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We are using this extensively. It should have very limited visibility to collectors, so don't worry about reviewing this for now.

Cheat sheet:

set in-text annotation


create the corresponding property page


Start Dates

Show just one: STB CICU Start Date: 15 January 2007

Show a list of all that have had property applied:

 Collection Location Startdate
CON MICU1 May 1999
GH-2S14 April 2020
GH-5S C7 April 2020
GH-CC15 October 2020
GH-EMIP1 November 2010
GH-MICU14 September 1998
GH-Med1 October 2020
GH-N31 January 2005
GH-N51 January 2005
GH-OVER9 May 2007
GH-Recovery Room1 April 2020
GH-S326 May 2015
GH-W31 January 2005
HSC A41 October 2003
HSC B27 April 2020
HSC B318 October 2004
HSC CCU1 May 1999
HSC D41 March 2004
HSC D4 COVID3 April 2020
HSC D519 March 2020
HSC D5 D19 March 2020
HSC D5 Pre COVID1 March 2004
HSC EMIP1 October 2016
HSC H41 April 2004
HSC H4H1 May 2005
HSC HOBS7 August 2020
HSC IICU13 May 1997
HSC MICU11 July 1988
HSC Med15 October 2020
HSC SICU11 July 1988
HSC WRS215 August 2023
HSC WRS319 March 2020
HSC-GA7S18 October 2004
OAK MICU1 June 1999
STB A7 BMarch 2020
STB ACCU5 July 2016
STB B41 November 2004
STB B518 November 2009
STB B5old1 August 2004
STB CCU24 May 1999
STB CICU15 January 2007
STB E51 December 2004
STB E6 B14 October 2004
STB E6 CMarch 2020
STB EMIP7 March 2016
STB IMCU1 October 2018
STB MICU24 May 1999
STB Med15 October 2020
STB SICU24 May 1999
VIC EMIP1 February 2007
VIC MICU1 June 1999
VIC N3F1 July 2005
VIC N429 September 2017
VIC N4C2 October 2017
VIC N51 August 2005
VIC N5C3 October 2017
VIC S31 October 2005
VIC S41 October 2005
VIC S51 September 2005
VIC S5C3 October 2017

Show a sublist of only HSC:

 Collection Location Program
HSC A4Medicine
HSC B2Medicine
HSC B3Medicine
HSC CCUCritical Care
HSC D4Medicine
HSC D4 COVIDMedicine
HSC D5Medicine
HSC D5 DMedicine
HSC D5 Pre COVIDMedicine
HSC EMIPMedicine
HSC H4Medicine
HSC H4HMedicine
HSC HOBSMedicine
HSC IICUCritical Care
HSC MICUCritical Care
HSC MedMedicine
HSC SICUCritical Care
HSC WRS2Medicine
HSC WRS3Medicine

Show only sublist w enddate < Jan 1 2007

 Collection Location ProgramCollection Location Enddate
VIC N3FMedicine30 June 2006

Give only link to expand a query ... further results

To see how this is done see various articles in Category:Collection Location accessory.

still experimenting

all collectors with office

HSC collectors with office

phone nrs

can't do this with categories, it delves into subcategories

list category contents

why does only one list? Might have to do with how the wiki updates SMW... eg Category:Biopsy (old)

Biopsy (GU/OR)
Biopsy - Other - code not available
Brain Biopsy
Liver Biopsy
Open Lung Biopsy
Other Genitourinary Biopsy

See also

    • 59:00 - #smwdoc