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Location GRA S3
First Admission 2015-05-26
Program Medicine
Hospital GRA
Nr of Beds 30, can go up to 36 if need be
Main Collector #Workload splitting
Location with workload split: No
Collection Unit Phone: +(204) 837-2181
Collection Unit Fax : +(204) 837-0573
Collection Unit Manager : Ronnie Mendoza
Collection Unit Manager Phone : +(204) 837 0356
Collection Unit Clerk : Cindy (full time), Marge McCartney(part time)

see Site_and_Location_table for other locations




Location profile

  • includes the east and west corridors on the south side of 3rd floor
  • encompasses Room #s 311-330
  • Starting Oot 1, 2017: attended by both nonteaching, GRA Medicine Collection Guide#GAP Physicians and teaching physicians
    • 14 CTU
    • 16 NTU
    • Dec 10.18 - This unit is referred to as CTE - Clinical Teaching Environment as per Mary Anne Lynch. Trish Ostryzniuk 12:42, 2018 December 10 (CST)

Workload splitting

Serial number

A shared serial number pool is used for collection on the Grace N5 laptop of GRA_ EMIP, GRA_S3 and GRA_N5 .


Data for this ward was collected as GRA_W3 before 2016-05-26. All old data was changed to the new location.