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edit "cannot open any more tables" in Access Pagasa
  • If you figure out a pattern why this happens pls put it here. Ttenbergen 17:29, 2022 April 7 (CDT)
    • Assigning Pseudo Phin or working on the queries if I worked long enough opened closed it then the error message pop up "Enter Parameter Value". PTorres 17:01, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
      • The parameter value error usually means a query is opened from somewhere I did not expect it to be opened from, e.g. opening a form expects that it will be opened for a specific record. Can you tell me what is the last thing you did before this error? Ttenbergen 10:58, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
2022-04-21 3:58:25 PM
edit "Err in Sub CognosDependentFormsRequery. No current record." when clicking "Close with updates" after entering from CSS all
  • Above may not be true, they stay disappeared. Do they show back up when CCMDB is closed and re-opened altogether? Ttenbergen 11:58, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
    • Unfortunately no, and records do not reappear after a News and Back Up either. Hopefully any "disappeared records" are reappearing with the next Cognos data dump. Pamela Piche 12:06, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
      • Did they re-appear after the newest dump this morning, then? Ttenbergen 09:57, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
      • Was working on S4 yesterday; S5 today so will not know until next week. If this is the case I would expect to see admissions dated April 12 or so appear on S4. Thanks, Pamela Piche 10:11, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 3:32:08 PM
    edit "Err in Sub CognosDependentFormsRequery. No current record." when clicking "Close with updates" after entering from CSS all
  • Is anyone else getting this error? Does anyone have a replicable way of generating it? Ttenbergen 11:20, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
    • I haven't had this error, for HSC med and ICULisa Kaita 11:33, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
    • I have never encountered this either.Gthomson2 11:52, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 3:32:08 PM
    edit "Err in Sub CognosDependentFormsRequery. No current record." when clicking "Close with updates" after entering from CSS all
  • Next time this error happens, if you can remember any of the records that were on CSS and then disappeared (or if you can find one out through EPR), please let me know if they ended up in the exclusion list. Ttenbergen 11:25, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 3:32:08 PM
    edit "Err in Sub CognosDependentFormsRequery. No current record." when clicking "Close with updates" after entering from CSS all
  • Still looking for a way to consistently replicate this - if we can find out the steps to replicate this error we can likely fix it. Ttenbergen 11:25, 2022 April 14 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 3:32:08 PM
    edit "Invalid use of Null" error when going into a record after entering through CSS all
  • tried to copy down a clean copy and no luck
    • Still a problem? Just saw this now, a whole while later... Ttenbergen 20:56, 2022 April 20 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 1:56:27 AM
    edit ABG Data Allan z
  • Identified as something we should do to streamline data collection. I have made this page to document progress toward this import. Blood gas data is in DSM listing; need to compare to see if we can use it
    • Allan will revisit with Lab people whether this is obtainable now Ttenbergen 11:34, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • 2022-04-21 10:25:05 PM
    edit APACHE Acute Diagnoses Julie
  • You and Allan discussed what should be on the list. At some point we will need to integrate the result into this query. Did you end up including Acquireds? Since the first 24hrs might include them, but they might happen later, and the difference is not clear from Dx_Date? Ttenbergen 20:20, 2018 November 24 (CST)
    • is this the list which Allan gave about the APACHE Comorbids conditions namely liver, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and immunocompromised? allan said exclude the admits and include only the comorbids. but we still have to discuss the comparative results. --JMojica 16:45, 2022 February 16 (CST)
  • 2022-04-21 10:25:56 PM
    edit APACHE Acute Diagnoses Julie to be continued by JM 2022-04-21 10:25:56 PM
    edit Avoidable Days (Critical Care) Julie
  • According to the discussion at Task on 2022-04-20 this will need to be updated once the reporting is updated. Something about 30 minutes grace time for all? Ttenbergen 20:59, 2022 April 20 (CDT)
    • I am waiting for the response if not really needed from CC Director and OIT . if so, this will become legacy. --JMojica 16:37, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 9:37:55 PM
    edit Battery disposal all collectors, please document what your process is at your office location.Trish Ostryzniuk 17:38, 2019 March 5 (CST) 2020-04-30 4:26:36 PM
    edit Blood Product Data Allan z
  • Identified as something we should do to streamline data collection. I have made this page to document progress toward this import.
    • This will not happen until we have a PHIA approved repository. Ttenbergen 11:32, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • 2022-02-09 5:32:44 PM
    edit Change of GRA location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names Tina
  • Do we need to change old ITEM values for consistencies? --JMojica 12:11, 2022 March 8 (CST)
    • It might be nice to have, and you would know better how important this is. If we want to do it, we would need to ask Pagasa to run the update queries for each item. The query would be like
  • UPDATE L_TmpV2 SET L_TmpV2.Item = "GH-Emergency"
    WHERE (((L_TmpV2.Project)="Boarding Loc") AND ((L_TmpV2.Item)="GRA_ER"));
        • Was updated for all except GRA Boarding... Tina needs to fix wiki page. Ttenbergen 16:11, 2022 March 23 (CDT)
    2022-03-23 9:11:36 PM
    edit Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names Julie
  • What happens to the ICU Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo or even Service Location - should they be changed too by the new COGNOS ICU locations? Example current STB_ACCU is SBGH-CCUO in COGNOS, STB_CICU is SBGH_ICCS, STB_MICU is SBGH_ICMS. Should the old labels remain? We need to think hard for its implications to queries of linking and/or matching tables before implementing any change. --JMojica 16:33, 2022 February 2 (CST)
    • It would be nice to have this consistent, and yet you are correct that this would tie into a lot of things. I think the benefits of making it consistent win out, though especially when it comes to also thinking about this in terms of that metadata we discussed the other day. Even if we keep the (possibly identical) data in both s_tmp and s_dispo for now, we would then be able to use that metadata table for both. This would require thinking through the details. Julie, I think it only involves you and me, so maybe we should discuss at our wiki meetings? Ttenbergen 13:44, 2022 February 8 (CST)
      • Julie and Tina discussed:
    • We use the 4 fields Previous Location, Pre-admit Inpatient Institution, Dispo and Service/Location also to map patient flow between laptops, and we very much don't use Cognos values for this (e.g. HSC_Med). We need to retain this ability to use the entries for linking but would also make them the same as Cognos where possible. So we need to keep our "own" values for this for locations where we collect.
    • We decided to use manually split CC entries e.g. HSC_MICU vs HSC_SICU since Julie reports in those increments, ie it is hard to pull apart a stay in two ICU types if it is collected as one record. We don't want to lose that.
    • We would still like to change these own values to the "modern" values where we use legacy terms, eg. STB ICMS vs STB MICU. As long as we make a clean transition between old and new, or change all old, that should not be a problem, but we need to account for it.
    • We could use the Cognos values for all places where we don't collect, e.g. if a pt comes from Ward HSC_A1 and Cognos lists that as HSC-GA1, we could just enter that. However, for locations we don't collect we currently aggregate this to HSC_ward. Do we want the extra detail? It would be easier to enter but might be harder to interpret and possibly even harder to work with for collectors.
    • If we want to keep our proprietary value for locations where we collect, and keep aggregate ones for locations where we don't collect, I am not sure which locations that then leaves where we would use the Cognos values?
        • Julie, do you agree to that summary? If so, there may be nothing to discuss with Lisa, since we will need to leave this as is. If I am missing something pls update and then pass on to Lisa for her take. Ttenbergen 16:56, 2022 March 23 (CDT)
    2022-03-25 8:23:57 PM
    edit Change of remaining location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names Tina wiki housekeeping

    need to make sure it is documented somewhere that Julie will group the old and new versions of htese via the Centre column in s_dispo table... where would I document that? Ttenbergen 16:56, 2022 March 23 (CDT)

    • Tina, in the s_dispo, I also use the column ward to group the different labels referring to the same ward/unit and column centre for the order sequence of these ward/unit in the report. --JMojica 15:23, 2022 March 25 (CDT)
    2022-03-25 8:23:57 PM
    edit Chart Review Lists Julie
  • This was linked from the front page (but is no longer linkded from Data_User_Portal_for_the_Manitoba_Critical_Care_and_Medicine_Databases) and intended to give an idea of how one could use our data. Is there anything on Publications that would be a good example for how our DB was used for this? If not, should we take it out? With nothing here it doesn't look very good. Ttenbergen 20:32, 2022 February 17 (CST)
  • 2022-02-18 2:32:12 AM
    edit Check CRF vs ARF across multiple encounters Julie
  • Using the ICD10 renal codes, we still need to know when the transition from acute to chronic occurs - so we can decide whether the multiple encounters consistency checking is still relevant. --JMojica 11:51, 2018 November 14 (CST)
    1. is the transition on the next hospital stay? Example in this hospital stay, patient is diagnosed with ARF and stayed continuously in both ICU and ward in same or different hospital. On the next hospital stay, he is now chronic renal patient.
    2. Or the transition is on the next ICU or ward stay? Ex. the first stay is ICU and diagnosed with ARF. then patient was transferred in a ward of same or diff hospital - is he now a chronic renal patient?
    • The data collection instructions are in the related pages, and additional info is in ICD10 Guideline for Renal Coding, but they are a beast of a network of concepts. Those might tell you how we currently propose to collect the renal codes, but not necessarily what you or the users of the data would want. Usually these cross checks would be driven by what you need for data requests, so do our proposed instructions line up with how you want to use this? Or is this maybe too case-by-case of a concept to even make a cross check? Ttenbergen 18:59, 2019 January 6 (CST)
  • 2021-12-30 9:31:10 PM
    edit ClientGUID field Task
  • Do all collectors now add records from Cognos only or do some still do manual entry? Manual entry would break any processes we change to use this. Ttenbergen 09:20, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • We still add records manually for our IICU admissions Lisa Kaita 07:58, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • What would it take to add these through Cognos? Are they being added manually because of how we don't assign them as per PatientFollow Project? If so, (a) do we really need to continue that exception? If we do, then it's probably a stable exception by now, and I might be able to update the query that lists IICU patients to always include them on each HSC CC laptop. That way those who _don't_ need to enter them would need to exclude them, but those who do need to enter them would be able to do so via Cognos. Ttenbergen 10:38, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-04 4:43:37 PM
    edit Cognos2 Hospital Discharge query Lisa
  • This is a work in progress. Feel free to have a look at the query and test it. Let me know if things are missing or if you have suggestions. Ttenbergen 10:40, 2021 September 29 (CDT)
    • Hey Tina, the query is super helpful for us, just a couple of comments, it would be helpful if we could somehow get to the profile from this page so we could just enter it, you know the binoculars thing, also if it would somehow drop off once we do enter it? This may be big asks or not even feasible to program, but thought I would ask, thank you for creating the query!! Lisa Kaita 10:06, 2021 October 15 (CDT)
      • Yes, I can add a button once I turn it into a form. There might be more than one profile for the patient on the laptop. Both will be listed, so the collector will need to keep an eye on that. But I wonder: is the next step actually to open the profile, or is it to request the chart? What would a collector do in there at that point? Because maybe what we need instead is something optimized to request the next round of charts? Then the collector would open from PatientList as they go through charts. Just trying to make sure we tie this into the actual process rather than add functionality just because we can. Ttenbergen 15:51, 2021 October 19 (CDT)
        • We go into the profile to change the record to MR*, to replace where the patient was e.g. A3S (A3stepdown lets us know as a quick glance that the patient is still in hospital, once discharged we change it to MR*) it puts it to the bottom of our MR list. When we are ready to request the chart we remove the *, generate the MR list, and then request it from medical records.
          • That is interesting. Is the MR* technique actually across sites? This is not documented anywhere, eg. Record field and MR List. If this is common procedure, then would it be better functionality to just change all records that now have a hosp discharge to have record = MR*? It doesn't sound like something that benefits from human intervention... Ttenbergen 09:50, 2021 October 20 (CDT)
            • I can make a form that opens the patient page to do this manually, but that is paving the calf path. Can we decide on a way we will all treat records where the pt has been discharged an we would now like that chart (well all except STB)? If we can, then I can instead use this data to change the record field for these records to a new setting automatically (e.g. "dis" for discharged). Then collectors only need to go in there once to change it to MR when they actually want the chart. Details may vary of course, but I'd rather not facilitate doing something manually when we should do it automatically. Ttenbergen 15:04, 2022 March 10 (CST)
  • 2022-03-10 9:04:25 PM
    edit Cognos2 Service Starter all
  • Does the above "exception" only apply to ICU patients transferring to med? Are there implications for patients admitted while in ER? This would also be applicable to transfers from non collection units ie. fam med to med. Pamela Piche 08:09, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
    • It's required for technical reasons, so should apply to all. Ttenbergen 09:47, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
    • What if collectors forget to include reminder notes?
      • Nothing should happen, cross check should catch this, see comment above. Ttenbergen 09:47, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
    • Is there now more than one process to manage cognos service entries by collectors, one being to enter known incorrect data to make corrections later-is this setting collectors up for potential entry errors? Will this complicate cross coverage? Pamela Piche 08:25, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
      • Since everyone is supposed to do it the same way this should, if anything, make cross coverage easier than it is now, where some people enter the Cognos date initially and some enter the final date initially. Ttenbergen 09:47, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
    2022-05-19 2:52:16 PM
    edit Cognos2 Service Starter all
  • Instructions said "(make a note in the notes field to change to the first Boarding Loc date and time at a later date when reviewing the chart)" but that should not be necessary since the cross check will catch this before sending. So, do we want this part of the instruction? Ttenbergen 09:47, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-19 2:52:16 PM
    edit Collection location documentation Julie
  • How should we now keep track of the ward/unit info on the wiki? More questions on page.Ttenbergen 16:07, 2021 July 14 (CDT)
    • Perhaps this can also be included in the Location metadata storage you will set up showing the start and end dates and the bed size. --JMojica 14:32, 2022 February 7 (CST)
      • Agreed! This is also why I think where possible we should shift the s_dispo contents to the same name so the Location metadata storage can supply both. I want to discuss how to best encode this with you, hopefully tomorrow at out wiki meeting. Ttenbergen 15:14, 2022 February 8 (CST)
        • I need the s_dispo because I am using the other columns as various categories of the detailed numeric locations name and I do not want to drop it for now. I have yet to see the Location metadata storage you are talking about to decide.
          • Sorry didn't say that clearly. Don't mean to eliminate s_dispo table at this time, just want to make sure we use same location name as in Boarding Loc where applicable, so we can store the metadata all in one table. Ttenbergen 13:36, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • 2022-02-10 7:38:29 PM
    edit Created APACHE Chronic query Julie
  • We could change it to something that deliberately chooses how to derive based on time, but is there any advantage to that?
  • 2022-04-28 8:55:19 PM
    edit Created TransferDelay all
  • I had assigned a LOC of 80 to GH6 because they can do ventilation. But is that what we want? Maybe when we use them for boarding they would never use this, so in that context maybe this is just a regular ward 50? Ttenbergen 11:02, 2022 May 12 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-12 4:02:32 PM
    edit Created TransferDelay all
  • if we don't re-set a delay when someone moves to a higher level of care, then I would list that last, highest level of care as the one at which the delay was incurred. Does that make sense for how Julie reports this? EG if pt was ward -> transfer ready -> hobs -> discharge, then I would list hobs as the LOC and a delay that really started before HOBS. Need to review how we define this and how we want to define this. Ttenbergen 10:58, 2022 May 12 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-12 4:02:32 PM
    edit Direct Data Access for RIS/PACS Allan z
  • Identified as something we should do; the notes below are quite old but might still be a starting point.
    • This will not happen until we have a PHIA approved repository. Ttenbergen 11:32, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • 2022-02-09 5:32:42 PM
    edit Dispo field Allan
  • In terms of avoidable bed days, they often hold the bed for a day, as you said, but if the patient does not return, would we not want this in the avoidable bed days? Therefore the dispo date and time would be when the bed is given up? I believe EPR already uses this as their dispo date and time Lisa Kaita 08:04, 2022 April 29 (CDT)
    • if did not return, I think we should consider the holding of bed as transfer delay. The bed should have been given to new patient from the dttm the bed was put on hold. I agree that dispo is when the bed was given up. --JMojica 16:12, 2022 April 29 (CDT)
      • This would not be a transfer delay at all. Someone walking out AMA is different from someone being transfer ready, it could be someone who should still be in hospital but leaves to find their next hit. I am not sure how common the different scenarios of AMA are, though. Maybe it's a task meeting item? Ttenbergen 12:40, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-04 5:40:43 PM
    edit ECIP all
  • As per email discussion with Lisa: "We could also have a safety net where by the other ICU collectors could email the collectors at HSC when they receive an admission from HSC ER?"
    • If others receiving an admission from HSC ER would be a filter, we might actually have that info in Cognos, it just would not be showing up in your (ie HSC’s) data at this time. But that would mean collectors would always need to review patients who went to another ICU from the HSC ER (and likely the same for the STB ER, possibly even the GRA one...), so that seems like a lot of overhead. Are we OK to just identify SICU ECIPs as a population we likely usually don't capture? Ttenbergen 15:36, 2020 October 6 (CDT)
  • On the online Bed Board (, there is a column OFF_service Patients which means any patient overflowing to either Resuscitation room in ED, PACU/PARR, ICCS, etc. and entry is real time. For HSC SICU, the common overflow location is PACU (haven’t seen any at ER). Only GRA ICU shows overflows in ER. This may give us a clue for possible ECIP but not sure how DC will crosscheck the online bed board if the timing won't synchronized. maybe we just have to ignore SICU ECIP if there is such a thing. --JMojica 16:27, 2020 October 6 (CDT)
  • 2022-01-15 9:41:26 PM
    edit ER Delay Julie
  • Lisa replied ‘when boarding loc is only ER the arrivedttm equals accept dttm equals first service dttm, dispo time should be the discharge dttm'. I have thought the same – that this is how we were doing it with EMIPs. Can’t find this rule in WIKI.
  • Before we move to tmp service and boarding loc. I calculated ER delay equals Arrive dttm – accept dttm. Now we added another or second way, ER Delay equals first post-ER Boarding Loc dttm - ER Boarding Loc dttm.
  • This caused an issue for boarding loc only ER. There is no post-ER boarding loc. if I follow the first way, ER delay is ZERO since arrive dttm is the same as accept dttm.
  • Should the whole stay at ER be considered as an ER delay or NOT? If yes, then in the past I was underestimating it because all EMIPs have ZERO delay.
  • If YES in the question above, then we should add this rule for EMIP or ECIP cases
    1. Arrive dttm equals dispo dttm
    2. first post-ER Boarding Loc dttm equals dispo dttm

    in this way, ER Delay will be consistent in both formulas.

    • For discussion. --JMojica 10:17, 2022 March 9 (CST)
    • It sounded at task today as if this no longer needs to be discussed, we just need to make sure that this page explains how we now use it in this scenario. Then the question can come out. So, I have moved it to Questions for Julie. Ttenbergen 12:32, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
    2022-05-04 5:32:17 PM
    edit Gaps and overlaps Pagasa
  • Pagasa, we discussed this today, and you said you would put this into L_Problems and then delete the info from the excel sheet (or the whole excel sheet if all has been transitioned). Putting this here so it is on your list. Ttenbergen 15:34, 2022 March 31 (CDT)
  • when all has been moved to l_problem, the "current state" above can be deleted and we can just leave the "future state" portion as documentation. Ttenbergen 15:45, 2022 March 31 (CDT)
  • 2022-03-31 8:45:14 PM
    edit Gaps and overlaps Pagasa
  • Pulled this from Known data errors:
  • The Data processor keeps an Excel workbook that includes: reason some profiles are missing data elements (APACHE - 8 ICU profiles), gaps in database because of deletions including reasons for deletions, overlaps, overs. Example missing all APACHE elements ... and reason why could never be obtained.
    • It sounds like there might be other known error types in addition to lost, gap and overlap. Feel free to add them to L_Problems as well, just put here what any additional options mean. If needed I will pull the wiki pages apart. Ttenbergen 15:41, 2022 March 31 (CDT)
    2022-03-31 8:45:14 PM
    edit Gastrointestinal hemorrhage (GI bleed), not specified if lower or upper Allan There is confusion surrounding how to code a known lower GI BLeed, some have been using this code, others have used Hemorrhage, NOS combined with Melena or Hematochezia or Diverticulosis, small or large intestine or Intestinal polyp etc. Lisa Kaita 12:54, 2022 May 16 (CDT) 2022-05-16 5:54:11 PM
    edit HSC MICU Collection Guide Lisa
  • The following is outdated info, but I am not sure if there is anything special for MICU now, so leaving it. The up-to-date instructions for this are in Boarding Loc and Service tmp entry.
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some SICU patients are now being treated in MICU, until they are proven to be negative. See COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2)under Cohorting in HSC ICUs.
    • If they are under MICU service, enter them using HSC_MIC service location, and add SICU under MICU in the tmp file. See ICUotherService.
      • Once they are transferred to SICU, make a new file with HSC_SIC service location.
    • If for some reason the patient is in MICU under SICU service, enter them using HSC_SIC service location and treat it as a Boarding Loc.
    • I guess technically it should be under both, as we have a separate page for SI and MI, but maybe we could have just one collection guide that addresses all sites. IICU, SI, and MI? Lisa Kaita 13:06, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
      • Whatever is applicable to all ICUs should be in HSC Critical Care Collection Guide. The unit specific guides should only contain unit specific information. This was more important when we were still assigning records to laptops by unit, and someone might need to know all about a unit while covering. Keeping the distinction would be cleaner, but I can see where putting all in HSC Critical Care Collection Guide might be easier. They are already linked to each other. However we decide to do this, keep both levels or consolidate to one page, the info I flagged should still likely be on HSC Critical Care Collection Guide, not just on this unit page, right? Ttenbergen 10:44, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
      • If thinking like a collector, the first place to look would be the type of patient you are looking at, eg. under MICU service but boarding in SICU, if not sure what to do, first instinct would be to look at the MICU collection guide and vice versa for a SICU patient boarding in MICU Lisa Kaita 09:07, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
        • So do we want to do away with the HSC Critical Care Collection Guide, then? Because it sounds like you would not look there in any scenario. How about the HSC General Collection Guide? If we want to do away with them we would need to include all of that in each specific unit guide. So we have two questions: how do we keep this updated, and how would people use it. Might be easier to discuss in person, Lisa, can we chat about this sometime? Ttenbergen 11:03, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
    2022-05-04 4:03:51 PM
    edit Iatrogenic, infection, central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection (CVC-BSI, CLI) all
  • Is Contacting Quality Officer and Manager for VAPs and CLIs still a thing? If so, where does it feature in these instructions? Ttenbergen 13:17, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-19 6:17:17 PM
    edit ICU Var 6 - AMA Julie Did we transition the following into tmp or otherwise? Ttenbergen 13:58, 2017 June 6 (CDT) If we did not then this question can just be removed, but if we did move this elsewhere we should explain where to.
    • I can't remember but I can dig up my folders if there is an excel file with this label. or check the data - will put in my to do list --JMojica 17:07, 2022 February 8 (CST)
    2022-02-08 11:07:30 PM
    edit ICUotherService Task
  • I was reviewing tmp entries for what dropdowns might be retired. Didn't see any unsent ICUotherService entries - is that still a thing? Ttenbergen 10:18, 2022 January 27 (CST)
    • Very seldom (the last one was April 2021) maybe due to COVID situation. --JMojica 11:00, 2022 January 27 (CST)
  • 2022-03-21 7:21:27 PM
    edit Isolation, infectious Task
  • In BiPAP, CPAP, NIV, own ventilator (Mechanical ventilation, noninvasive) and T21 - Non-invasive CPAP or BIPAP (TISS Item), when bipap and cpap are mentioned, Optiflow is excluded explicitly. Should it be included here? Ttenbergen 14:07, 2022 February 8 (CST)
    • not sure what you mean by this, optiflow is included under T20 - Supp O2 through any device, delivered via nose, mouth, ETT or trach (TISS Item) , we do not capture optiflow on the wards as a CCI, the only item captured when optiflow is used on the wards would be the isolation CCI Lisa Kaita 08:05, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • All I meant is that different items are included on the lists, sometimes Optiflow is on there and other times it's not. I don't know what it is, or why it is sometimes included and not other times, there may be good reasons, I just wanted to make sure it's not an inconsistency that has snuck in over time as things were updated in one place but not another. If you understand my question, but think all is clear and right, then please feel free to take out the question. Maybe put in the edit summary that you considered the question and determined all is right - that way if I see the edit later I know the question wasn't just removed accidentally. Ttenbergen 10:47, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-04 3:47:58 PM
    edit John or Jane Doe patient all
  • We have identified that Doe patients could cause abnormalities in our data, so we would like to be able to easily identify them. Among other things this would allow us to exclude them from age calculations or specific cross checks. We are considering entering these as either an additional Alias ID collection entry, or a new project entry altogether. Do collectors have thoughts about this? Do we need to put this past the Task group? Ttenbergen 16:03, 2022 May 5 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-05 9:12:29 PM
    edit John or Jane Doe patient all How are 1900 DOBs slipping through?
  • EPR seems to use the DOB 1900-01-01 for these. Our DOB validation should reject that, but we have some records slipping through with DOB = 1900-01-01. When I tried to complete a patient wit that I get an error. How are collectors sending these without error? Or are we entering different DOB for these? If so, what is it? Ttenbergen 15:57, 2022 May 5 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-05 9:12:29 PM
    edit John or Jane Doe patient all What should be entered when the Date of Birth never becomes available?
  • We would like to be able to use the DOB even for John Does, e.g. for the calculation of Age. How do we best get a DOB if one isn't available. Julie suggested using one of various methods of imputing, but do collectors have better info available? Would you be able to make a guess from what gets written in EPR that is better than ~average age of pt in this unit~ or similar? Ttenbergen 16:12, 2022 May 5 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-05 9:12:29 PM
    edit Lab identification in the DSM data Julie
  • We should change this; however, do we only change it going forward or do we also re-import back data? Julie is about to re-import back data until 2019-01-01, so maybe we should reimport back data for all that far?
    • shouldn't it be Accept_DtTm and use Arrive_DtTm if [Accept_DtTm is blank. We have discussed that in the Project Boarding Loc, we can still determine the counts in between Accept_DtTm and Arrive_DtTm if needed. --JMojica 10:25, 2019 December 10 (CST)
      • That is pretty much what I mean, it should be as you say. Do we want to do this going back in data as you re-import, or just going forward for future imports? Ttenbergen 09:41, 2019 December 11 (CST)
        • Yes going forward. also this time using first service dttm. --JMojica 16:36, 2022 February 16 (CST)
          • As in, use the Admit DtTm with the definition we have decided in there, right? Ttenbergen 19:48, 2022 February 17 (CST)
  • 2022-04-21 9:35:14 PM
    edit Level of care hierarchy Task JALT
  • I wonder if the above clause is where the confusion keeps coming from that it matters to Transfer Delay where a patient actually goes. Where is the above distinction supposed to be applied, and how? It it only to apply to when a collector would enter a transfer ready dttm, or also to what Julie might do in reporting after? The former would make some sense, since collectors would have access to additional info. Just changing it in reporting would not make sense, though. If it is the former, then the info is really related to whether it is counted as a transfer ready decision, not what level of care something is. So it should be clarified and moved to Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry and clarified. Ttenbergen 09:17, 2022 May 19 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-19 2:17:49 PM
    edit Link suspect mismatch pre inpt should be ours incomplete query Pagasa
  • You say "Sometimes the error continuous admission the second admission was admitted to ER" - that woldn't come up in this query, though, right? What are you actually telling someone who is doing vac relief with this? Ttenbergen 14:24, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • After we talked I initially thought that this was essentially CCMDB Query check prev pre-admit consistent. But it clearly is something different and I still don't understand what it does. We'll need to discuss again. Ttenbergen 16:03, 2022 April 5 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-05 9:03:08 PM
    edit Medical Assistance In Dying Julie
  • For a patient at HSC who will receive MAID and is transferred to another ward within HSC for the purposes of MAID do we put our dispo as HSC_ward or Died to Morgue? If we put HSC_ward it will trigger the same error message of needing a disposition of death? Sorry can't recall if we actually addressed this at TASK Lisa Kaita 06:37, 2022 February 4 (CST)
    • I think that's a case 3 of Visits to temporary locations, no? Ttenbergen 11:31, 2022 February 8 (CST)
      • I have added "Other Procedure Location" as an option for Dispo. How would this be used then? Only for MAID or also for all other cases of case 3 of Visits to temporary locations? And if for all, will that decrease the number of patients dying in our units to a point where Julie needs to be able to explain? Ttenbergen 13:26, 2022 April 20 (CDT)
    • What I was referring to is the fact that if you use MAID as an acquired ICD 10 code, your dispo must be death or an error pops up. So we either change the cross check to accept another dispo or consider the boarding location to which they go to, an extension of their medicine admission and then we can use died to morgueLisa Kaita 09:27, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
    • At STB site patients are transferred to other facilities for sole purpose of maid; so do not have the option to extend the medicine admission to capture acquired maid/died to morgue dispo. Pamela Piche 10:04, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • There are two queries (see below) that deal with this, one in CCMDB and one at Pagasa's end. Do we want to change how this code is used, or how those queries cross-check? Signing question over to Julie. Ttenbergen 15:49, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-19 8:19:10 PM
    edit MR Organizer form all
  • We need to move the parts of No longer able to edit the "Record" field in PatientList that will now be standard procedure to either this page, to MR List or an overarching Medical Records requests that only references GRA Medical Records requests, HSC Medical Records requests, and STB Medical Records requests when those are truly locally unique. Oh, and it needs to be kept consistent with whatever is in Record field.
  • 2022-05-18 10:04:35 PM
    edit No longer able to edit the "Record" field in PatientList all
  • ...However, I wonder does the Notes field need to be visible in the patient list for collectors and whether removal would help?...
    • Removing the Notes field wouldn't help solve this, but if it's not needed on this screen we can remove it. Again, use of this field is not really consistent across collectors, so I don't know if any use this in a way where having it in the Patient List is necessary. Open to suggestions. Ttenbergen 11:39, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
  • We refer to the notes fields all the time to keep track of profiles where we have counted labs Lisa Kaita 14:47, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
    • I refer to the notes field in the patient list as well for quick and helpful info; I made the suggestion for removal as the "lesser of two evils" if the problem was related to a space issue for I prefer the Admit date/time is visible over the Notes field, but really both are useful. Pamela Piche 07:11, 2022 May 11 (CDT)
    • In the Patient List I don't use the Notes box often, but if I'm working at home and I know I can finish EMIPs (because the majority of the charting is done in EPR) I'll sort my list by the Notes column to bring my EMIPs to the top. I know not all collectors do it, but when I discharge someone who was an EMIP I'll mark it as an EMIP in the note box for this reason. Now that winter has passed and we shouldn't be getting any more winter storms I may or may not continue in this manner, but that's what I was using it for. Surbanski 10:02, 2022 May 11 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-13 12:24:37 PM
    edit No longer able to edit the "Record" field in PatientList all
  • I don't think we have to see the admit date, dispo date is the most important. A new screen would work, or a new system with checkboxes or something next to names would work as well - although I imagine that is a lot of work behind the scenes for you Tina! Any other ideas?
    • I refer to the Admit date all the time as well as the dispo date as it shows patient length of stay (LOS) at a glance, and is very helpful. STB med collectors do not edit the record field from the patient list. Pamela Piche 15:33, 2022 May 9 (CDT)
  • We were discussing this at HSC, Pam is right - it is really helpful to look at the admit date as well. Is it possible to make those checkboxes so we can just click off which patients we want on a list for med records? Or is that a bigger IT headache than I realize? Brynn Lezak 07:55, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
    • What you are saying is a variation of #Option 1. I would like to do this, but then we would need to standardize how we use this. I am open to working on this. When we discussed this when I dropped by the HSC office the other week it seemed like this would not be a trivial change in process because everyone does what they feel like with the contents of the record field, and we would have to change this to something consistent. Who volunteers to herd the cats? Ttenbergen 11:37, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
  • I will Lisa Kaita 14:50, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-13 12:24:37 PM
    edit No longer able to edit the "Record" field in PatientList all
  • Tina we no longer need the "patient copy" button in patient viewer as we do it all from Cognos now.
    • This is likely about the Patient copier button, so if we want to change it we should discuss there. But since we are talking here now I will keep it here for now. The button has no bearing on whether we can edit the list, removing it would not solve this problem. However, does no one use this any more, or just some sites? It's not part of the problem, here, but if really no one uses it any longer I can get rid of it. It seems we were recently discussing that some still enter patients manually under some circumstances. No idea if there would be one to copy in those cases.Ttenbergen 11:34, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
  • I think Brynn meant to replace the copier button with a checkbox that would generate the MR list for us if we checked it. We thought it might be a space issue, so that could be replaced Lisa Kaita 14:47, 2022 May 10 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-13 12:24:37 PM
    edit Patient List all
  • Coloring for service isn't very useful any more in medicine now that all records have the same Service/Location (though it may be in CC where they are still different). We could use conditional formatting for something else, e.g. MR status, discharged status, etc. Open to suggestions from collectors - what conditional formatting would make this list easier or faster to use? Ttenbergen 20:30, 2022 April 20 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-21 1:30:31 AM
    edit Pre acute living situation field Julie
  • How should the following pre acute living scenarios be coded?
    • Residence in mobile homes/parks?
    • Residence in rooming houses?
    • Permanent residence in hotel rooms?
    • bungalow style condos?
    • Other, House, Other - my replies --JMojica 17:35, 2022 March 7 (CST)
      • is there a reason why "other - known but not listed" would not capture these? Is there a specific concern that drives this question? Ttenbergen 10:44, 2022 March 9 (CST)
        • The questions were asked with new collectors in mind; to promote clarity and support consistency with entries. These scenarios (along with any others) could be included as examples in the applicable category whether "other - known but not listed" or an alternative entry.
          • OK, we don't have a JALT scheduled so will put it on the list for the next task meeting. Ttenbergen 16:15, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
      • I'm not sure this needs to go to TASK, they should be listed as other known but not listed, and add those as examples Lisa Kaita 08:23, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
        • If Julie is OK with those definitions then it doesn;t need to go to task. It was initially designated as JALT but those don't seem to be happening. I will flag for Julie. @Julie:If you are OK with this the specifics that have been added above then please remove this discussion. Ttenbergen 10:53, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
    2022-05-04 3:53:26 PM
    edit Previous Service field Task
  • To clarify the first point above is this applicable to admissions from nursing stations direct to collection units?
    • What makes you wonder, why would it not be applicable? Ttenbergen 11:42, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • I added text to the first point, is this clearer now?
  • To clarify the second point above is "Emergency Medicine" entered for direct admits to a collection service from nursing stations via ER? Thanks!
    • What makes you wonder, why would it not be applicable? Ttenbergen 11:42, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
      • The questions were asked with new collectors in mind for clarification tweaking purposes in regards to phrasing such as "dropped by ER" if the patient is a direct admit to service via ER from a nursing station should the previous service entry also be "other (known, but not on list)"?.
        • What does "dropped by ER" mean in this context? Is it "dropped by" as in visited, or as in someone dropped the ball? Ttenbergen 10:47, 2022 April 7 (CDT)
  • valid question thanks Pam, makes me wonder why we differentiate between the two situations, in my opinion they should be consistent and we should put Emergency Medicine for both situations. The previous location will identify that they were from a nursing station, which in my mind functions like an urgent care/ER triage. We (HSC) rarely get direct admits to the ward from a nursing station, but we get lot of direct admits via the ER from a nursing station. Pull in Julie to see if/how she reports on this. Lisa Kaita 12:41, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
    • emailed Julie Ttenbergen 10:25, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
      • this is a case of direct admits from nursing station parked at ER, correct? we have the list of specific MB nursing stations and generic outside MB nursing stations. why put unknown? In terms of previous service, this is seldom requested so I have not quality checked this field. Just did a quick browse on the database and filter previous location having '(parked)' - found 1269 entries and the previous service is not consistent. There are 940 already in-patients and 82 entered Emergency Medicine as previous service ( 67 out of 82 from HSC) while the 858 entered the actual service or unknown. With regards to the new process starting Oct2020, we won't know if direct admits even if already an inpatient. Example from Oct 2020, I found 134 already an inpatient from other facilities with previous location own ER and previous service Emergency Med while 49 enter the actual service. If known as direct admit parked at ER waiting for available bed then enter the prior inpatient service. Otherwise enter Emergency Medicine. --JMojica 11:29, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
        • I thought Previous Service was part of a standing report, and that that is the main or only reason we even capture it. If it's not used, should we still collect it? I will flag this for task. Ttenbergen 15:22, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-28 8:22:25 PM
    edit Query check long transfer delay Julie
  • At the meeting about cross checks (a long time ago) it was decided to change the cut-off to SD*3; if we want to proceed with this check, I will need values for that. Ttenbergen 23:08, 2020 October 15 (CDT)
    • the MED above has to changed. I will do a calculation of recent data based on the new process using Mean+3SD. --JMojica 15:16, 2022 February 16 (CST)
  • 2022-02-16 9:16:09 PM
    edit Query check long transfer delay Julie
  • If we actually want a cross check like this it needs to be based not on NTU/CTU. We could either base it on specific units or on Level of care hierarchy, ie. add another column to s_level_of_care table. Would that work for you? Ttenbergen 23:08, 2020 October 15 (CDT)
  • 2022-02-16 9:16:09 PM
    edit Query check long transfer delay Julie
  • Requiring notes to have content is really a very soft error check... do we need to consider something better?
    • maybe just a pop-up message to confirm if correct is enough? I will assume the date time entry has been confirmed to be correct. --JMojica 15:16, 2022 February 16 (CST)
  • 2022-02-16 9:16:09 PM
    edit Query check tmp ER Boarding Loc should exist if from ER Task
  • how about the cases who did not wait at all at ER but immediately went to the Ward or ICU ? - do they still need the first boarding loc be ER? Some DCs entered at least 1 minute difference between first boarding loc ER and second boarding loc - if this is being done, what does the LOS per Location mean when there is 1 minute or 5 minutes or 30 minutes at ER. Are the ICU or Med service really taking care of them at ER in such short stay? --JMojica 14:16, 2022 March 21 (CDT)
    • Good questions. I think this needs to go to Task to get input from Collectors and Allan. Ttenbergen 11:52, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • This was discussed at TASK and the decision was create a soft check for collectors to check this, as we know that stays in ER less than 30 minutes are often errors, can this be removed? Lisa Kaita 08:32, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • The soft check would flag it for review, but Julie's question was what is the correct thing to actually enter in that scenario. The check can't address that. Ttenbergen 10:58, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-04 3:58:40 PM
    edit Query Import request matcher Julie
  • This one is fairly easy, Pagasa will try to make it. Decided ages ago, but put on Pagasa's list today.
    • We only send Vetted data to Allun now.PTorres 14:25, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
      • That eliminates the biggest source of errors, but does it eliminate all? Do we still need some kind of cross check for this? What? Will re-route to Julie. Ttenbergen 16:55, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
  • 2022-03-17 9:55:38 PM
    edit Query Mgmt Collector Admission Count Lisa
  • Another mgmt query, if you want to keep/update these, let's discuss. Ttenbergen 15:17, 2022 April 27 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-27 8:17:05 PM
    edit Query Mgmt StartDelays Lisa
  • Not currently used since Trish retired. If we want to use these we will need to update this to using Admit DtTm instead. But this may not be the right query anyway. Emailed Lisa to have conversation if she wants to use this. Ttenbergen 15:08, 2022 April 27 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-27 8:08:40 PM
    edit Query NDC Bad Postal Code Tina
  • I think this is the process where you said you are having problems with copy/pasting. Copy pasting isn't even mentioned here, so maybe update the process to show how you actually do this, so that someone like Sheila Rusnak would be able to follow the instructions. Ttenbergen 15:45, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
    • Do you create that query each time? Would we be able to update the NDC query that finds these in the first place to include the info you need? We can discuss at our next meeting. Ttenbergen 16:23, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
      • Taking this off Pagasa's list for now, since if we can get this data from DSS we won't need to do this any more. Ttenbergen 15:36, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
  • 2022-03-24 8:36:57 PM
    edit Repeat clicks being needed when entering CCI PX Type all
  • I can't replicate this. Pulled test data, deleted all CCIs Picklist entries from one profile, closed profile, re-opened, clicked type dropdown and it worked. Can someone provide a series of steps to recreate the above error? The report is old and I must have pasted it from somewhere else, so I don't even have a collector to go back to. The problem may be the step just before clicking in the dropdown, so if you get this problem, please include that step. Ttenbergen 16:59, 2022 February 10 (CST)
  • 2022-02-10 10:59:34 PM
    edit Resource Use Julie
  • This page used to be linked from the front page. It is no longer linked from anywhere. Is it relevant and should we keep it and tie it in with the portals, or delete it? If keep, then which others in Category:Indicators should be added? Ttenbergen 20:46, 2022 February 17 (CST)
  • 2022-02-18 2:46:27 AM
    edit S dispo.loc type Julie
  • Thanks for updating the field description. Do we need more info on this, though, e.g. which indicators use this? In which case it should probably be added to the indicators. It almost seems like taking it to a bit of an extreme to document this, but on the other side, it's one of those things that only you know, Julie, so it would be hard to recreate a report and get this right unless it's documented. Ttenbergen 12:09, 2022 April 27 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-27 5:09:28 PM
    edit S LocationData table Julie
  • I added some sample data to this table. I will eventually add the pulling into CFE of this table to automation CFE, but if you want to test how this data would work in your queries for now, you can link it in manually and work with the sample data in there. Processes to get data in there and all that still to come. Ttenbergen 13:45, 2022 February 10 (CST)
  • 2022-02-10 7:45:31 PM
    edit Saluvision Lisa How does this relate to the info in HSC Death Registry? Ttenbergen 09:37, 2022 May 19 (CDT) 2022-05-19 2:37:12 PM
    edit Saluvision Lisa Is it only at HSC?Ttenbergen 09:37, 2022 May 19 (CDT) 2022-05-19 2:37:12 PM
    edit SAS Data Integrity Checks Julie
  • Now that we have a structure for cross-checks we should add those you do in SAS to here as well, using the same structure as for those listed in Data Integrity Checks Ttenbergen 20:46, 2018 October 26 (CDT)
    • Julie still runs one linking check query that occasionally still flags something. She will start sending these to Tina when they happen so that Tina can update the appropriate check in CFE Data Integrity Checks Ttenbergen 15:44, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • 2022-02-09 9:44:05 PM
    edit SBGH Swing Beds all
  • to be sure, if I remember right STB ICU does that for ALL Boarding Loc entries, not just swing beds, right? Just trying to confirm, because if that's true then it's not a swing bed instruction but instead a STB Critical Care Collection Guide instruction (or possibly a Boarding Loc one). Ttenbergen 11:33, 2022 January 27 (CST)
  • 2022-01-27 8:15:33 PM
    edit SBGH Swing Beds all Are there actually differences in how CC, Med or different laptops do this? Or is the following correct for all?
    • Since any CUS entry at STB could be either a swing bed or a real bed, all of these service locations and times need to be reviewed.
    • If a CUS entry is for a swing bed, enter the correct entries (service location, date/time)
    • The applicable Cognos line(s) can then be manually excluded using the "exclude" button
    2022-01-27 8:15:33 PM
    edit Statistical Analysis Julie
  • This article will likely be one of the more common landing points for external users. What do we want to tell them? Do we have any project articles we want to link in that especially highlight what we can do? ALERT Scale?Ttenbergen 22:50, 2017 June 7 (CDT)
  • 2022-02-18 2:02:52 AM
    edit STB CICU Admissions start at Arrive DtTm all
  • TISS 28 should not really have any specific rules for this scenario, right? We would always collect it and all other things for a patient whenever a patient is considered "our" patient, right? So is that redundant and can we take that part out? Or am I missing something? Ttenbergen 11:58, 2022 April 27 (CDT)
  • 2022-04-27 4:58:15 PM
    edit STB CICU Collection Guide all
  • I put the link back in re. how to do this. Either that's still correct (minus who to sent to), or we need to change the target page as well.
  • a covering collector would not know who these people are. Is there a link to this, maybe? If not, could you please add names? Ttenbergen 12:08, 2022 January 27 (CST)
  • 2022-04-14 6:33:55 PM
    edit STB ICUs CAM Rate, VAP Rate, CLIBSI Rate Summary Julie
  • Do we currently still send this, then? To whom? Both in terms of contact info and distribution process... Ttenbergen 10:05, 2022 January 27 (CST)
    • haven't heard from the STB team who will continue this request. I am waiting. --JMojica 16:41, 2022 February 4 (CST)
  • 2022-02-04 10:41:45 PM
    edit STB-L2HA all
  • Thanks for creating this, Lisa. How does this info fit into the bigger picture? Do we need/want pages for each Boarding Loc option? If so, what would we use this info for (if for no other reason than to ensure interlinking), and what types of info would we want to collect, e.g. Bed Count? start date? End date? High Obs status (I guess that depends on the resolution of how to collect HOBS anyway). Should Julie, Lisa and Tina set a time to discuss? Julie, Lisa, please book a time if so. Ttenbergen 15:16, 2022 February 2 (CST)
  • 2022-02-02 9:16:18 PM
    edit Template:ICD10 Guideline MRSA Allan z "It was decided that Allan with contact Dr. Embil after COVID is over and see if we can obtain this data from Infection Control. If so, we could import it into the database, and have our data collectors cease obtaining it." - did anything come of that? 2021-01-12 8:59:00 PM
    edit Template:ICD10 Guideline Transplant Failure Julie
  • We used to not code the past history of transplant if there was a failure because this would be implied. We discussed at Task 2022-05-04 that we should not code it, and that we should consider back-populating this. We will need to decide how. Ttenbergen 12:21, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
  • 2022-05-04 5:21:01 PM
    edit TISS28 data use Julie Just came across this page due to a broken link on it. We should clean it out where possible. Most of this is now tracked through indicators etc, so should link there rather than duplicate here. Ttenbergen 16:06, 2022 March 16 (CDT) 2022-03-16 9:06:59 PM
    edit Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry Allan We need a consistent approach to how we handle the following scenario: We can assume that in all scenarios there is no other clear documentation.
  • 1. Discharge order written with date and time, but the order is to discharge the following day or on a specific date (reasons for the delay are some times clearly documented, ie if they are waiting for homecare services or transportation etc, or discharge post last dose IV ABX, discharge after dialysis.
    • 2. Recently at SB, they have been including the Med Reconciliation orders in EPR documents. Typically, once a pt is transferrable, a Med Rec is initiated. If there are no discharge orders, no discharge summary and no discharge time documented, including the examples above specific to Medicine, could we (SB) also use this as our TransferReady dtm?--Mailah Damian 13:51, 2022 May 18 (CDT)
    2022-05-18 6:57:38 PM