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for the WRHA Regional Daily ICU Bed census (White Board) see Bed census.mdb

Count of full or partial days patients occupy beds. Partial days are reported in a decimal fraction of a day.

Bed occupancy is usually used in aggregate form as "per location" and/or "per timeframe", e.g. by day/month/quarter/year x Ward/Unit x Hospital.

Occupancy Calculation

Actual hours occupying a bed per day for each patient

  • If admit date the same as discharge date - calculate the difference between the discharge time and admit time.
  • if admit date is not the same as disch date
    • for first date - calculate the difference between 2400 and admit time
    • for in between date - consider 1 full day
    • for last date - calculate the difference between disch time - 001
  • Bed Occupancy per day = sum of bed occupied by all patients in a given day
  • This formula is used in quarter/FY reports

Get the maximum bed census and minimum bed census per day

  • Bed occupancy per day = (Minimum + Maximum)/2

number of bed census per slice of time

  • This means for a given hour of the day, how many beds are occupied.
  • This is done by adding the patient admitted and subtracting the patient discharged based on time per day.
  • Bed Occupancy per day at ##Hour = number of patients occupying a bed at ##Hour.

Data use

Reports using Bed Occupancy

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