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Allan offered to help us out with the documentation. This page lists things that need attention.

specific questions for Allan

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edit (T) Leg, NOS

Can we include an amputation of the foot with this CCI Code? Lisa Kaita 13:14, 2023 January 25 (CST)

  • SMW

  • Cargo

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2023-01-25 7:14:40 PM
edit Cardiac arrest Allan how do you want the ICD 10 diagnosis Sudden cardiac death used, keeping this code Cardiac arrest in mind Lisa Kaita 08:30, 2022 December 10 (CST) 2022-12-10 2:30:50 PM
edit Visual disturbance/impairment, NOS how to code {sc:blindness, congenital}, which was still left in here from original setup 2023-01-04 4:01:33 PM
edit Lung, metastatic malignancy to it (also code primary site) If someone has a primary lung cancer, and they have metastases to the other lung, do we combine this code with Lung and/or bronchus, primary malignancy? 2022-12-13 3:42:50 PM
edit APACHE Comorbidities in ICD10 codes You asked for a spot for this info 2022-12-08 3:54:44 PM
edit APACHE Acute Dxs in ICD10 codes You asked for a spot for this info 2022-12-08 4:03:36 PM
edit ABG Data z
  • Identified as something we should do to streamline data collection. I have made this page to document progress toward this import. Blood gas data is in DSM listing; need to compare to see if we can use it
    • Allan will revisit with Lab people whether this is obtainable now Ttenbergen 11:34, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • 2022-04-21 10:25:05 PM
    edit Template:ICD10 Guideline MRSA z "It was decided that Allan with contact Dr. Embil after COVID is over and see if we can obtain this data from Infection Control. If so, we could import it into the database, and have our data collectors cease obtaining it." - did anything come of that? 2021-01-12 8:59:00 PM