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Saluvision ( is a software that all deaths are now being scanned and loaded to Saluvision at HSC.

See HSC Medical Records requests for how we use this.

Getting access to Saluvision

  • A request to access Saluvision can be submitted to the manager of health records, the form is available in the audit room.
  • This is part of the Hiring a New Data Collector checklist.


How does this relate to the info in HSC Death Registry? Ttenbergen 09:37, 2022 May 19 (CDT)

  • They don't need to be linked, they are separate entities Lisa Kaita 08:52, 2022 June 3 (CDT)
    • Separate entities yes, but if I was a new collector needing to find out how to deal with records for dead patients, when would I use either? They likely are related. Ttenbergen 15:20, 2022 June 8 (CDT)
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