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edit page question ModDate
edit CCI Collection
  • How would you like us to code CCI procedures, where the pt moves from a collecting location to a temporary procedure location and then to a noncollecting location? Dispo field would be to the temporary procedure location. Lisa Kaita 10:05, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
    • This is actually documented in Visits to temporary locations so we should not duplicate it here and instead link to it. Possibly this might be addressed by the fact that I was supposed to make "Other Procedure Location" available as Dispo entry but had not yet. I have now, will go out with the next version. Ttenbergen 11:47, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
      • I think this was addressed. If so, it can be deleted, but if some part of this is still outstanding please clarify. Ttenbergen 10:48, 2022 June 15 (CDT)
2022-06-15 3:48:06 PM
edit The "make loc" button will sometimes enter a different record than the line that it is clicked on.
  • Not allowing a scroll in those fields isn't ideal, but is it actually causing any frustration? If not, then maybe this is a final solution. Ttenbergen 11:50, 2022 June 16 (CDT)
  • 2022-06-16 4:50:52 PM
    edit Query Mgmt StartDelays
  • Not currently used since Trish retired. If we want to use these we will need to update this to using Admit DtTm instead. But this may not be the right query anyway. Emailed Lisa to have conversation if she wants to use this. Ttenbergen 15:08, 2022 April 27 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-27 8:08:40 PM
    edit HSC MICU Collection Guide
  • The following is outdated info, but I am not sure if there is anything special for MICU now, so leaving it. The up-to-date instructions for this are in Boarding Loc and Service tmp entry.
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some SICU patients are now being treated in MICU, until they are proven to be negative. See COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2)under Cohorting in HSC ICUs.
    • If they are under MICU service, enter them using HSC_MIC service location, and add SICU under MICU in the tmp file. See ICUotherService.
      • Once they are transferred to SICU, make a new file with HSC_SIC service location.
    • If for some reason the patient is in MICU under SICU service, enter them using HSC_SIC service location and treat it as a Boarding Loc.
    • I guess technically it should be under both, as we have a separate page for SI and MI, but maybe we could have just one collection guide that addresses all sites. IICU, SI, and MI? Lisa Kaita 13:06, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
      • Whatever is applicable to all ICUs should be in HSC Critical Care Collection Guide. The unit specific guides should only contain unit specific information. This was more important when we were still assigning records to laptops by unit, and someone might need to know all about a unit while covering. Keeping the distinction would be cleaner, but I can see where putting all in HSC Critical Care Collection Guide might be easier. They are already linked to each other. However we decide to do this, keep both levels or consolidate to one page, the info I flagged should still likely be on HSC Critical Care Collection Guide, not just on this unit page, right? Ttenbergen 10:44, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
      • If thinking like a collector, the first place to look would be the type of patient you are looking at, eg. under MICU service but boarding in SICU, if not sure what to do, first instinct would be to look at the MICU collection guide and vice versa for a SICU patient boarding in MICU Lisa Kaita 09:07, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
        • So do we want to do away with the HSC Critical Care Collection Guide, then? Because it sounds like you would not look there in any scenario. How about the HSC General Collection Guide? If we want to do away with them we would need to include all of that in each specific unit guide. So we have two questions: how do we keep this updated, and how would people use it. Might be easier to discuss in person, Lisa, can we chat about this sometime? Ttenbergen 11:03, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
    2022-05-04 4:03:51 PM
    edit SBGH Swing Beds
  • to be sure, if I remember right STB ICU does that for ALL Boarding Loc entries, not just swing beds, right? Just trying to confirm, because if that's true then it's not a swing bed instruction but instead a STB Critical Care Collection Guide instruction (or possibly a Boarding Loc one). Ttenbergen 11:33, 2022 January 27 (CST)
  • 2022-06-30 7:31:51 PM
    edit Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names
  • What happens to the ICU Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo or even Service Location - should they be changed too by the new COGNOS ICU locations? Example current STB_ACCU is SBGH-CCUO in COGNOS, STB_CICU is SBGH_ICCS, STB_MICU is SBGH_ICMS. Should the old labels remain? We need to think hard for its implications to queries of linking and/or matching tables before implementing any change. --JMojica 16:33, 2022 February 2 (CST)
    • It would be nice to have this consistent, and yet you are correct that this would tie into a lot of things. I think the benefits of making it consistent win out, though especially when it comes to also thinking about this in terms of that metadata we discussed the other day. Even if we keep the (possibly identical) data in both s_tmp and s_dispo for now, we would then be able to use that metadata table for both. This would require thinking through the details. Julie, I think it only involves you and me, so maybe we should discuss at our wiki meetings? Ttenbergen 13:44, 2022 February 8 (CST)
      • Julie and Tina discussed:
    • We use the 4 fields Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo and Service/Location also to map patient flow between laptops, and we very much don't use Cognos values for this (e.g. HSC_Med). We need to retain this ability to use the entries for linking but would also make them the same as Cognos where possible. So we need to keep our "own" values for this for locations where we collect.
    • We decided to use manually split CC entries e.g. HSC_MICU vs HSC_SICU since Julie reports in those increments, ie it is hard to pull apart a stay in two ICU types if it is collected as one record. We don't want to lose that.
    • We would still like to change these own values to the "modern" values where we use legacy terms, eg. STB ICMS vs STB MICU. As long as we make a clean transition between old and new, or change all old, that should not be a problem, but we need to account for it.
    • We could use the Cognos values for all places where we don't collect, e.g. if a pt comes from Ward HSC_A1 and Cognos lists that as HSC-GA1, we could just enter that. However, for locations we don't collect we currently aggregate this to HSC_ward. Do we want the extra detail? It would be easier to enter but might be harder to interpret and possibly even harder to work with for collectors.
    • If we want to keep our proprietary value for locations where we collect, and keep aggregate ones for locations where we don't collect, I am not sure which locations that then leaves where we would use the Cognos values?
        • Julie, do you agree to that summary? If so, there may be nothing to discuss with Lisa, since we will need to leave this as is. If I am missing something pls update and then pass on to Lisa for her take. Ttenbergen 16:56, 2022 March 23 (CDT)
          • agree. pass to lisa. --JMojica 15:27, 2022 June 8 (CDT)
    2022-06-14 6:45:20 PM
    edit SBGH Swing Beds Are there actually differences in how CC, Med or different laptops do this? Or is the following correct for all?
    • Since any CUS entry at STB could be either a swing bed or a real bed, all of these service locations and times need to be reviewed.
    • If a CUS entry is for a swing bed, enter the correct entries (service location, date/time)
    • The applicable Cognos line(s) can then be manually excluded using the "exclude" button
    2022-06-30 7:31:51 PM
    edit Saluvision How does this relate to the info in HSC Death Registry? Ttenbergen 09:37, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
  • They don't need to be linked, they are separate entities Lisa Kaita 08:52, 2022 June 3 (CDT)
    • Separate entities yes, but if I was a new collector needing to find out how to deal with records for dead patients, when would I use either? They likely are related. Ttenbergen 15:20, 2022 June 8 (CDT)
  • 2022-06-08 8:20:46 PM
    edit Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names This was a To Do entry with Lisa's name - some decision had been made and we needed to make sure that whatever is now in here is consistent with what is in the following. This may be done already, if so this discusssion can be deleted. Ttenbergen 13:45, 2022 June 14 (CDT)
  • CUS
  • Using Cognos2 to keep track of patients
  • Boarding Loc
  • 2022-06-14 6:45:20 PM

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