Team Meeting 2023-01-24

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1. Call to Order

  • Present: Rosanne, Michelle, Joyce, Joanna, Lisa, Val, Steph, Mailah, Mindy, Gail Absent: Pam, Brynn

2. Action Plans

3. Business Arising

  • questions re. vacation planning
  • Seniority lists have been emailed to all sites, Rosanne/Tessa will be scheduling vacation planning appointments.
  • please note WRHA vacation planning is from April 1, 2023-March 31, 2024. Shared Health vacation planning is from May 1. 2023 to April 30,2024
  • HR usually sends out information around the rules of vacation planning, when Rosanne receives this she will send a copy to collectors.
  • Collectors can save up to 3 vacation days and use them later (this would count as 1 week of your vacation entitlement) so if you are entitled to 5 weeks of vacation and wish to bank 3 days, you would schedule 4 weeks and bank the 5th week.

4. New Business

  • We are looking at adding a new item "Race" to the database, we are sorting out the details of whether or not we can collect this and if so, if it will be via COGNOS, EPR or manually from charts. Further information will follow
  • HSC is opening up WRS2 as an extension of WRS3 (ALC/Palliative patients only), beginning February, the implications for the database are unclear at this time, Lisa will clarify further.

5. Round Table Items

  • Mindy reported she is seeing lots of influenza with superimposed bacterial pneumonias and other sites concurred.

6 Date of Next Meeting:

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