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changing mediawiki appearance

Questions for Tina

see User:Ttenbergen/questions for tina

SMW stuff

full text search link

table side by side vs right justified

title 1
line | 1
title 2
line | 2


Special:ReplaceText Can use regExps if you check use regular expressions such as [[Category: ?TISS76 ?]] to allow spaces or not.

job queue

Magic words

e.g. {{CURRENTYEAR}} to get : 2024 see

transcluding subheadings...

Doesn't work, sucks in whole article

wiki testing, syntax and tricks

Parser Functions

lowercase works so hopefully so do the others...

  • try this
  • no
  • 1
  • yes

Transclusion vs Substitution

Transclusion is calling content from a page or template, substitution is copying it.

Testing collapsing

...test content...

Testing colours

  • foo "french violet" for followed links
  • foo "capri" for unlikely contrast