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This table shows Hospitals/Sites and locations where we collect data and their codes for entry into the Pre-admit Inpatient Institution field, Previous Location field, Service/Location field and Dispo fields

Click the following for a list including locations where we have collected in the past:

Complete list including legacy

 Collection Location StartdateCollection Location ProgramCollection Bed NrsCollection CollectorCollection Location HospitalModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
GRA CC15 October 2020Critical CareGRA16 October 2020 06:18:59
GRA EMIP1 November 2010Medicine0GRA23 December 2020 21:34:51
GRA MICU14 September 1998Critical Care10GRA23 December 2020 21:34:49
GRA Med1 October 2020MedicineGRA22 October 2020 21:20:37
GRA N31 January 2005Medicine30 (+2 flex beds that do not require extra staffing)(can accommodate 36 if staffing provided)GRA23 December 2020 21:34:48
GRA N51 January 2005Medicine36GRA23 December 2020 21:34:48
GRA PACU1 April 2020Critical Care15GRA23 December 2020 21:34:53
GRA S326 May 2015Medicine30, can go up to 36 if need beGRA23 December 2020 21:34:51
HSC A41 October 2003Medicine31HSC23 December 2020 21:34:49
HSC B318 October 2004Medicine11HSC23 December 2020 21:34:48
HSC CC15 October 2020Critical CareHSC16 October 2020 06:19:06
HSC D519 March 2020MedicineHSC23 December 2020 21:34:49
HSC H41 April 2004Medicine30HSC23 December 2020 21:34:46
HSC HOBS7 August 2020Medicine12HSC23 December 2020 21:38:54
HSC IICU13 May 1997Critical Care8HSC23 December 2020 21:34:46
HSC MICU11 July 1988Critical Care19HSC23 December 2020 21:34:51
HSC Med15 October 2020MedicineHSC22 October 2020 21:20:35
HSC SICU11 July 1988Critical Care13HSC23 December 2020 22:48:20
HSC WRS319 March 2020MedicineHSC23 December 2020 21:34:51
STB ACCU5 July 2016Critical Care10STB23 December 2020 21:34:52
STB B518 November 2009Medicine32STB23 December 2020 21:34:48
STB CICU15 January 2007Critical Care14STB23 December 2020 21:34:51
STB E51 December 2004Medicine34STB23 December 2020 21:34:50
STB E6 B14 October 2004Medicine34STB7 January 2021 04:35:06
STB EMIP7 March 2016Medicine0STB23 December 2020 21:34:48
STB IMCU1 October 2018Medicine10STB23 December 2020 21:34:50
STB MICU24 May 1999Critical Care14STB23 December 2020 21:34:50
STB Med15 October 2020MedicineSTB22 October 2020 21:20:40

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