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The CCMDB.accdb and our sent data are located on the Regional Server


There is a shortcut on all laptop desktops called "Regional Server" - please leave it called so all laptops are the same and covering collectors know what to look for.

If you still have the old "Regional Server" shortcut please delete it.

Troubleshooting Regional Server

If you can't access the regional server, ie the shortcut on your desktop doesnt' get you there, then:

1 - Reboot

  • If you can't access the regional server, the first thing to try is to re-boot.
    • The most common reason not to be able to access the regional server is something going wrong during the login process. Usually a re-boot will fix this.

2 - Call the eHealth ServiceDesk

  • The most common reason not to be able to access the regional server is something going wrong during the login process. Usually a re-boot will fix this.
  • If a PC reboot does not fix your access to the regional server, call the eHealth ServiceDesk. CCMDB IT Support cannot fix this, the problem will be fixed fastest if you call eHealth ServiceDesk.
    • tell the helpdesk that "this is not a mapping issue because we access the server using the UNC name"
    • if the server is running fine, and the network connection of your location to the rest of the WRHA is up, then the problem might be with the way your account is set up; the help desk might they want to check how access rights should be set up, refer them to the instructions to set up a Regional data collector, as written by Sandy Kroeger from eHealth.

Requesting Access to the Regional Server

see Setting up a New Data Collector

What if I am missing the shortcut

see Desktop install.bat

Regional Server Dependencies

If the Regional Server changes locations all the automation accessing it needs to be updated:

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Legacy Info

Legacy Info   

old regional server sbghnwfs0102

Until 2012-08 we used a different regional server. After we had ongoing difficulties connecting to it eHealth moved us over to a new one. The old one was

  • \\\NSSVOL1\shared\icu_Data_Collection\

Moving to Regional Server will discontinue using #Twister altogether, so please ensure you don't refer to Twister after this is implemented.

The old regional server was hosted at StBoniface; I don't think the new one is.

Migration Checklist

  • ensure all have access; checklist is at Regional Server\zzzchecklist.txt (full address: \\\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\zzzchecklist.txt)
  • update Net use reg srv.bat (done, now maps to R: as well in case anyone had that hard-coded to the old regional server; needs to be rolled out with rest)
  • change how regional server is accessed by CCMDB.accdb
    • linked tables - done
    • sending - done
  • fix desktop shortcuts (output, timecards and supply order) (delete old ones) (this may be complicated by the fact that some collectors have renamed theirs)
    • updated output folder, work hours and ordering shortcuts
  • News and backup batch file - make part of copy bat and download new one
    • updated both batstart.bat and backup.bat; new backup.bat will be rolled out automatically and new and cleaned up batstart.bat will be used in future installs. Shortcut should work with old batstart.bat.
  • added following to backup.bat:
    • make the batch file copy the new, fixed shortcuts
    • make the batch file copy the new Net use reg srv.bat
  • roll-over tested Ttenbergen 17:03, 2012 August 31 (CDT)
  • emptied old regional server except for what is needed for roll-over, put a shortcut to new one instead of old content
  • set up roll-over to run at next news-and-backup Ttenbergen 17:03, 2012 August 31 (CDT)


CCMDB staff at HSC will sometimes refer to the Regional Server as "Twister". This is because HSC used to require a "door" (a gateway) with the sign "Twister" to access the Regional Server. However, this door also leads elsewhere (which might confuse the help desk), and the door is not used from other locations (which might confuse data collectors).

To avoid confusion, use the term Regional Server.

The actual address was \\Twister\icu\

Server name usage prior to changing to fully qualified domain name (FQDN)

The Regional Server used to be accessed as:


A lot of locations are still set up with this link. However, notably at the Vic this set-up no longer works. All new laptops will be set up with the new address, \\\NSSVOL1\shared\icu_Data_Collection\, which includes the domain name "". The full address should work everywhere, but wherever there is no problem this is not an urgent thing to change.

2010-08-20 Post-PDA Archiving

I have backed up old files to CD and removed them from the Regional Server. We used to use about 2.7GB and now use about 780MB. Specifically:

  • files frmACMT.doc, QA_Septic_dataReview_23Oct2009.xls, BRR_ver2.xls, BED REQUEST REVIEW.xls, AllDiagnoses_Procedure_LIST_October_26_09.xls
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\!audits whole directory, had not been used since Nov09
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\A_audits whole directory, had not been used since Apr 09
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Admin
    • Removing Computer & PDA Info, Documentation&Presentations, PHIA, Pump_audit_drug_list and sync_lister.bat
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\L_HanDBase removed whole directory
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Maintenance\Software
    • Removing ActiveSync, HanDBase, Sprite backup, TMS
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Output
    • Removed Backup of MDBs, Crash, pre-location-change, version with issues
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Programs
    • Removed zzold_* (renamed directories), tmp_checker.bas, 2006, 7 logs, batstart.bat, HSC_micu file, stbmicu file, vic_all_admdisch.mdb, MSysMEXSpecs.txt, WIKI_CCMDB_Change_Log_2009
    • Also copied all directories to file and cleaned out PDA data remnants
    • Removed master versions prior to 2010 and all Test_Trish versions
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\S_HanDBase removed whole directory
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\VAP_CLI_audit
    • Whole directory, there had been no updates to this since Oct 09
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\ccmis_backup_CSRP
    • whole directory, no idea why it was even there…
    • whole directory, no idea why it was even there…
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\ICU stuff
    • Whole directory, there had been no updates to this since Dec 09
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\MOVE Madness VIC
    • Whole directory, there had been no updates to this since April 08
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Output
    • Gra\audit backups folder, StB\audit backups and copy of audit file folder, and EditsCardiac.xls and STB cooling_arrest audit.xls files, test folder contents (deleted), Vic TESTs July 2009 and VIC tests July_2009 folders, 2 NEW_Med Worksheet data collection Nov 2007.xls file, HSC audit backups folder, files Copy of TASKS_1.MDB, Copy of TmpV2_1.mdb, Copy of PDA_Pending.mdb, deleted to shortcuts to the wiki from this directory as well
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\STB_UPDATES\Dec 1.09 UPDATED at STB
    • Audit, Dec 1.09 UPDATED at STB, Laura, X_OTHER_STB
  • \\sbghnwfs0102\NSSVOL1\shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Documents
    • versions