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The "Pre-send Checker" button on the main screen of CCMDB.accdb applies the same checks that will happen automaticlaly before sending.


Use of the button is completely optional. It is intended so collectors can check if their data is complete before leaving the ward, so they don't need to go back to get additional information when they try to send, and sending rejects their data. The same checks get applied automatically before sending, so there is no need to click this button before sending.

What is actually checked

This data may be out-of date, for the actual checks see the Tmp_checker module in CCMDB.accdb.

The following things get checked, in this order:

  1. are there any patients that don't have the Minimal Data Set?
  2. Check duplicate patient
  3. are there any TMP entries not consistent with table s_tmp? (query s_tmp_project_item_consistent)
  4. any #checks against current tmp projects (see below)
  5. are there any patients with diagnoses we are eliminating?

checks against current tmp projects

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