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"Pulling" Centralized data.mdbIs name and icon still right?
(D) Intervertebral Discis this bone/joint or soft tissue. see similar question about cartilage in one of these other procedures, search wiki for cartilate.
24 Hour Intensivist Presence: A Pilot Study of Effects on ICU Patients, Families, Doctors and Nurseshow did we support this publication?
A survival benefit of combination antibiotic therapy for serious infections associated with sepsis and septic shock is contingent only on the risk of death: a meta-analytic/meta-regression studyhow did we support this publication?
ADL General Collection InformationWhat else in addition to ALERT Scale Calculation uses this?
ALERT Scaleneed tie-it-together page.
APACHE Acute DiagnosesDiabetes_mellitus_chronic_complication:_Musculoskeletal

is selected by the line

  • ns_Z1 Renal/Metabolic NOS NOT admitted to ICU postoperatively AND Any admit diagnosis is N00.^-N39.^, E00.^-E90.^

In your excel sheet.

It is a chronic code sort of by definition, so hopefully no one would code it as an admit, but for now they could. And if they did, it would give them APACHE Dx (not como) points.

Is that really as intended? I suppose even as a chronic code it is a marker for the presence of diabetes, so it wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, but it seems odd, so flagging it.
need here some general info what these are, links to wiki articles they are actually related to under old coding scheme, etc. I need help with this because I don't know if any of this is on the wiki, or else what it is about. Ttenbergen 17:20, 2018 February 23 (CST)
Dx grouping

There would be no way to exclude post-first-48hr Acquireds from the calculation. Do we care? Or should this only be Admits?
APACHE Comorbid DiagnosesDx grouping
  • either need details or need to revise this when we re-group dxs; meeting booked with Julie and Allan 2019-01-20 Ttenbergen 15:42, 2019 January 3 (CST)
APACHE Comorbidities in ICD10 codes
  • Need to update from Allan's email 2018-11-26, but he said he would need to review this in light of the changes that had been made to ICD10 and CCI since he and Julie discussed. Ttenbergen 00:36, 2018 November 27 (CST)

    • There was a comment on Chronic Health APACHE about extracting the APACHE Comos from comorbid diagnoses instead using the ranges Allan provided. Provided this list is updated to the newest ranges Allan has provided, do you see a problem with using this approach instead and stopping collection of the Chronic Health APACHE field going forward?
    AaDO2I wonder if "null" is actually intended here, or if it was supposed to be 0. Ttenbergen 14:44, 2017 January 8 (CST)
    • AaDO2 is null if there is no data for FIO2, PaO2 and PaCO2. However, no data was set to zero value instead of null. In addition, AaDO2 and the corresponding score are required only when FIO2 >= 50%, otherwise should be treated as null. (Similarly with PO2 score, it is required when FIO2 < 50% and otherwise should be treated as null. When FIO2 =0, both AaDO2 and its score and PO2 score should be null.) Are we setting null to zero to facilitate the programming calculation? Is it possible to differentiate null from valid zero in both L_LOG and created_variables_CC - will the work be big? In L_LOG, these are the FIO2, CO2, PO2 and SerCO2. 14:49, 2017 March 16 (CDT)
    Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients Infected With 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1): Report From a Canadian Provincehow did we support this publication?
    Acute kidney injury in septic shock: clinical outcomes and impact of duration of hypotension prior to initiation of antimicrobial therapyhow did we support this publication?
    Admit DiagnosisCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we limit which admits will count as comos we need to review
    Allan's linksneed to update this to list templates
    An institutional review of fulminant hepatic failure in an urban Canadian centrehow did we support this publication?
    ApLab CompleteICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    This is a legacy field we could probably get rid of. Not sure when we stopped using it.
    Apache Value Reconciliationgot lost
    Automatic updating of MS Access Databases using scheduled tasksI think PHI copy automation uses this. It might accomplish this in a different way...
    Awaiting/delayed transfer to other care facility NOS
  • We probably don't need this code from a data use perspective (as confirmed by AG 2018-11-30) but we might need it for cross checks like Query check ICD10 needs awaiting if TR Dt and Dispo Dt on diff days or similar; will keep this code until we have worked out if those checks will be possible.
  • Bacteremia

    • Just to clarify: when a patient has septic shock and we put in the pathogen from a positive blood culture, do we also have to code bacteremia? OR is this code only for positive blood cultures where the source is not known?--LKolesar 14:20, 2019 February 12 (CST)
    Base Population for ResearchThis page is linked from the front page, so we should either make it good or get rid of that. Is there anything on Publications that would be a good example for how our DB was used for this?
    Bed Census Data Processing Instructions
    • is this the current process, or is Bed_census.mdb? I think the process is better off here than in the .mdb article.

    • probably incomplete... Ttenbergen 18:17, 2016 April 14 (CDT) emailed Trish/PAgasa Ttenbergen 16:46, 2018 October 30 (CDT)
    Bed holdsJulie seems to set the limit at 1 day - emailed Julie Ttenbergen 10:07, 2016 November 10 (CST)
    duplication on wiki needs to be cleaned up once we are on same page
    Laura and Tina discussed this and there clearly are different understandings about this. Need to review. LKolesar 14:43, 2017 March 1 (CST)
    Bentall ProcedureAre these right? Or only the stenosis or insufficiency?
    Biographic changes over timeRight now we do not track anywhere that Betty became John. Our data would make it look like the person had always been John and female. So, when we cross-check data, these people get flagged. Should we change how we collect them? Should we change how we alias them? Or should this info only live in the L_Problem table?
    Bladder, disorder NOS
    • A bladder disorder does not necessarily mean that an infection is present. The check for pathogen should be removed.--CMarks 14:18, 2019 February 13 (CST)
      • The dx has been removed from the infection requiring pathogen category. Please try entering this again. If still a problem, post here, else pls remove the question. Ttenbergen 16:43, 2019 February 14 (CST)
    Bronchitis, acute or chronic not specified, infectious or noninfectious
    • bringing you in on existing discussion

    APACHE CHRONIC stuff related coding schemas

    • This does not trigger APACHE Acute Dxs in ICD10 codes while some other dxs that seem no more "intense" do. Is that right?
      • AG REPLY --- Leave it OUT, it's a wastebasket code and could be acute disorders. ALSO, in Feb we'll shift from tick boxes for the AP2 comorbs to identification via ICD10, for which I've made the coding already.
        • Julie has investigated the APACHE conversion further since this was brought up, so she should be included in any further conversation about this. Ttenbergen 14:45, 2018 August 6 (CDT)
    Bypassq PEG insertion is also on the Implantation of Internal Device page. Which should we use? Bypass or internal device?--Jvelasco 11:25, 2019 February 8 (CST)
    CAM positive (TISS Item)
    • Did these ever get better? Ttenbergen 12:44, 2017 May 11 (CDT) Does anything need to be done about this? Ttenbergen 20:15, 2018 November 27 (CST)
    CFE Data Integrity Checks
    CRRTWould it make sense (e.g. are the stickers of a size where this is possible) to give the nephrologists stickers so they can attach them as needed? Ttenbergen 15:14, 2018 September 21 (CDT)
    CXR count cross checkneeds to be implemented but not strictly needed for go-live
    Can't check ICD10 ARF vs APACHE ARFdefinition is changing so it might become possible soon to cross-check this.
    Cardiac arrest
    • red links. Linking this article to two old articles. Trish Ostryzniuk 15:25, 2018 December 24 (CST)
      • where? Ttenbergen 20:58, 2018 December 27 (CST)
    Cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator, has oneWhen a patient is admitted that has a pre-existing LVAD and has had it for months to years, do you capture this in the database somehow? There is no comorbid entry for VAD, “has one” , like it does for other things like permanent pacer or ICD. If the diagnosis is related to the VAD itself (like a mechanical failure), we can use iatrogenic mechanical failure. If the diagnosis is something else, do you care if the pt has a VAD? We cannot put it in CCI because it is out of our time frame. Just checking as this has come up a few times before and we always struggle with how to code the pre-existing “permanent” VAD patient. -- Laura Kolesar - Feb 7.19
    Cardiac/cardiovascular drug NOS, adverse effect
    Cat buttonTina to add detail to this page
    Central Lineq
    • How do we code tunnelled line insertions in Interventional Radiology? It is captured on the TISS as a trip out of ICU, so is it enough to just use the CCI code CVC placement, any location? --Jvelasco 11:43, 2019 February 8 (CST)
    Centralized data front end.accdbStill has old name, need to update. Also, isn't really documented here yet
    Centralized data front end.accdb Change Log 2019
  • clean up the form
  • add button for link suspects to patient list
  • update Correcting suspect links
  • Centralized data front end.accdb Change RequestPostal Code vs Pre-acute
    Linked pairs, better storage
    Change Prioritiesis this Check Renal Tasks? If so, there are questions there. Ttenbergen 14:09, 2014 May 14 (CDT)
    Changing D IDs
    • Which program do you do this in? This may actually need to be different instructions for different scenarios.

    • what queries would get you to change a D_ID? We would want to cross-link them so they point to these instructions, and so these instructions can list them as cause.

    • what queries would get you to change a D_ID for medicine? We would want to cross-link them so they point to these instructions, and so these instructions can list them as cause.

    How about L TISS Form table, L TISS Item table and L Labs DSM table? Are there others I am not thinking about ? Ttenbergen 22:20, 2019 February 6 (CST)
    Changing PHINs
    • Pagasa, are there other things you do in this case? Probably change for other encounters if not just a typo. Anything else? Ttenbergen 11:55, 2017 September 18 (CDT)
    Changing settings in MS Access after first open
    • Dec 31.18 - noticed that digital images of scanned TISS forms in Teleform are no longer being stored anywhere. (screen shot as per email sent on this date) ----Trish
    • Jan 4.18 - Tina just had a look at this with Trish, and I think that error is one of those misleading ones. It turns out the image files are not actually being stored after processing. They used to be, and we need them to be, because we regularly refer back to them. Having an electronic version is why we are able to destroy the paper forms, so we need these. I assume there is a setting in Teleform where you set whether to keep data after processing, and where to keep it. Could you have a look?---Tina
    • Trish to remind Herman/Tina in few weeks to look at this. For now, paper forms from scan batch one onward, will be kept on file until in office.Trish Ostryzniuk 13:55, 2019 January 3 (CST)
    Characteristics Of ICU Patients Who Died Or Were Readmitted Within Seven Days Of Transferhow did we support this publication?
    Charlson Comorbid Score query
    • the query needs to be cleared out of CFE once we are done. Possibly sooner, I sort of doubt it is used.
    Charlson Comorbidity scoring in ICD10 codesCan you have a look at this page and the queries/tables it describes to see if it makes sense?
    Chart Review ListsThis is linked from the front page and intended to give an idea of how one could use our data. Is there anything on Publications that would be a good example for how our DB was used for this? If not, should we take it out? With nothing here it doesn't look very good coming from front page.
    Check CRF vs ARF across multiple encountersI think this section is largely old rules that no longer apply with how we define Comorbid Diagnosis now, ie if something was clearly present before admission we can now code it, even if it had not been diagnosed. Are any of these still required, with that in mind? Ttenbergen 21:17, 2018 October 26 (CDT)
    • Using the ICD10 renal codes, we still need to know when the transition from acute to chronic occurs - so we can decide whether the multiple encounters consistency checking is still relevant. --JMojica 11:51, 2018 November 14 (CST)
      1. is the transition on the next hospital stay? Example in this hospital stay, patient is diagnosed with ARF and stayed continuously in both ICU and ward in same or different hospital. On the next hospital stay, he is now chronic renal patient.
      2. Or the transition is on the next ICU or ward stay? Ex. the first stay is ICU and diagnosed with ARF. then patient was transferred in a ward of same or diff hospital - is he now a chronic renal patient?
      • The data collection instructions are in the related pages, and additional info is in Renal Coding Considerations for ICD10, but they are a beast of a network of concepts. Those might tell you how we currently propose to collect the renal codes, but not necessarily what you or the users of the data would want. Usually these cross checks would be driven by what you need for data requests, so do our proposed instructions line up with how you want to use this? Or is this maybe too case-by-case of a concept to even make a cross check? Ttenbergen 18:59, 2019 January 6 (CST)
    Check ICD10 some cant be primaryCategory:Mechanism would need to be excluded as well, and so would past history, and quickly the list gets so large again that we are back at discussing Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes where we should simply include "Primary"-ability.
    Check Inf Potential Infection must have pathogen or alt combined code
    • This would cause extra collection work, since there are quite a few potential infections (most of the NOS codes are potential infections), and a lot of them would not usually be infections. Do we really want to do this or can we decline it?
    Check TISS Intubation consistent
    • this cross check would not know the difference between (on one day, intubated, extubated, and reintubated) vs (intubated and then extubated); while this hopefully not too common of a thing, would it cause false positives for Pagasa to run after? Ttenbergen 11:33, 2018 October 29 (CDT)
      • yes that is correct because both have a difference of zero. Using the cut off GTE Abs(2) will get true negatives and not false positives. This query considers only the counts and not the dates which will have numerous scenarios and too complicated to define. For those having a difference of -1,0,1 , there are also the possibility for incorrect sequence of dates of intubation or extubation - this is not captured in the query. If you have other suggestions, let us know.--JMojica 12:19, 2018 October 29 (CDT)
        • What I was trying to say is that I am worried this would be a false positive, which will then create work load for Pagasa and/or Collectors to confirm. Do we really want cross checks that bring up potential errors? We have talked about this before, but never really come up with a general answer. Should we take it to task meeting? Ttenbergen 23:45, 2018 October 29 (CDT)
        • Are you saying I should use "difference between A and B can be -2, -1, 0, 1, 2. Other values will be questionable?
          • The basic scenarios are
            • 1. no new insert and no extubation (0-0=0) ,
            • 2. no new insert and then extubated - this assumes currently with tube and then extubated (0-1=-1),
            • 3. insert new tube and no extubation(1-0=1),
            • 4) insert new tube and then extubated (1-1=0). When there are 2 insertions, the valid number of extubations =1,2,3 even if occurring at same or different days as insertion day, the difference will either be -1,0,1. Same holds true with 3 insertions or 4 insertions. there will be definite errors if the difference is >= 2 or <= -2. Having 1 insertion and 3 extubations or 3 insertions and 1 extubation are not possible and are errors.
              • Scenario: Pt arrives intubated. On day 1, they are extubated. On day 2 they are intubated, extubated and then intubated again on the same day, which will look on TISS as one insertion on that day and one removal. If you then had a removal the next day you will have an error because you have a count of 3 extubations with only 1 intubation.
              • yes, this scenario if indeed correct has to be checked with the dates and also not that frequent. I found a case of 3 days extubations and 1 day insertion which is questionable because the 2nd day extubation (4/18/2018) is not the same day as the insertion day (4/16/2018) and the 3rd extubation day is 4/23/2018 - is there a missing insertion before 4/23 or an extra extubation 4/18 or 4/23? Actually, the most common cases are either extubations >= 2 and zero intubations or zero extubation and intubations >= 2 which we assume as missed bubble that is why -2 and 2 are not included in the acceptable values. When I discussed with Trish the scenario you have cited, she said we still need an audit so we are aware and clear about the cases of two insertions done in a day.--JMojica 10:19, 2018 November 21 (CST)

    I will have to sit down with this and work through it.

    Check drugs vs TISSHave all info now, Allan confirmed drug list. Once implemented let Julie know so she can not do this in SAS any longer
    Check dx implying death across encountersNeed to update the definition for this and implement once we have Deceased patients figured out. I have left a link there to remember.
    Check dx implying death must be dispo deceasedStarted to build query but not applied yet; see discussion in Deceased patients.
    Check organ donors must be dead
    Check pre acute consistentwhat exactly do we want to check for? Please also have a look at the stuff below that doesn't specifically have your name. This requested check ties into a bunch of things and if we want the check we need to be sure that instructions stay consistent and lose ends are tied up.
    There was a previous attempt to address some of this in Care levels in the community; this page and it need to be consistent, and consistently linked from the relevant field definitions. If we can get it short enough we might make a template to apply the instructions to each of the field pages.
    How does Chronic Health Facility fit into this?
    There was talk about comparing Postal Codes to known PCH Postal Codes. Since these might Include other buildings at the same site that are not PCHs, this check can at best be a soft check. Please add the list of these postal codes here.
    • from a data perspective, what do you mean by "admitted directly"? If I were to build a check, where would I find that? OR maybe I don't need to know, but then I need to have a definition of what combination of data would be an error.

    Integrity check

    • ... unless they are discharged somewhere else entirely, like another ward. So what do we really mean with this? That they can't come from one PCH and go to another or maybe "home" after all?
      • I realize this maybe hard to do. what I mean here is that if one is already a PCH resident, when leaving the hospital, the dispo location must be a PCH location too. or is a patient is already in CHF, the destination when leaving the hospital must either be a CHF or another PCH.

    • Need to look at the PCH Postal code data.

    It may be relevant to this check that we have ICD10 Imprisonment/incarceration and other info in Prison / Jail / Correctional Institution.
    Chest Physio (TISS Item)sounds to me like this is still done differently by different people. Ttenbergen 12:58, 2017 July 27 (CDT)
    Chronic Health APACHEDx grouping
    • AG REPLY -- Tina I don't know what the question is here.
      • just flagging it to sort with the others so we can deal with it when we address them.
    Chronic kidney disease (chronic renal insufficiency, uremia) Stage 1q
  • Tina, Could you please add the GFR ranges to each stage in the ICD10 diagnosis? This would make it simpler, rather than trying to memorize each stage or having to look it up every time. thanks in advance! Lisa Kaita 14:00, 2019 February 4 (CST)
    • Will do, I have put it into the pipe.
  • Chronic kidney disease (end-stage kidney disease, ESRD), Stage 5How do you code patients with ESRD,who are being worked up for HD, and they present with "acute on chronic RF"? I used Kidney, acute renal failure NOS in admits, Chronic kidney disease (end-stage kidney disease, ESRD), Stage 5 in comorbs, and HD in acquired CCI's. However, I'm getting an error with the APACHE ARF if I put "yes", because of the chronic RF code in comorbs. How should these types of patients be coded, so we are all doing it consistently? --Jvelasco 10:18, 2019 February 7 (CST)
  • AG REPLY -- if you have Stage 5 CRF, even if not yet on dialysis, you CANNOT get any sort of acute renal failure unless you have had a renal transplant. Thus you situation is not really acute on chronic renal failure. If the Stage 5 was existing before admission, i.e. based on a prior creat clearance<15 mL/min, then it should be a comorb even if not prev dialyed. The acute admission then is going to be for either: (i) something such as hyperkalemia or fluid overload or uremia etc, i.e. a complication of the ESRD OR if they REALLY are being admitted for the Stage 5 (e.g. to install an A-V fistula in their arm and a Vascath), then the Stage 5 CRF should ALSO be an admit dx.
  • Chronic kidney disease, NOS (stage unspecified)q
  • Tina, could we please have the words kidney and renal in all of the kidney codes (ie.renal/kidney)? This code will not come up when you search the word "renal".
    • Allan, any concerns if I rename this to "Chronic renal disease, NOS (stage unspecified)", or if I rename all of them to renal/kidney? Ttenbergen 16:34, 2019 January 21 (CST)
      • Allan had no concerns, need to implement. Ttenbergen 22:17, 2019 February 5 (CST)
  • Cleaning up a failed send
  • How do you figure out why it happened? What are likely scenarios here? Is this related to Procedure when there are differences between L Log and L PHI or Orphans in Centralized data.mdb?
  • Clinically significant gastrointestinal bleeding in critically ill patients in an era of stress prophylaxishow did we support this publication?
    Colonized with organism (not infected)
    • Are all of these actually things that can colonize without infection? We should only list those here that can. I started adding in links but then decided to hold off in case a lot of them drop off this list. Ttenbergen 15:34, 2018 November 28 (CST)

    make sure this is consistent with Lab and culture reports
    Comfort Care
    • We may be able to stop this when ICD10 comes; but continued collection wont break anything.

    • Julie, can you add here why this can stop when ICD10 comes? Is it because we will start collecting Palliative care? Because that is not really the same definition...

    We will need to update a the reference to this in Palliative_care#This_code_vs_Comfort_Care once decided.

    Community Nursing Home Location Helper
    Como CompleteICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Comorbid DiagnosisCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we limit which admits will count as comos we need to review
    Comparison of ICU Antibiotic Use and Costs in Pnuemonia Admission in Two Urban Centershow did we support this publication?
    Comparison of ICU Investigation Patterns & Costs in Two Urban Centershow did we support this publication?
    Constructing episodes of inpatient care: data infrastructure for population-based researchhow did we support this publication?
    Continuous Stayneed to integrate Julie's definition pasted here into this page
    Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codesnot needed at go-live; Need to export the list and plan process that includes the extra items below. To export, see S_ICD10_table#Query_to_populate_s_ICD10_table_from_wiki.
    Charlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion
    • I have emailed Allan the table with all Dxs to set them as Como_allowed, Admit_allowed, Acquired_allowed. Will set up infrastructure to contain this once I have data. Ttenbergen 12:31, 2019 February 13 (CST)
    Conversion from our old diagnosis schema to ICD10/CCItransition plan to CCI/ICD10 details...
    Correcting Person IDs
  • Do you ever manually change Person_IDs (as opposed to Generate Person IDs)? What are the circumstances? What are the steps?
  • Correcting suspect linksupdate when the button has been added: When done, click the ... button to confirm all link_suspects queries are clean.
    Crash TISS MDB
    Critical Care Vital Signs MonitoringIt says that CCVSM is in Quarterly report. If CCVSM is no longer, is it still in quarterly?
    Critical Care and Medicine Database Core CurriculumHow does Critical Care and Medicine Database Core Curriculum co-exist with Data Collector Portal? The audience is different, one is for newbies and one as day-to-day reference, but how does that change what needs to be told, without just duplicating all? Ttenbergen 21:08, 2019 January 3 (CST)
    DSM Lab Extract
    Data Collector PortalHow does Critical Care and Medicine Database Core Curriculum co-exist with Data Collector Portal? The audience is different, one is for newbies and one as day-to-day reference, but how does that change what needs to be told, without just duplicating all? Ttenbergen 21:08, 2019 January 3 (CST)
    Data Processing Priority
    • Is this still accurate? How about other days? Why those days? This page needs to be set up so that whoever covers would know how to determine the priority.
    Data Processorleave these for now, Tina will go over these and take those that are not really data processing out of the category before we try to address the rest.
    Data collector's binderIs there other stuff in there? This page is likely only worth keeping if it is linked from Critical Care and Medicine Database Core Curriculum, and before that it should get good content. Should we make it good or get rid of it?
    Data dictionarysomething went wrong with this query and it has no data
    Attempt at a easier to follow data dictionary. Is this what you had in mind?
     Yes, this is what I have in  mind. Thanks.  Some suggestions: 
    • I just notice some start dates are not the actual start dates - It is important for the users to know how far back the data are available so they can decide the covered period of their study. is it possible to change the date to actual earliest collection start date (not 1 Jan 1900). --JMojica 10:05, 2019 January 3 (CST)
      • The start and end dates are stored on the individual pages. If the list shows 1900 then they were not filled in. If you know what they are and fill them in then this page will list them. I can also change the default if-not-filled value in templates to something other than 1900-01-01. I just needed a value for ranges and filters to work. Ttenbergen 14:49, 2019 January 3 (CST)
    • add a column for program (Critical care only or Medicine only or both).
      • I can do that, but the table is already getting quite wide for a web page. Can we lose any of the columns we currently have? The info you mean is always visible in the pages themselves as well, in case that's sufficient. But, yes, we can tweak what the tables should show. It is done in Template:DataDictionaryQuery (details visible once you edit it...) and removing fields would be easy enough. I can show you how to add fields. Or I can add them once we confirm what we want.

    Tina has changed the ICD10 and CCI templates to use a startdate of 2019-01-01 and will change other default dates as I receive dates Julie wants me to use.
    Deceased patients
    • Is that really what you want? It will give fact that patient died, but miss new location.

    • Is that really what you want? It will give occupancy but miss actual time of death.

    to be done likely after DSM: add destinations to organ donor deaths.
    1 Julie asks:

    Once that is implemented, I can set up Check dx implying death across encounters.
    Correcting suspect links also needs to be dealt with when this is done. And needs to be documented.
    Differences Between Intensive Care Unit Admissions Located In Rural And Urban Hospitals In A Canadian Populationhow did we support this publication?
    Direct Data Access for RIS/PACSShould we pursue this now? Where would it be on our priorities? It might be related to CCI coding.
    Discharge RegisterThe following needs clarification, I don't have a report in front of me, how would a new collector read which of these are EMIPs and which not? Emailed Laura Ttenbergen 16:53, 2019 January 3 (CST)
    • is this just available for STB or is this how GRACE and HSC can find in EPR?Trish Ostryzniuk 18:01, 2019 January 3 (CST)
    • I would think that all the hospitals have this because it is just a demographic issue and I believe that everyone has access to this, just get them to test it in other centers to make sure.--LKolesar 07:56, 2019 January 4 (CST)
    Distinct Determinants of Short-term and Long-term Mortality After Critical Illnesshow did we support this publication?
    Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports
    Drug or biological substance/agent NOS, adverse effect
  • Had code T88.7 when we first started but was later changed to this code. I have deleted the original code from the tables, but it might still linger in other references. Once you are sure you don't need this info, please delete the comment. Since this would only exist in test data we don't need to keep it long-term.
  • EMIP
    EPR Reports
    Early Administration of Crystalloid Fluids Reduces Mortality in Septic Shockhow did we support this publication?
    Early combination antibiotic therapy yields improved survival compared with monotherapy in septic shock: a propensity-matched analysishow did we support this publication?
    Early intravenous unfractionated heparin and mortality in septic shockhow did we support this publication?
    Effects of a Resource Mangement System on ICU Laboratory Utilizationhow did we support this publication?
    Effects on patients, physicians and families of 24 hour, on-site intensivist coverage in academic and community ICU carehow did we support this publication?
    Eliminating a diagnosis from collection
    Eliminating distinction between different ward typesCTU vs NTU - we decided at task that we wanted to eliminate the distinction. A lot of things are part of their network of information, so we will need to work out the details above before we can move ahead.
    • I believe it was only related to transfer ready DtTm between CTU and NTU not eliminate the concept. Medicine program would have to weigh in. Trish Ostryzniuk 16:11, 2018 July 30 (CDT)
      • I seem to remember the reason to stop doing this also involved that we have more and more locations that don't fall into a clean place. For now we pretend we can give medicine this data, but is it true and meaningful? Ttenbergen 15:51, 2018 July 31 (CDT)
        • Allan will contact the medicine stakeholders Ttenbergen 12:18, 2019 January 24 (CST)
    Employee Assistance Program
    Encounter processing
  • says inactive, but do you actually do this? Is there anything else to it? Do we have, and do you run any multi-encounter checks yet? I guess a lot of the PLs kind of are those...
  • Ethical and practical considerations of withdrawal of treatment in the Intensive Care Unithow did we support this publication?
    External Files
    Facilitated Management of Serial numbers
    FinalCheck field
    FirstName fieldunder #Legacy info it said we stopped messing with names so cross checks with old data would work. If we no longer do that we should fix the reasoning there.
    Fixing a D ID in TISS28.mdbPagasa will test the quicker way, and if satisfied, will clean out the two old methods.
    Flagging for TISS
    GRA Medicine Collection Guide
    • CTU vs NTU
    Gender Differences in Intensive Care Utilizationhow did we support this publication?
    General Collection PracticesI have linked this from Critical Care and Medicine Database Core Curriculum, but it likely needs updating. Unless we don't want it at all.
    General Diagnosis Coding GuidelinesThis is the page I referred to that I wrote up ages ago with the intent that we would first consider if it already resolves quesetions asked on the wiki, before giving specific answers. It never took off. Is it time to re-consider it? If not, is it time to delete this?
    I have linked this from Critical Care and Medicine Database Core Curriculum, but it likely needs updating. Unless we don't want it at all.
    Generate Person IDsWe don't have process to populate L_Hospitalization worked out yet.
    Grace Nursing Home Ward
    H1N1seems odd that we would have done a flu study only for 1 month in a summer...
    HD (Hemodialysis)
    • I need clarification on this one-if a patient is either dialysed in Emerg, or on a different ward, (ie. anytime during the current hospitalization prior to coming to your area), are we to enter this only as an admit CCI?Mlagadi 10:26, 2019 February 11 (CST)
      • Please have a look at Admit Procedure, it should explain whether to code a procedure or not. There is no explicit exception for Dialysis. If the info there does not give you the answer you need, please elaborate. If the info is there, then, would you have looked there? How can we make clearer to look there? Ttenbergen 11:53, 2019 February 13 (CST)

    • We used to have a special procedure for indicating if a renal transplant patient received dialysis post transplant under the tasks. If we are now only coding HD once, it will often be missed if the patient required HD post renal transplant. Do we care about collecting this information? There is the post procedural renal failure code that will be coded in the acquireds, but this does not automatically mean that they received dialysis.
      • AG REPLY -- I don't see any special reason to need this info. Unless Julie tells us it's being requested, I think we can do without it.
        • Julie, what are your thoughts on this? Ttenbergen 11:53, 2019 February 13 (CST)
    HSC IICU Collection GuideIs this still relevant after workload redistribution? Ttenbergen 11:47, 2015 May 20 (CDT) And is this how you want it?
    HSC Med nonteaching contingency bedsmultiple questions...
    HSC SICU Collection Guide
    Health Care Utilization Before and After Intensive Care Unit Admission in Rheumatoid Arthritishow did we support this publication?
    Health Sciences Center Office
    Heart transplant, failure or rejection or unspecified complicationnot summarized
    Height and weightZ) decided to revisit SOFA scoring 6 months after ICD10 so same should likely go for this.
    Hereditary coagulation factor VIII deficiency (classic hemophilia A)I made the category Hemophila since Disease of blood or blood-forming organ, NOS had it as an SC and I needed to be able to link it. Is the list now grouped complete? If not, pls add the tag below this question to other pages as appropriate.
    High Rates of Mortality and Technique Failure in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients After Critical Illnesshow did we support this publication?
    High dose chemotherapy as primary admitThis page is listed as an exception in Definition of a Medicine Service admission so I wanted to make sure we include that instruction with the new codes. However, what _is_ the new code for this? Found nothing suitable in CCI Picklist, CCI component 2 codes - what was done, and ICD10 Diagnosis List only has Antineoplastic/chemotherapy or immunosuppressive drugs, adverse effect which doesn't seem a real match either. In general we would only code the cancer now, right, but this is a bit of a special case, so do we want to treat it separately?
    • AG REPLY -- we don't need this at all and there's no way to code it specifically in ICD10 -- except that such an admission would have the Dx code of the cancer being treated, and the CCI code for the chemotherapy
      • emailed Julie and Trish to make sure they are comfortable with this.
        • Trish, if you are fine with how this is or isn't addressed in ICD10 going fwd, pls remove the tag
    High occupancy increases the risk of early death or readmission after transfer from intensive carehow did we support this publication?
    Hospitalization in Winnipeg, Canada due to Occupational Disease: A Pilot Study
    How many ICU beds does a population need?
    Hypertension, malignant
  • I would like to submit the following definition for peer review and discussion for Malignant Hypertension. Malignant Hypertension is extremely high blood pressure that develops rapidly and causes some type of organ damage. "Normal" blood pressure is <140/90. A person with Malignant Hypertension has a BP typically >180/120 --mvpenner 11:02, 2015 April 15 (CDT)
    • had a brief look at and it looks like additional things need to be present to define as hypertension. would you be OK if we just linked to there as we do fro many articles? Ttenbergen 15:27, 2015 April 15 (CDT)
      • Thank you!--mvpenner 06:04, 2015 April 16 (CDT)
        • Does that mean you agree that adding a link would be a solution/improvement? Ttenbergen 17:39, 2015 April 16 (CDT)
          • Thank Tina. I agree with posting the link, but also see benifit in having a brief summary in the definitions.--mvpenner 07:56, 2015 April 20 (CDT)
            • Sure, but it needs to include all the relevant parts. From reading the wikipedia entry I didn't think the one you proposed would. Could someone more medical weigh in? I am just looking at it from a consistency angle... Ttenbergen 13:55, 2015 April 20 (CDT)
  • ICD10 Chooser form
    ICD10 Diagnoses and CCI Codes that need to be coded togetherunmaintainable. emailed Trish to see if she is ok with us taking this out. Ttenbergen 12:05, 2019 February 1 (CST)
    ICD10 Dx sorting issues
    ICD10 Guideline for drugs and substancesfix SMW to include templates
    You asked me at Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2019#ICU Database Task Group Meeting – February 6, 2019 to add a page to wiki to explain how Intravenous Drug Abuse (IVDA) would be coded. Instead of adding a page, I think this might be a good fit, and it's already linked from substance pages.
    ICD10 code
    ICU Var 6 - AMADid we transition the following into tmp or otherwise? Ttenbergen 13:58, 2017 June 6 (CDT) If we did not then this question can just be removed, but if we did move this elsewhere we should explain where to.
    ID cards
    IICU consult
    • To cross check query s_tmp_IICU_consult_not_paired I was thinking through special cases and realized that we don't have a definition for what to do if there are multiple consults, e.g. there is a consult, pt deteriorates and consult is no longer applicable, and then pt gets better and there is a second consult. How would that work on ward in real life, and how would we want to code that? Ttenbergen 12:49, 2019 January 22 (CST)
    • would there ever be 4, 6, 8 records, or do we only enter the first consult? Or, for that matter, would there ever be a second consult before the first is acted on?
    • how would this work for patients who leave the unit before the consult is answered?
    • the newest instructions mention that STB might only have the first entry... if so will they need to be excluded from this check?
    Identifying ICU admissionsmultiple questions, especially for HSC and GRA
    Illicit drug useyou were going to review whether this should be used for intravenous drug abuse as per Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2019#ICU Database Task Group Meeting – January 24, 2019
    Increased Incidence of Critical Illness Among Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: a Population-based Studyhow did we support this publication?
    Initiation of Inappropriate Antimicrobial Therapy Results in a Fivefold Reduction of Survival in Human Septic Shockhow did we support this publication?
    Instructions for importing a batch of DSM DataSomething is still not right with the code for reconnecting, Tina needs to look into. Ttenbergen 17:04, 2018 May 17 (CDT)
    • This could also be true where no labs were sent for, eg a patient who dies shortly after arrival. In the past we would have entered a "no labs" for these. Do we want to do something similar? It would have to be Pagasa that does it. Might be a lot of extra work. Need to review. (ex. wrong D_ID when exported but found it error and so fixed it before the data for import comes back). For now we do not have an entry like that. And it might not be worth it - what would Pagasa do to check that the no-labs are legit?
    Intensive Care Unit admission following successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation: resource utilization, functional status and long term survivalhow did we support this publication?
    Intermediate term outcomes in ICU patients with seizures following cardiac surgery
    Kidney, acute tubular necrosis (ATN)
    • If a patient has ATN on admission and later requires CRRT for kidney failure, do we need to put an acquired code of Kidney, acute renal failure NOS or not? The crrt goes into the CCI codes. --LKolesar 12:11, 2018 December 5 (CST)
      • What is special about this dx that would have you not code it? Is it that you are wondering whether coding a CCI means you don't have to code a dx? They are different things, you would still need to code the dx. Am I misunderstanding the question? Ttenbergen 07:09, 2018 December 14 (CST)
    • ATN does not necessarily imply the need for dialysis but if this distinction is no longer necessary, then I won't worry about it.--LKolesar 07:41, 2018 December 31 (CST)
      • Laura, are you concerned about this in terms of whether a cross check would find a dx that explains the CRRT, or where are you coming from with this question? Ttenbergen 20:03, 2018 December 31 (CST)
    L CCI Component subform
    L Hospitalization
    L Hospitalization table
    L ICD10 APACHE Dx query
    • You and Allan discussed what should be on the list. At some point we will need to integrate the result into this query. Did you end up including Acquireds? Since the first 24hrs might include them, but they might happen later, and the difference is not clear from Dx_Date? Ttenbergen 20:20, 2018 November 24 (CST)
    L ICD10 subform
    • I changed this around a bit so there is a background that ties the types together on the left, and the priorities on the right. Also changed it so that the priorities use different colours than the types. It doesn't look particularly nice, but the point was to group things better. So, does it do that? If not, do you have a suggestion what would (ideally without taking up much more space). Also, yuck, even if it does the trick, how would we make it look a bit less awful? Please comment below. Ttenbergen 22:06, 2018 November 24 (CST)
    LOS Medicine per hospital admissionthis still talks about TMSX... what is the new status of this field?
    I think you made several of these at some point. Did we do anything even categorize them? If we annotate them right we can include them in the Data dictionary ...
    Lab Collection ProcessAfter all remaining patients are sent, remove labs from CCMDB:
    • remove tab
    • remove checks
    • remove labs from sending
    Lab and culture reportsyou wanted to remove stuff from here that's already in the infection guidelines instead.
    LastChanged DtTm field
    LastOpened DtTm field
    Link suspect mismatch to ours incomplete query
  • There is a query Link suspect mismatch to ours incomplete2 (with a 2 at the end) in CFE. What is the story, and which one do you actually use?
  • Linking in centralized data front end.mdbWhy are these not the same as below? What are we doing now? Do these need to be done in a specific order?
    List of Factor affecting data quality
    List of diagnoses affecting Overstay Project (pre-ICD10)in reconciling these, a lot are based on Charlson Comorbidities in ICD10 codes, so whatever we use there should be consistent with here.
    List of diagnosis codes corresponding to Charlson Comorbidities (pre ICD10)
    Manitoba Health Crosschecking Background
    Manitoba Health Crosschecking Reconciling Returned Data
    Manitoba Health Crosschecking Sending Data
    Medical Assistance In Dying
    • When we started out this dx used code U23, but then as of 2018-07-17 ICD10 actually added a code for this so we changed ours to that code. I don't really think we are interested in keeping that very early test data, so this comment can probably just go, and we can delete them. I am removing the code from our s_ICD10 table.
    Medical ward admissions among HIV-positive patients in Winnipeg, Canada, 2003–10how did we support this publication?
    Mental retardation
    • This is an old term. We should be using cognitive impairment in my opinion. --LKolesar 10:07, 2019 February 15 (CST)
    Minutes Team Meeting October 1, 2014
    Mortality and readmission report
    Non-standard ICD10 DiagnosesDx grouping
    Notes field
  • Do you use diagnosis information before patients are complete, e.g. Primary Admit Diagnosis?
  • Yes, I use the primary diagnosis for the reason of readmission even if the record status is incomplete. --JMojica 09:07, 2018 December 6 (CST)
    Object with variable error
    Off ward field
    Old TISS28 SAS Instructions
    Out of Memory Error
    Outlook Mailing Lists
    Outreach efforts
    PHIA policy
    PHIN field
    • What do we do if a person's insurance status changes or they move in or out of Province? Do we change those PHINs? If we wanted to keep the same person_ID for different PHINs we would need to remove the first step in Generate Person IDs that blows away Person_IDs for duplicate PHINs. but: if we remove that step we will no longer make sure that the scenario of multiple PHINs per Person_ID doesn't happen accidentally.
      • Pagasa says: if there is a PHIN in EPR, we always use the PHIN in the current entry and change all previous PHIN entries to that PHIN; we leave alone the Province entries of previous records in that case. However, if the patient used to have a PHIN but doesn't any more (e.g. moved out of province and is then admitted), then it is not clear what we should do.
    • The answer of this needs to take into account how the Person ID generator will deal with this.
    • Likley we would need to assign a pseudoPHIN to this scenario and replace earlier real PHINS with that PseudoPHIN. But that would lose our ability to link with e.g. MCHP.
    PL Chart 9 Digit
    PL SamePHIN Site Diff chart1 this query has reached the 2GB limit, must see if I can lean it out or otherwise reduce the size
    PL missing L Tables content
    • Pagasa, could you please log here when this query lists errors, and what was found to be the problem (ie whether there was data in CCMDB.mdb that didn't make it, or no data in first place.
    Palliative Service
    • there was a question about palliation at beginning vs end of stay. It was discussed at task but never cleaned up. Could you have a look a this page? If this is all no longer an option, please delete the section. If it was resolved, then what did we decide? Or was that why we starte Comfort Care? Ttenbergen 00:01, 2018 November 27 (CST)
    Palliative careDo you mean Admit Diagnosis or Comorbid Diagnosis? Both are before admission
    Panelling or Discharge PlanningThat link no longer goes anywhere, the heading is not on that page. Can the reference be deleted from here, or do we need to review? And, how will this affect the use of the Category:Awaiting/delayed transfer codes? Ttenbergen 14:51, 2018 September 6 (CDT)
    Patient copier button
    Patient viewer
    • I just tried to finally do this and realized have no note on what that old tab order was. I know we discussed it back when we made this change. If anyone still has the order around, please put it here and I will change the order back to that.
    Person ID field
    • When we initially discussed this it seemed that this possible change over time would be OK, but when we talked about this 2018 November 7 it seemed like this might not be OK after all, and that we have handed out this data as if this number never changes. How do we need to change this process so it works with how you give out data?
    Pharm Flow Complete
    Pneumonia, ventilator-associated (VAP)where is that list of sources, did it get lost in an edit?
    Postoperative laboratory and imaging investigations in intensive care units following coronary artery bypass grafting: A comparison of two Canadian hospitalshow did we support this publication?
    Pre op Admit-Cardiovasc PatientThis is not coded under ICD10 or CCI. Do we report this, and therefore need to accommodate otherwise, or how will we treat this? We have Preparatory care (incl preop optimization) but that doesn't capture the full concept. Ttenbergen 22:45, 2018 November 27 (CST)
    Pre-2017-07-30 Overstay Predictor Project Collection Instructions
    Pre-OP Admit - Research Patient - CardiovascularThis is not coded under ICD10 or CCI. Do we report this, and therefore need to accommodate otherwise, or how will we treat this? We have Preparatory care (incl preop optimization) but that doesn't capture the full concept. Ttenbergen 22:45, 2018 November 27 (CST)
    Pre-linking checksThat includes an PL missing L Tables content - where does it fit in? It is likely a very first thing, right?
    not working right now due to PL_SamePHIN_Site_Diff_chart size limit
    Previous Location field
    • "We are aware that this may affect categorization under APACHE II but will collect like this for now. This will need to be dealt with when we move to ICD10." - Julie, I don't know what this comment is about, I just came across it when cleaning out things we need to take care of in going to ICD10. I can't think of what we would need to take care of here, if you can't either please take the comment out.
    Primary Admit Diagnosis
    • They are used in the periodic quarter and fiscal year reports of both the Critical Care and Medicine Programs. (Julie)
      • are the two I linked to above those reports? Ttenbergen 14:03, 2015 April 20 (CDT)

    • How will the primary admit dx involving ICD10 be handled - another query? or be combined to Primary_admit of old dx? --JMojica 09:17, 2019 January 31 (CST)
      • I have built query Query L_ICD10_primary and documented it. Julie, once you have found this and read it, please delete.

    • The query Primary_admit of CFE contains multi records per D_ID. These are the records with admit dates before or on Dec 31, 2018 and are still in the unit by Jan 1, 2019. The L_Dxs of these cases have all the same priority number.
    Priority Questions
    Procedure when there are differences between L Log and L PHIWhy, what does that tell you? The only way I can imagine this would happen is if the record was deleted in centralized L_Log. In that case, if you are lucky and there is still a ccmdb_data with the completed/sent record, you can follow the Re-sending data process. If not, find it in a previous version of Centralized data.mdb, print or write down all data for the record, and manually re-enter it in a CCMDB.mdb and follow the Re-sending data process. Or what do you do? Ttenbergen 21:38, 2019 February 6 (CST)
    Processing errors in patient data

    Automate the populating of notes so button just does it.

    • raise an input box for a summary, if gets content put data and content into Notes, else put nothing.
    Project ABO TEE
    Project Borrow arrivedid they ever get back to us?
    Proposed Notes field default
    Public Folder
    QA Infection VAPwill we still need to collect this in ICD10, since I think all the data now lives in the dx codes as well. I am holding off on implementing Query s tmp QAInf tmp no dx until resolved. same reply as in QA CLI. --JMojica 12:04, 2018 December 27 (CST)
    QA Septic ShockIs "Every entry for project QA Septic must have either a date or a time." a request for a cross check? or does that check exist already?
    Query NDC CLI AcqDX but NoCLI DateinTMPV2ICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC CLI No AcqDX but CLI DateinTMPV2ICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC CLI unacceptable dateICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC CLI vs DX but no TISS17 CentralLineICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC Dxs vs TISS Dialysis
    • AG REPLY -- This is challenging since not everyone with either ARF or CRF gets dialysis AND not everybody who gets dialysis has renal failure -- e.g. dialysis is also occasionally used for drug overdoses, volume overload, and a very few other things.
    Query NDC VAP AcqDX but NoVAP DateinTMPV2ICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC VAP No AcqDX but VAP DateinTMPV2ICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC VAP no TISSFYI Maybe
    Query NDC VAP unacceptable dateICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC zCRRT CCI Px but no TISSICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query NDC zCRRT TISS but no CCI PxICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Query TISS Errors NrTISSDays NE LOSTina to break out this standard check information to a different page to link to... and clean up duplication
    Query TISS Errors TISS date out of admissionpull into standard troubleshooting page: if there is an extra TISS day that is identical to previous, just delete it, if the "offending" TISS day is different from surrounding, then confirm with collector
    Query TISS Errors missing dayswhich report/s are these actually included in?
    Query check CCI must have entryPatients without CCI entries are slipping through and found by PL missing L Tables content , must fix PTorres 09:42, 2019 February 7 (CST)
    Query check ICD10 ESRD vs AP ARFsome of these give false positives for transplants, review what's up.
    Query check ICD10 ESRD vs ARFsome of these give false positives for transplants, review what's up.
    Query check ICD10 duplicatesadd mechanism to the exceptions
    Query check ICD10 needs awaiting if TR Dt and Dispo Dt on diff daysThere are transfer ready reasons that would not result in an awaiting code. These resulted in false positives. If we want to check for date diff but no awaiting code we will need to enumerate these reasons, and all need to be present in data. I will put aside this half of the query until we address that. Details in wiki page.
    Query check ICD10 only 1 stage of renal failurept could have several stages during acquired, right? Is that how we would want to code deterioration?
  • AG REPLY -- not really. While one could have a lower level as a comorbid, and be admitted with what is finally decided to be an advancement of CRF (so that an admit dx is a higher level), in many cases what you'll have is some degree of CRF + an AKI on top of it. It's important to distinguish between these.
    • Emailed Michelle to find out if that is how she would have understood it as a renal-focused collector. Ttenbergen 08:25, 2019 January 24 (CST)
      • M said it made sense.
  • Query check dispo lower acuity than location
    Query check long transfer delay
  • Requiring notes to have content is really a very soft error check... do we need to consider something better?

  • Query s ICD10 Chapter block dxsany other plans for these?
    Query s tmp IICU consult not pairedsee question in IICU_consult#Multiple_Consults
    Questioning data back to collectors
    R Filter Fieldmove into dx and eliminate this field
    ICD/CCI remove once old pt gone
    Readmission Rate to ICU
    Reassessing Disparities in Access to Intensive Care Using a New Methodologyhow did we support this publication?
    Reconnect CFE and initial error checksre-name these so not PL any more
    Fix why it gives this error as part of fixing DSM process.
    Tina will fix Query check CCI must have entry so those are caught going forward.
    Recurrent seizures following cardiac surgery - risk factors and outcomeshow did we support this publication?
    Reporting from ICD10/CCI
    • We made this page early on to make sure that we address any reporting concerns you have about ICD10. Are the TASK questions still relevant? If not, could you please take them out? If you have other things relating to this that should go to task, pls stick them in here.

    Will Julie be able to come up with usable groupings of diagnoses? In the current system she grouped by main diagnosis, but that concept is gone. Will ICD10 blocks implemented by S ICD10 Block Dxs table be sufficient? Ttenbergen 22:57, 2018 March 20 (CDT)

    • Different procedures would be listed with the same CCI code; will Julie easily interpret and utilize CCI codes for reporting?
    • Do we care that we will not be able to differentiate between a Blakemore tube from an Upper GI scope with banding or hemostasis, when in CCI they both look the same: (T) Stomach, pylorus... and Control of Bleeding. --LKolesar 14:11, 2018 May 1 (CDT)
      • discussed at task 14:08, 2018 June 20 (CDT), Julie to review what she needs and we will discuss again Ttenbergen 14:08, 2018 June 20 (CDT)

    This is part of the discussion with Julie about Apache diagnoses today I think Ttenbergen 08:49, 2019 January 10 (CST)
    Requested CCMDB changes for the next version
    Requested TISS changes for the next version
    • emailed Julie to find out if any of these are still relevant. Ttenbergen 09:22, 2018 May 9 (CDT)
      • Julie confirmed that these are still relevant. Ttenbergen 11:15, 2018 May 9 (CDT)
    Resistance to antimicrobials, methicillin (anti-staph penicillins)
    • Julie, the above question specifically affects some projects you work with as well - do you think unifying this rule will be a problem for any of them?

    Also affected are :

    Does anyone think making this one rule for all will be a problem?

    Resource Use
    Resource Utilization After Survival From Critical Illnesshow did we support this publication?
    Risk factors associated with recurrent seizures following cardiac surgery
    Risk factors for seizures in cardiac surgery ICU Patients
    River Ridge Transition Care Environment
    Room nr
    S AP ChronicDx grouping
    S ICD10 APACHE Como patterns table
    S ICD10 APACHE Dx patterns tabledx grouping if you have a reference, ideally online, for what you used to make the APACHE comorbid ranges, please add it here.
    S ICD10 Blocks table
    • There had been talk of you and Allan using these blocks; will you use them? If not we likely have no use for them and I will take them out. Ttenbergen 15:49, 2018 October 30 (CDT)
    S ICD10 Chapter block pattern tableNeed to get the list like S ICD10 Block Dxs table here from wiki, but use something like the Charlson template so the data can be shown on the actual pages.
    S ICD10 Charlson Como patterns tableCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we want to limit some of these to not being allowed as admits, it will likely have to be done here.
    • AG REPLY --- yes we can and should go through ALL ICD10 codes and indicate which of the 3 Dx Types they're allowed in. AG needs to be reminded to deal with this around June 2019
    S ICD10 table
  • There is a field "ICD10_ID" which is legacy and won't be used. Planned to remove in next version, leaving for now to have one less moving part during a data update. Ttenbergen 17:06, 2018 April 3 (CDT)
  • S TISS Report table
    S dispo chooser
    S dispo.loc typeThis value is not yet encoded on the wiki as Property:Collection Location Location Type for locations that have their own article, but maybe it should be. Should it be? Ttenbergen 09:46, 2017 November 9 (CST)
    Indeed, what is the description? Especially in contrast to S dispo.service type; when you give the answer, please put it behind "element_description" above and delete this question.
    S dispo.service typeDo you know what is the description? Especially in contrast to S dispo.loc_type. How do you use this? Please put the answer in the element_description above
    SAS Data Integrity ChecksNow that we have a structure for cross-checks we should add those you do in SAS to here as well, using the same structure as for those listed in Data Integrity Checks Ttenbergen 20:46, 2018 October 26 (CDT)
    SOFA scoringZ) decided to revisit 6 months after ICD10
    STB ACCU Collection GuideThis section deals with old dx codes. If the section is still relevant, and still specific to STB ACCU, then pls update these to new dxs.
    STB B5
    STB Cardiac Care patients
    STB E5
    STB E6
    • are you still running these? Ttenbergen 21:06, 2018 November 24 (CST)
    STB MICU Collection Guide
    • With the new instructions for Contacting Quality Officer and Manager for VAPs and CLIs, can we discontinue that sheet? We should not be retaining patient info once we are done dealing with it. Ttenbergen 10:26, 2017 September 18 (CDT)
      • Basil Evan , QI officer, is asking that perhaps a worksheet be submitted to him regarding which criteria were met for either VAP for CLI when collector make determination from chart. Perhaps we could make a checklist in TMP instead in regards to which criteria are met for these two special projects instead of paper worksheets that are different at each collection site? Suggestions? --Trish Ostryzniuk 17:14, 2018 November 19 (CST)
      • added to tmp was abandoned. Trish Ostryzniuk 18:46, 2019 February 4 (CST)
        • Emailed Trish "What do you mean by was abandoned, the question or the project or the paperwork?" Ttenbergen 22:29, 2019 February 5 (CST)
    STB Medicine Collection Guide
    STB Medicine Workload splitting
    • please add here what was decided about how to use serial numbers. I had proposed using same pool for all locations on each laptop but Lisa raised that that would make it difficult to track things in the logbooks. Ttenbergen 01:09, 2018 December 1 (CST)
    STB VAP Committee
    • Will this still be relevant after ICD10? Will it still be relevant only to STB?
    SVD (Spontaneous vaginal delivery)You said "And yes, we could link them." How would we do that, and should we do that?
    Scanning Publications
    Scanning to network
    • Discussed with Pagasa to test scanning larger volume to make this smudge problem show up, but then giving the scanner ~15 minutes to cool down without cleaning it to test if this is really an overheating issue. Waiting to hear back. PTorres 09:49, 2019 February 11 (CST)
    Scheduled Tasks
    Searching the wikiThere are ongoing problems searching the wiki. Better search functionality would be nice
    planning to try ElasticSearch when I next update the wiki software via elastica or CirrusSearch - timeframe: next 2 months Ttenbergen 13:53, 2019 February 13 (CST)
    Seizures following cardiac surgery: the impact of tranexamic acid and other risk factorshow did we support this publication?
    Seizures following cardiac surgery: the impact of tranexamic acid and other risk factors (Abstract)how did we support this publication?
    SentDtTm field
    Septic shock in chronic dialysis patients: clinical characteristics, antimicrobial therapy and mortalityhow did we support this publication?
    Serial number
    Serial number duplication
    Setting up a new wiki user
    Seven Oaks Hospital Office
    Severe SepsisI don't think this was ever implemented, can't find any evidence of it. Do we need it? Ttenbergen 11:04, 2018 September 25 (CDT)
    Sharing Of information Survey Feb 8.13
    Standard error messagesmore informative error messages requested
    Start Date field
    Start Time field
    Statistical AnalysisThis article will likely be one of the more common landing points for external users. What do we want to tell them? Do we have any project articles we want to link in that especially highlight what we can do? ALERT Scale?Ttenbergen 22:50, 2017 June 7 (CDT)
    TISS Form (TISS28)
    TISS at 2300 Hours
    TISS28 Form Scanning
    • Put the queries in a drop down list or accessible through a button in TISS.mdb, similar to way queries are set up in CFE. Trish Ostryzniuk 11:21, 2019 February 7 (CST)

    • If a frozen version is kept available during TISS scanning anyways then there is no reason to not do these checks in CFE, is there? Or rather, collectors sending would not be the reason. Pagasa, let's talk about this. Maybe we can make this more convenient for you. Or write down the actual reason why it can't be done. Ttenbergen 00:34, 2017 November 12 (CST)
      • Discussed this with Pagasa. It would mean doing scanning during send time, and likely doing all fixes during pull time, so all checks could actually be done form CFE. Discussed also w Pagasaa that we would delete the error checks from TISS so there is no duplicates getting out of sync
    TISS28 backup and start.vbsDo you still use this? It is not linked, so as part of what process?
    TISS28 data and collection problems
    Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2019Charlson Admit Como - I have put several related pages on your list that start with the same words as this one. We need to update them to make sense with any change to this. Some still had other questions in them anyway.
    • AG REPLY --- tina and ag to go through all the separate ICD10 codes Charlson Comorbidities in ICD10 codes that make up the 17 Charlson conditions and one by one decide if they can be included in Charlson EVEN IF they're admit or acquired diagnoses.
      as per your request that page is still waiting for an edit from you
    Team Meeting December 14, 2016
    Team Meeting June 14, 2018
    Team Meeting November 29, 2018
    Team Meeting November 30, 2017
    Team Meeting September 22, 2016
    Temporary page to list dxs documented as requiring treatment to be codeddxs documented as requiring treatment to be coded
    The ALERT scale: an observational study of early prediction of adverse hospital outcome for medical patientshow did we support this publication?
    The Accuracy of Administrative Data for Identifying the Presence and Timing of Admission to Intensive Care Units in a Canadian Provincehow did we support this publication?
    The ability to achieve complete revascularization is associated with improved in-hospital survival in cardiogenic shock due to myocardial infarction: Manitoba cardiogenic SHOCK Registry investigatorshow did we support this publication?
    Thyroid disorder, NOS
  • can we use this code for THYROID tumor NYD ? and then if yes can we use all disorder,NOS in replacement for NYD not yet diagnosed tumors? SKiesman 13:10, 2018 March 29 (CDT)
  • Toxic alcohols, poisoning by non-pharmaceuticals
    • I find the segment "poisoning by non-pharmaceuticals" confusing. Isopropyl alcohol for example has some pharmaceutical uses as a disinfectant. I think we should remove this phrase in both of the options that contain them for the reason that the phrase is unnecessary and confusing. Just leave as follows: Alcohol (ethanol) poisoning and Toxic alcohols poisoning. (LKolesar) 2019-02-12
    Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)
    • How do we code this in ICD10?
      • In ICD 10 we would code aortic valve insufficiency or aortic valve stenosis
        • only those two or the other two above as well?
    Transfer Ready DtTm fieldwould need to be reconciled as part of Eliminating distinction between different ward types
    Transfer time rule
    • will we still want this now that we have Visit Admit DtTm field and will hopefully eventually move to using the EPR to glean arrive and dispo? Ttenbergen 17:06, 2016 May 25 (CDT)
      • deferring the question to after when Julie has done the new multiple encounter linking with Dispo. Ttenbergen 15:58, 2016 June 27 (CDT)

    with transfer tracker gone, what will be the official instructions for this? Ttenbergen 16:36, 2017 June 21 (CDT)
    Transfer-for Organ Transplantation
    • Do we use this in a specific report? If not we should probably consider dropping it, it's an odd thing to collect.Ttenbergen 23:00, 2012 December 12 (EST)
      • we have 12 in ICU database to date. 2 coded in 2011 and 1 in random back to 1994.
        • Julie, do you use this? Do we need to do anything about this DX? A counterpart does not exist in ICD10. Ttenbergen 19:49, 2018 November 27 (CST)
    Transfusion of FFP
    • Dr. Garland contacted Canadian Blood services - 250mL of FFP is counted as 1 unit and has 1 sticker. Therefore, count stickers if available, otherwise use the volume of FFP if that is all that is charted.
      • How would one derive a "count units" from the volume on the chart? e.g. if a pt got 25ml would you count that as a 0.1?

    You asked me to put how to count this on your list at Task 2019-02-06
    Transition to Database Server
    Transitional Care
    Utilization of intensive care unit beds in a Canadian populationhow did we support this publication?
    VIC N5
    VIC S3
    VIC S5
    Vacation and staff shortage collection prioritiesFor coverage on the medicine ward isn't the overstay project the priority and not the discharges. Are we not trying to generate a color on admissions as soon as possible to identify reds and letting managers know as soon as possible? GHall 11:51, 2017 August 14 (CDT)
    Validation against Patient Registry DataThis page was started long ago to keep track of our attempt to get access to the registry. I think it would be good to re-convene on it so we have a central point where past efforts and current efforts can be tracked. That would also make it easier to take it to task or steering and have consistent info. Do you have a log of this somewhere? We can rename it if you want.
    Value of postprocedural chest radiographs in the adult intensive care unithow did we support this publication?
    Variation in diagnostic testing in ICUs: a comparison of teaching and nonteaching hospitals in a regional systemhow did we support this publication?
    Ward admission log forms
    • guys is it serial number used that you note on ward logs?-Trish Ostryzniuk 17:11, 2012 October 19 (CDT)

    • the former or the latter live in the binders for some time? and then where do they go? Or is that in their own article, in which case just link there... Ttenbergen 00:03, 2012 October 31 (EDT)
    Work injury reportingLinks below need to be updated. As of Aug 31.18 - not working