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The Admit DtTm is the start of a profile as per Definition of a Critical Care Laptop Admission/Definition of a Medicine Laptop Admission.


Admit DtTm is not as simple of a concept as it might seem, and it's definition and storage in our database has changed over time.

  • somewhere I read 2021-10-01, elsewhere -15, which one is right?
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
If Visit Admit DtTm > #2020-10-15# then  
   earliest Service tmp entry DtTm in profile
   if available, Accept DtTm, else Arrive DtTm

This is implemented as Created_AdmitDtTm query.

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query check tmp Service and Boarding Loc during admission timeframeCCMDB.accdbimplemented


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