Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports

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This article describes how the Annual report and Quarterly report are distributed. It also includes how some special report are distributed.

Operational requirement are to have these reports out within four weeks after the end of the annual or quarter period.

Managers and Directors in the MEDICINE Program receive the following reports:

  • Electronic - Annual & Quarterly - own site report
  • Electronic - Annual & Quarterly - all sites report
    • Hard Copy (printed)- Annual & Quarterly - all sites report: p:Julie Mojica

Managers and Directors in the CRITICAL CARE Program access the following reports:

ICU reports


  • PDF reports are placed in the password protected Critical Care Sharepoint ExtraNet by Database Statistician AND
  • an email that includes the link to this sharepoint, is sent to Directors and Managers when updated reports are available.

ICU special reports


  • PDF's and other types of special reports are placed in File share HSC Critical Care by the Database Statistician AND
  • an email with a link to specific folder in this file share, is sent to notify requestor that information is available.

Internal Medicine Reports

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