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With a geographically distributed team that works diverse hours communication is a challenge. Every data collector is required to engage in specified a minimal amount of communication.

Emails, Voice mails and the Recent Changes need to be checked at the beginning of every data collection session / shift.

The CCMDB Wiki

See Discussion & Question Instruction for information how we use the wiki for communication. Also please see How to edit the wiki.

  • If you are not sure, just edit it, I will sort out details, formatting and linking. Ttenbergen 11:20, 2014 September 10 (CDT)

"Recent Changes" Link

There is a link called "recent changes" in the "navigation panel" in the top left corner. This link will tell you the wiki articles that have been changed recently. Every entry either has a diff link or a # changes link (where "#" can be any number); following this link will show you what has actually changed in the article so you would not have to review the entire article.

Keeping track of the recent changes will tell you when a question or discussion item you have posted is addressed.

There were concerns that important updates might get missed if we rely solely on "recent changes" for communication. A training session was held to remedy this on April 9. If you still have difficulty using the recent changes functionality, please contact p:Tina Tenbergen.

Using uniform "My Preferences"

See My Preferences in the wiki for suggested preferences to use, some of which affect the behaviour of time stamps and recent changes.

Discussion & Question Instructions

Follow the Discussion & Question Instructions