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WRHA Regional Daily ICU Bed census (White Board)

The ICU utilizes this process to collaboratively manage all ICU beds in the Region. The Critical Care Finance Director uses the bed census data for administrative purposes.

On May 3, 2012 this process became electronic. See: File:BedCensusAnnouncement Letter May 2012.pdf.

To see the actual ICU white board itself, go to: Electronic ICU bed census.

Bed Census Data Collection Process

  1. Individual ICU’s in the city must fax forms to HSC MICU when there is a bed change in their unit.
  2. The HSC MICU unit clerk manually enters the information directly into: Electronic ICU bed census
  3. The HSC-MICU unit clerk updates the electronic "White Board" every time a change of beds form is faxed in from and ICU in the Region.
  4. The ICU/Medicine Data Processor picks up the faxed in bed census forms twice a week from the main ICU.

Location of Bed census data

  1. Master: Electronic ICU bed census
  2. Backup: of bed census.mbd also on Pagasa's C drive.

Who has access to sharepoint

The only staff that have access to the sharepoint for Bed census.mdb is p:Jodi Walker Tweed Regional Director, Critical Care, p:Julie Mojica, p:Pagasa Torres

  • the Share point is for the Critical Care Program and being maintained by Christopher Roque, Administrative Assistant to p:Dr. Bojan Paunovic. Christopher knows who have access to it: Critical Care directors, managers, clinical educators, etc.
  • The Report is just one of the many information shown in the Share point. --JMojica 15:43, 2020 October 2


p:Randy Martens

Bed Census Form

  • Latest updated form: January 23, 2012 and for STB on April 19, 2012
  • First updated form: December, 1, 2010
  1. File:Form Individual Site Bed example .pdf-Old form.
  2. File:Form Site Bed Data Summary.pdf -Old form.

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  • May 7, 8, 9.2016 - missing data