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Canadian Forces patients are funded by the federal government directly. They are not paid for by the Province and don't have a PHIN number. Special collection instructions apply.

Does not apply to dependents and family

Medical coverage for CF dependents is covered by the province in which they live. They do not receive any healthcare services from the CF.

Has the situation changed?

There had been a comment that Canadian Forces members are now covered by the province. According to this website they are not covered by the province, [1]Lisa Kaita 11:38, 2017 April 25 (CDT) Maybe this had been confused with the #RCMP situation.

Collection Instructions


Leave PHIN blank. Data collector will generate a Pseudo PHIN.


Enter "CF" for Province.

Postal Code

Collect their Postal Code as usual. We can use this if we actually want the location where these patients live.

Data use

We confirm our data against MB Health data, and Canadian Funded patients would not be on their list. To not get an error for them each time, we need a way to exclude them from the list. This is why they are coded as province = "CF".

Legacy info

RCMP situation

RCMP used to have a similar arrangement to CF. They are now covered like everyone else.