion is calling content from a page or template, substitution is copying it.

Testing collapsing

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