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This table shows Hospitals/Sites and locations where we collect data and their codes for entry into the Pre-admit Inpatient Institution field, Previous Location field, Service/Location field and Dispo fields

Click the following for a list including locations where we have collected in the past:

Complete list including legacy

 Collection Location StartdateCollection Location ProgramCollection Bed Nrs
GH-CC15 October 2020Critical Care
GH-MICU14 September 1998Critical Care10
GH-Med1 October 2020Medicine
GH-N31 January 2005Medicine30 (+2 flex beds that do not require extra staffing)(can accommodate 36 if staffing provided)
GH-N51 January 2005Medicine36
GH-Recovery Room1 April 2020Critical Care15
GH-S326 May 2015Medicine30, can go up to 36 if need be
HSC A41 October 2003Medicine31
HSC B318 October 2004Medicine
HSC H41 April 2004Medicine30
HSC HOBS7 August 2020Medicine12
HSC IICU13 May 1997Critical Care10
HSC MICU11 July 1988Critical Care22
HSC Med15 October 2020Medicine
HSC SICU11 July 1988Critical Care13
HSC WRS215 August 2023Medicine12
HSC WRS319 March 2020Medicine24
HSC-GA7S18 October 2004Medicine
STB ACCU5 July 2016Critical Care9
STB B518 November 2009Medicine32
STB CICU15 January 2007Critical Care14
STB E51 December 2004Medicine34
STB E6 B14 October 2004Medicine34
STB MICU24 May 1999Critical Care14
STB Med15 October 2020Medicine

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