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The Admit DtTm is the start of a profile as per Definition of a Critical Care Laptop Admission/Definition of a Medicine Laptop Admission.


The derivation of Admit DtTm has changed over time, involving the fields Accept DtTm, Arrive DtTm and Service tmp entry DtTm. Admit DtTm is defined as follows:

SELECT L_Log.Pat_ID, CDate(Nz([Service_DtTm],Nz([Accept_dttm],[Arrive_Dttm]))) AS Admit_DtTm
FROM L_Log LEFT JOIN created_FirstService ON L_Log.Pat_ID = created_FirstService.Pat_ID;

This is implemented as Created_AdmitDtTm query.


GRA changed to this Oct 1 and everyone else Oct 15. Julie cleaned all the data so we don't need to worry about this: we can simply say if Service tmp DtTm is available, use it.

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query check tmp Service and Boarding Loc during admission timeframeCCMDB.accdbimplemented
Function long LOS()CCMDB.accdbneeds review
Link suspect negative transit time queryCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented


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  • 2022-04-04 confirmed that both CFE and CCMDB now use this as defined here.

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