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Data collectors "send" the data from CCMDB.accdb to Centralized_data.mdb and PHI.mdb.

Email Notification to suspend sending

At times, there are unexpected issues with the main database. Main office notifies staff by email to suspend sending operations and will send an updated email when the problem is resolved. It is important that Collectors check their email at the beginning of each shift AND before sending.

Data Collector Sending Frequency

Because the Data Processor needs dedicated access to Centralized_data.mdb the time during which collectors are able to send is limited as follows:

  • when working from hospital site: Monday to Friday 14:30-18:00
  • when working from home: Monday to Friday 07:00-09:00
  • Do not send outside these hours unless requested by main office.
  • Staff to send at the end of each and every shift before they leave. Minimal Data Set applies.

Ongoing preparation during collection

Whenever you complete collection for a patient, set the RecordStatus field to "complete". This runs some routines to check the data and marks the patient for export during the next send.

At any point during collection you might want to run the Pre-send Checker to find errors in your data. This will check on some of the data that we send for patients even if they are not final checked. If you run this occasionally during your collections then your chances of running into errors when you are ready to send become less.

Sending Data

To send:

  • run News and Backup so you have a backup with the most possible information & also the latest CCMDB.accdb
    • NOTE: News and backup does not update the master database. Only the action of sending does.
  • check that all patients whom you want to send have the RecordStatus field set to "complete" in the Patient List
  • click the Send Records button
  • click "OK" and put in your initials (see that article on information to default the initials to your own)
  • if the output checked out OK you can now delete sent patients (who now have "sent" in their Record field) by pressing the "Delete Sent Patients" button. The program tells you how many rows are being deleted.
  • run News and Backup once again to create a backup of the patients files now remaining in your data/ccmdb.accdb.


Paperwork is sent through the interhospital mail (MCL) and will arrive with 1 to 2 days after electronically sending data.

Deleting Sent Patients

see "Delete Sent Patients" button

Keeping sent patients for reference

If you need to keep sent patients on your laptop for reference, you can do so and will still be able to send new "complete" patients. For PHIA reasons you should not keep excessive patient records, though, we should really only have the current working set on the laptops.

  • I just came across over 200 sent patients on a laptop data that had been sent and not been deleted; I have not systematically checked the situation on other laptops. We are only supposed to have currently active records on the laptops. Our documentation of this is not completely clear, it just says you can but should not, but gives no further guidance. On the laptop I reviewed almost half the total records were of sent patients, and if the "last opened" dates are right some had not been touched since March, which is definitely more than I had figured when I last read that on wiki. What would be a reasonable but tighter guideline for how long send records can be kept and how they should be managed? Ttenbergen 09:58, 2021 May 13 (CDT)
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What happens when patients are sent

See the "Sending" module in CCMDB.accdb itself for info on what happens when data is sent. As of 17:18, 2015 April 30 (CDT) the order of steps inside the process is as follows. Listed here to help in troubleshooting.

Error messages during sending

Occasionally you will get an error during sending and Access will start an email message for you to send to the office.

Short version: when an error generates an email, please do send us these emails, even if it seems like sending went through. You don't need to delay going home after you send that email, further communication about this can happen at the next shift.

Long version: We have suspected for some time that there are occasional glitches during sending that are not evident from looking at the data. The send process still completes, and the records are still set to "sent", but not everything is getting to the centralized repository as it should. So, we changed our program to trap more errors and to make it as easy as possible to pass them on to us. We need those emails to understand the patterns of these problems, even if all the data is sent, to find out how common these problems are and whether we need to change the program and/or our processes further to prevent the underlying problem. Most of the time Pagasa will check and let you know that all was sent correctly and you can delete the data. You do not necessarily need to wait around after you send the email, just don't delete the batch of data you sent. If something went wrong with it, next day re-send will usually be quick enough. So, really, sending this email should not add to your time spent, so there is no reason not to send it.

Checks hat people are sending inside the Designated sending times

CFE query Sending_at_wrong_time will show who sends out of the Designated sending times.

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