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This page contains information specific to Grace Hospital Medicine collection only. See GRA General Collection Guide for information related to all Grace Hospital collection, and see Medicine Curriculum for information to all-site ICU data collection.

Areas of Data Collection at the Grace


3 North (N3) CTU

see also GRA N3

  • working space is available in the conference area between 3 North & 3 South directly down the hallway across from the south elevators

5 North (N5) NTU

also see GRA N5

  • There is a small staff lounge behind the main desk with a few tables available to work on, but this is the only staff lounge on the unit so please be mindful how much space you take up.
  • Patient charts can be found in 3 separate locations. Some are at the front desk, but there are 2 smaller desks at the end of the unit (the north end) where charts are also kept.
  • Old & thinned charts is located in the metal filing cabinets in each unit of the ward.

3 South (S3) mixed CTU & NTU

also see GRA S3

  • work space is available in the conference room between 3 South & 3 North, or in the tiny storage room across the hall from the conference room
  • Old & thinned charts is located in the metal filing cabinets in each unit of the ward.

Other Grace Hospital Wards

  • 2 South (S2) Orthopaedic Surgery
  • 4 North (Ortho Trauma)
  • 4 South (S4) General Surgery/Urology
  • CAU (Clinical Assessment Unit)- as of January 15/19 located in the old ER on the first floor at the west end of the building
  • Grace Hospice - is a Palliative/End of Life Care facility located on the grounds of Grace hospital but is not accessible via tunnel system
    • when the patient has been transferred to the Hospice, their hospital chart can be found in Medical Records
  • ER Department at the eastern end of the complex. Access is via back hall first or ground floors

Data Collection work assignments at GRA

GRA uses Cognos EPR Report and PatientFollow Project to assign patients to laptops.

Other staff that can do shifts at Grace: p:Pamela Piche, p:Lisa Kaita,p:Allyson Alcudia

We communicate regularly and attempt to even out the workload by the less burdened collector completing collection on discharged patients from the busier areas, +/or entering the already collected data for the busier units on the laptop while the other collector continues to collect

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