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This is a joint data sharing between Critical Care Database Program and Nephrology Program regarding the CRRT Reports generated and distributed by the Statistician through this Critical Care file share

  • \\\wrha\HSC\shared\Critical_Care\CRRT


  • Julie Mojica, WRHA CCMDB Statistician/Analyst

Access rights

All below have read access only.

  • Dr. Joe Bueti, Nephrology
  • Dr. Herman Lam, Nephrology
  • Dr. Martin Karpinski,Nephrology
  • Rosanne Labossiere-Gee, WRHA ICU Director
  • Deborah Stanley, CRRT
  • Kristi Burke, Administration Assistant

All below have write access.

  • Julie Mojica, Statistician
  • Pagasa Torres, Data Processor


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