Frequent ccmdb.accdb corruption

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Louise Lemoine has made me aware that her ccmdb.mdb crashes about once a week.

She then can't get back into the program and has to download a clean version via Copy to local.bat before she can work again.

Is anyone else having the same problem? Please comment here if you do. And if you have steps I could use to consistently replicate the problem, even better! Ttenbergen 11:19, 2013 October 9 (CDT)

  • We do not have this problem in the CC group at STB.
  • no program problems of that nature- Judy
  • CON does not have this exact problem; however, laptop is slow, freezes or "not responding" and "end program" window pops up. Computer was left on for two days to download updates with no real improvement as of today. When I shut down or power off I have no problem getting back into the programMlaporte 12:32, 2013 July 10 (CDT)
    • that laptop will be reimaged soon Ttenbergen 11:19, 2013 October 9 (CDT)
  • No problem like that with this new old used laptop of Pat's. Today it decided to flash the power button on & off repeatedly and then decided that a work slow-down should occur while on the wards. Once I returned to the office and re-booted, it partially resolved but the speed remained super slow. A couple of hours later it seems to be working better.--CMarks 14:50, 2013 October 9 (CDT)
    • I think most of us had at least some of that. I suspect it has to do with a big update that has been going out. Ttenbergen 16:43, 2013 October 10 (CDT)

anyone else? Ttenbergen 11:19, 2013 October 9 (CDT)

  • I'm having a slow,not responding, freezing laptop Gail Hall-- 12:01, 2015 January 23 (CST)
    • does it work again if you download a new version? Does this happen frequently? Tina Tenbergen 22:46, 2015 January 26 (CST)
  • Has not happened to me in a very long time.--CMarks 07:59, 2015 June 26 (CDT)
    • have not had this problemLisa Kaita 07:56, 2015 June 27 (CDT)

As of 2021-07-22 the only person showing up in logs frequently is Pagasa; she has confirmed she isn't running these manually, so it's likely as part of push/pull.