Hiring a New Data Collector

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 This article needs to be updated in regards to using process related to Success Factors for WRHA employee's that are hired on or after Jan 2.18

A. creating a NEW position (not common):

  • you need budget approval forms first before you proceed.
    • Contact Jodi Walker Tweed/Randy Martens for Critical Care
    • Contact Marie Bevan for Medicine?
  • Success Factors

B. filling vacant position (most common):

  • Call HRSS for employee that is leaving position
  • Advise if to post vacancy
        • the Director is suppose to review and approve in SuccessFactors
  • please post with following pre screening questionaire: (helps reduce inappropriate submissions)
  1. Are you currently registered with the CRNM? If not, are you eligible for registration?
  2. Do you have two (2) year of current ADULT intensive care nursing experience?

WRHA stuff

  • Obtain Employee ID
  • ensure proper payscale step
  • hourly rate
  • academic allowance
  • vacation accural rate
  • excess vacation (staff can see it on their pay stub)
  • number of vacation days remaining that must be scheduled before end of fiscal year - March 31
  • need to check if person will resign their current positions if outside an SAP site AND will be porting their benefits from local site in region to WRHA.
    • SIN #
    • DOB
    • CRNM Registration # so you can check if currently registered online
    • emergency contact person and phone number

NEW hires (not transfers within our program):

Other Forms & things

  • WRHA_forms & Templates
  • ACTM form to ServiceDesk - network access and Regional EPR Access - set up as a WRHA Regional Data Collector and include in comments on this form: asData Collectors Role, as per accounts management instructions that is on file in Ehealth. Use to be referred to as: Sandy Kroeger intructions.
    • get new employee to train for EPR on LMS
  • WRHA ID card - go to: WRHA photo ID information WRHA website
  • fill out site specific FORM site swipe card for site ID where applicable
  • fill out site specific FORM for office key
  • notify site manager where individual will be assigned
  • check with employee if parking required.
    • staff to arrange parking on their own with the site assigned to. Site data collectors can help with contacts for parking and site keys and security forms.
      • STB: Phone: call 237-2319 and be placed on a waiting list.
  • organize orientation training with main office and then partnering scheduling.
  • Employee must: set up epost account for pay statement if they don't have. Will need an WRHA employee ID.
    • Instruction how to set up and register: go here
  • WIKI set up: afterSetting up a new wiki user - a password is sent to person's work email (must check work email and enter correctly when registering new user on Wiki).
    • Need to send them instruction on how to log in and change password.


online learning modules that are required to be completed.

  • For more information, see LMS

New employee Handbook

New employee Handbook

IT Support

See also: Active Directory and Group Policy Details

  • computer accounts eHealth ServiceDesk - Go to ehealth service catalogue and fill out a eHealth service request FORMS. (if using firefox, have click at message at top of screen to open using another brower and select ADOBE PDF).
    • Send to electronic form by email to: Manager for signature.
      • refer them to Sandy Kroeger's instructions for NEW hires or for staff transferring into our WRHA program from another WRHA program
      • wording suggested by Sandy: "Set up with Data Collector Role as per Sandy Kroeger"
      • IMPORTANT: CC Sandy Kroeger and Wayne Hamilton, and make sure the email clearly states that this is for a Critical Care and Medicine data collector.
    • network login access
    • access to file share on Regional Server
    • add RIS/PACS account
    • EPR: Regional_EPR_Access#Setting up a new collector
  • if the collector will collect data in a location new to our program, see Setting up a new location
  • set up wiki account Setting up a new wiki user
  • For info on setting up a new laptop for a collector, see Laptop Setup

Email Contact Group

Mailing list manager: p:Trish Ostryzniuk

NOTE: Adding to distribution list is apparently included in the Data Collector Role instruction for accounts management team, for setting up new user but it does not always get setup.

To Add new hire to Global address Group mailing list:

  • DC CC (Data Collection Critical Care)
  • DC Med (Data Collector Medicine).
  • Also subgroup mailing list for each Site.

Staff Resignation/Retirement

see Processes required when a data collector leaves/retires