General Collection Practices

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Collection Frequency

Patient data is collected at least 3-4 times per week to keep up with the collection process, and to minimize back-logging of profiles.

  • Collectors must follow-up charts on the wards and in Medical Records for completion.
  • The data processor will notify collectors of any outstanding data priorities, and these must be submitted as soon as possible.
    • Managers, Directors & Researchers are regularly utilizing our data in the form of regular reports.

Quality Checks

Data collectors are required to check all their data to ensure that all fields are complete prior to sending.

The Pre-send Checker is a helpful tool to utilize prior to finishing with a patient chart. It will catch any missing/wrong data and minimize errors upon sending.

Addressing Queries

Question and answers should posted on the WIKI. Please refer to Communication for the CCMDB for details.

Regular queries in regards to data elements will be submitted back to data collectors for clarification. This may be done by email, fax, voice mail or spreadsheets. Clarification is to be completed by collectors within the time frame requested by the manager or data processor.

The importance of common practices

It is important that we maintain a clear standard in the collection processes for all sites, so that our database contains quality information. This data is used to manage and improve standards, improve quality of patient care, as well as to optimize resource utilization in ICU and medicine units across the city of Winnipeg.

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